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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 17.1 Bahasa Indonesia

Fuck, it’s over. (1)

Shi An felt his head getting more and more dizzy.

The route he flew was crooked, and the scenery in front of him rotated and changed, as if covered with a layer of fog.

No, I’m about to fall…

Shi An shook his head and pushed his last strength through his wings. He suddenly rushed upward, and the whistling wind sounded straight into his ears.

Suddenly, a feeling of a churning river came from the depths of the body.

Shi An: “…”

Oh no, this is bad.

But before he could think of a solution, the impulse struck again, even stronger.

The pitch-black dragon flew in midair for a few seconds, and then…


A black-red sphere shot out from his mouth and plummeted straight to the ground.

Without warning, the eyeball-shaped sphere hovered in mid-air and suddenly exploded deafeningly.

The magic power that was imprisoned in it swelled and sent waves of power in the air.

The gray mist with strong fluctuations rolled and roared, spreading out to the distance in an instant and bringing strong winds and abyssal magic.

Shi An took a deep breath.

Thank goodness this thing didn’t explode in my stomach.

However, before he could rejoice in his luck, a strange sense of weightlessness suddenly struck and pulled him toward the abyss below him.

Shi An: “…”


Not far away, the strong impact from the explosion of the Eye of the Abyss forced Mu Heng to stop.

In the next second, a dense poisonous mist crept in like a serpent, Mu Heng raised his sword to greet it, and a cold blue magic barrier suddenly appeared.

Like a torrent hitting the reef, the gray mist rushed behind him.

In a wall of fog so dense that he couldn’t see his own fingers, Mu Heng’s eyes were glacial, as if frozen over.

Such strong magic fluctuations would completely mess up his perception, making it almost impossible to track his target in the fog.

Mu Heng lowered his eyes and took out the instrument.

The arrow skittered around, obviously affected by this violent fluctuation and unable to point him in the right direction at all.

His five fingers tightened around the instrument silently, so strong in magnitude that his fingers lost blood circulation.

It seemed that now, he could only wait for the fog to clear.

Due to the loss of the carrier, the poisonous mist and abyssal power were already draining out. After a short surge, they gradually calmed down and dispersed little by little, slowly revealing the true appearance of the terrain in front of them.

Although the abyss fissure disappeared, a long and deep canyon was still left on the ground.

The rock walls were steep and uninviting, and the sky was dark below the cliff. The sinister aura that belonged to the abyss still permeated the land, and it would take at least a few months to completely dissipate.

Mu Heng raised his eyes and looked around.

The plains were dead silent, and no trace of the dragon could be seen in the sky.

However, Mu Heng was never one to give up easily.

He closed his eyes to feel a tug, then opened his eyes and looked fixedly in one direction.

Mu Heng’s eyes were very dark, like the cold and distant sky on the snowy mountains, revealing a kind of obsession that would not stop until the goal was achieved.

Although there was the interference of abyssal fog, as a fantasy species, the dragon’s flight path had a distinct and strong trail. Like a patient hunter, he would never give up tracking his prey.

Obsession and desire mixed together and turned into a terrifying killing intent that was unstoppable.

Mu Heng grasped a long sword in his hand and stalked in the direction of the wave.

Navigating the spacetime rift, which sucked in all the magic power around him, seemed to be thoughtless for him. His steps were steady, but the scenery around him changed at every step, and in just a few seconds, the sky and the ground were flipped.

Suddenly, Mu Heng stopped.

He was standing on the edge of the cliff, and the other end of the canyon was shrouded in mist. He could only barely estimate that the distance between the two sides was over fifty meters.

This should be the passage where the dragon entered the overworld.

Mu Heng raised his head, and the furrow between his brows deepened.

For some reason, the other party’s breath fluctuations suddenly stopped here.

He took two steps forward slowly.

Suddenly, his eyes were drawn to a cave on the cliff. The cave was deeply recessed. Through the mist, he could only see a dark hole, and he couldn’t see what was inside at all.

The cave entrance had piles of gravel in front of it, leaving a barely two-meter-tall entrance, and the dragon would not have been able to enter.

And there was not much obvious magic fluctuation inside.

It looked extremely ordinary, and there was nothing that could attract his attention.


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