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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 15.2 Bahasa Indonesia

After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up Chapter 15.2

“Can I Return to The Abyss After Jumping Down?” (2)


Another monster fell down heavily.

After the battle, several team members who participated in the battle turned their heads and looked at Duan Hua, who was not far away, in confusion.

——He made too many mistakes today.

However, because Duan Hua usually acted arrogant and domineering, everyone dared not say anything for a while.

Only Shi Rui stepped forward and broke the impasse:

“Duan Hua, what’s the matter with you? Do you feel unwell?”

Duan Hua smiled reluctantly. The sword he used to hold in his right hand had switched to his left hand at some point.

He explained stiffly: “My–my condition isn’t good today…”

In fact, inside the sleeve hanging by his side, the length from his arm to his palm had begun to tremble violently and uncontrollably.

As the number of times Duan Hua used magic increased, the burning sensation became stronger.

It buried deep under his skin, burning him from the marrow of his bones. Bit by bit, the feeling gnawed on his muscles, as if it wanted to set him on fire from the wrist up.

He was as flustered as an ant on a hot pan.

But Duan Hua didn’t want to show this weakness, so he could only bear it.

Was it Shi An?

No, that was impossible… How could he find out in such a short time? And so what if he found out?

That bastard, he even needed to cheat on exams! How could it be possible for him to do such a thing?!

While his thoughts were flying, a strange sound came from the darkness in the distance.

Everyone was stunned and looked in the direction from which the sound came.

It seemed to be some kind of roar.

At first it was just a faint vibration.

However, it only took a few tens of seconds before it turned into some kind of deafening violent sound.

It seemed to come from the heart of the earth; at the same time, it resembled the sound of a thousand troops marching.

The earth seemed to tremble, as did the surrounding trees under the strong pressure. The leaves rustled, and the terrifying sound approached from all directions, as if it could engulf them.

Under the pressure of the terrifying sound, everyone stood there, forgetting to move.

It was unknown who called out—

“Climb up the trees!”

It was as if they woke from a dream, and they all hurriedly climbed up the trees.

Holding onto the trunk, the freshmen looked down one after another.

In such a dim environment, they could hardly see anything, except for countless flickering spots of light.

Blue, yellow, a few red ones.

The colors, which symbolized the difficulty level of a monster, glowed in the darkness, illuminating the shape of the monsters. They were like a tide, like dark ocean waves roaring towards the distance.

For monsters, the trees did little to slow them.

But unexpectedly, they didn’t stop at all, like they didn’t notice those people in the trees at all, but ran towards a certain goal with great unity.

The students turned their heads dully and looked in the direction of the tide of monsters.

They seemed to be heading…



Scorched Earth Zone.

The heaven and the earth shook, everything was silent, and endless darkness surged, like poured ink, rushing in violently.

In the open space at the front, there were two humans standing.

Compared with the huge number of monsters in front of them, their bodies looked so small and fragile, as if they would be swallowed up in the next second.

The monsters in the front of the tide were already close at hand.

It was really over now.

Lin Yanming closed his eyes in despair, waiting for the destined death to come.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


One minute.

Nothing happened.

——Wait, what’s going on?

Lin Yanming opened his eyes in astonishment.

With the weak light of the backup power supply, he regretted his decision to open his eyes very much, and it took almost the courage of the cells in his body not to faint again.

Too close, really too close.

Murderous pairs of eyes with the desire to kill looked over from a few meters away, and they were so close to each other that he could smell the stench spewing from their bloody mouths.

Lin Yanming swore that he had never seen such a situation in front of him even in his most terrifying nightmares.

But…he didn’t know why.

It had already been so long, but the group of menacing, murderous monsters still hadn’t launched any attacks.

It was as if there was an invisible barrier between them, blocking their movements.

The monster violently and furiously smashed the ground with their front feet, but as if hesitating about something, they could only roar unwillingly and angrily.


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