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After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up – Chapter 13.3 Bahasa Indonesia

“Then, is fire okay?” (3)

“Try- try the light magic attack. It should- should work on these things.” Lin Yan Ming said incoherently to Shi An. He released the attack towards the one closest to him, and it was effective, but only forced it back for a few seconds. After the magic wore out, the magical creature started to come closer again.

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over一

Lin Yan Ming’s mind was left with only these two words.

“Then, is fire okay?”

At that moment, he heard the soft voice tinged with curiosity from the teenager next to him.


What? Lin Yan Ming did not react.

“Just, something like this.”

The moment the words were spoken, searing flames rolled like a wave, instantly illuminating the darkness with fire. The flames were at an astonishingly high temperature and engulfed the monsters in front of him furiously!

The raging flames seem to have intelligence, while roaring, it devoured the slender figures one after another. In the matter of a few seconds, the blazing flames rose and circled around the two of them, keeping them safe.

The blazing fire dispelled the darkness and illuminated the expansive plains as bright as day. In the fire, the monsters let out a mournful scream as its body sizzled and madly swayed in the flames, trying to escape but always failed no matter how hard it tried.


一How devastating, overwhelming, and aggressively powerful was that.

Lin Yan Ming stood frozen in place. His face was red from the firelight, and although he was far away, he could still feel the temperature of the flames on his skin. It was so hot that he could barely think. After an unknown amount of time, maybe after just a few seconds, maybe after a few centuries had passed, the fire and the heat went out together. It was as if everything was just a cruel and grand illusion in his mind.

In the pitch black darkness, only the faint brightness of the alternate light source remained. The light vaguely illuminated a clearing not far away, as well as a pile of ashes on the ground. Wait, that wasn’t an illusion? Lin Yan Ming felt his brain turn into mush.

After a long time, as he cranked his head with difficulty, he could almost hear the crackling sound from the bones in his neck, and stiffly looked at Shi An’s figure beside him in disbelief. The teenager in front of him seemed to notice his gaze and turned his head to return the look. His facial lines appeared softer and softer in the darkness, a pair of eyes with rounded contours, when looking intently at people, looked as if he was in a petulant mood. Shi An pursed his lips and smiled shyly.

“I really don’t know light magic, I only know this.”

Lin Yan Ming: “……………………”


“The Bureau’s people are here!”

“What? Please come in!” The person-in-charge was startled and hurriedly stepped out to welcome them.

Mu Heng lowered his eyes, his long hair meticulously tied behind his head, his pale skin still covered by his overcoat and gloves, looking disciplined and ascetic. Wen Yao stood not far away. She had already changed into a battle attire. She had light brown skin, eyebrows that were heroically sharp, inquiring the staff in low whispers.

The ones who came along this time were the elites of the Bureau’s combat department specially trained to deal with this particular situation. The person-in-charge extended his hand with an anxious face. “Officer Mu ……”

Mu Heng swept a glance on the other party’s outstretched hand but made no movement. The person-in-charge then suddenly remembered that this person was reluctant to make physical contact with other people. He then withdrew his outstretched hand with some embarrassment. “I apologize …… I am just too anxious.”

He asked, “What are you going to do next?”

Mu Heng’s voice was cold and deep, seemingly half affected by the other party’s panic. “Did you set up emergency entrances and exits within the battlefield?”

“Of course! It’s right in the middle of each area!”

Mu Heng nodded slightly and continued to ask, “Are there teachers, or staff members familiar with the terrain of the battlefield?”

“Yes, there are!”

Mu Heng: “Arrange one for each area, and have them follow my squad in to rescue the trapped students.”

Person-in-charge: “Then …… what are you going to do about that abyssal rift in the scorched earth area?”

“Close it from the inside,” Mu Heng said calmly.

“I’ll go personally.”

Person-in-charge: “Then I will join you ……”

Mu Heng interrupted him, “No need.”

The person-in-charge froze: “Why ……?”

Mu Heng said succinctly, “It’s too dangerous.”

The abyss would continuously release poisonous gas outward, so one had to use magic to exert protection for oneself at all times. Even if it was him, he would still lose his home advantage and be somewhat weakened after going deeper into the rift, not to mention others with even weaker self-protection capabilities.

“In addition, after the dissimilation begins, a guide won’t be useful in the area closer to the abyssal rift that had been even further transformed.”

Although the person-in-charge was still upset, he could only sigh and listen to the other party’s instructions, “You are right.” Mu Heng nodded his head and turned to walk forward. The person-in-charge immediately pursued in hurried steps. “Eh …… then there is nothing else you need?”

Mu Heng’s silver-blue eyes were calm and indifferent, without any semblance of arrogance, as if he was simply stating a fact.

“No need.”

“Just me alone is enough.”


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