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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 8: F**k!, What Sh*t Luck Bahasa Indonesia

Grey kept smiling in a silly manner, the man just looked at him, lost of words. He just ascertained Grey was a total nut case.

“Stop smiling and listen up, I will be gone soon, there are things you should be aware of” The man tried to turn the atmosphere serious once again. If he were still alive, he was sure he would probably beat Grey up, no wait, he will definitely beat Grey up.

“Okay senior, I’m all ears” Grey tried to calm down when he noticed how serious the man was. ‘He will be gone soon, where is he going?’ Grey thought in his heart.

“Comprehending each element isn’t as simple as you think it is. For you to have perfect control over it, you have to know everything about it you have to be one with the element. Being one with the element is the highest level of comprehension. Although you’re still far away from this level”, the man looked at Grey before continuing, “You should also know that the higher you comprehend the elements, the faster your cultivation speed”

Grey listened closely and felt stupefied by what he was hearing. “Senior doesn’t that mean, unlike the rest people who have a fixed talent for their said element, mine isn’t fixed”

“Yes, that’s basically the point. Of course, it can only increase if you can have a high comprehension of the said element” He explained patiently as a teacher would to his student.

Grey had a solemn look and started having a feeling it won’t really be that easy to have a high comprehension of the elements.

When the man saw Grey’s look, he started having a different opinion of him. ‘Seems like he has finally realized how hard things are going to be’ He nodded in approval in his heart.

“You can actually start cultivating now, you were originally born with an affinity with an element,” The man said.

Grey was overjoyed when he heard this, so he had an element also. This made him calm his mind, at least now he wouldn’t start from scratch when he wanted to start comprehending each element.

“The more elements you comprehend, the faster your cultivation speed grows. Meaning if you can comprehend two elements, your cultivation speed will double. And your talent also matters” He said with a slightly calmer tone.

When Grey heard this, he was beside himself with joy. “Doesn’t that mean I will improve at a faster pace?” Grey asked just to be sure he heard correctly.

“Yes you will” The man replied

“Hahahaha” Grey laughed crazily. Well, there goes the good impression he had managed to build of himself.

The man stared at Grey and couldn’t believe how quickly he changes his demeanor. ‘Sigh, forget it. He is already here’ He was mentally exhausted from his conversation with this young boy.

After Grey finished his wild imagination, he quickly composed himself. “Senior, you said you would be gone soon” Grey asked.

“Yes, I’m just a spiritual being currently. I have already died long ago” The man replied calmly without any emotions. Death was something, not even the Gods could avoid. Although if they were left alone they could live almost forever, wars were a brutal and bitter part of the world.

“You are dead” Grey view on life was once again shattered.

“You don’t have to say anything about it. It is something that happened long ago. Now, I will tell you how to perfectly use this space” The man slowly explained to Grey.

Grey listened keenly as he knew, once this senior disappears, he will never see him again. He felt bad for him, but this wasn’t the time to think about it.

Grey was able to find out how to use the chaos space. It wasn’t really that hard, all you have to do is think of the element you wish to comprehend, and you will see it. There was also an object used for checking talents. It was just like the one he saw when he went for the test, only this was more sophisticated.

“Well, that is all you need to know. Remember this won’t be easy, and always be careful of how many elements you show people. You can show multiple, but not too many okay. You will be surprised how far greed can push people” He warned Grey sincerely.

“Yes senior. Thank you for everything senior” Grey bowed towards the man deeply.

The man looked at Grey with eyes of encouragement. “Train well. Oh!, and don’t forget to train your body as well. Don’t allow the elements to hone it for you, that is the wrong path” He said while fading slowly.

“Yes senior, I’m already used to it. So now, I can’t really go a day with doing a little training” Grey said.

“Senior, how can I leave?” Grey hurriedly asked, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he couldn’t leave this space.

“Just will it, and you can leave,” He said while shaking his head with a smile. ‘What an interesting young boy’.

“Okay senior, do take care. Oh, sorry my bad” Grey wanted to wish him well before he remembered he was already dead. Grey had an embarrassed smile while waving goodbye to him.

The man laughed when he saw this. Before fading away completely.

Grey looked at the place the man faded with a look of melancholy.

He stayed in the space for some time before leaving and returning to the real world. When he returned, he looked around calmly. He knew his life will change completely from this day.

“Wait, let me take a look at which element I’m attuned with naturally” He suddenly remembered and went back into the space.

Grey stood before the stone nervously. He had waited for 3 years, he had suffered countless insults all for this day. With a heart of expectation, he placed his hand on the stone. Just like what he experienced the last time, he felt an unknown energy entering into his body from the stone.

After it circulated around his body, it went back to the stone.

Grey waited patiently for it to read the results. After a minute, the stone lit up.

Grey was slack jawed when he saw the result. His heart couldn’t stop racing.

“Fuck, what sort of shit luck is this, how can I have a pink talent” Grey immediately cursed out.

It was depressing, after waiting for so long, this was what he saw. A Pink talent, although he had a great element, it was annoying.

He had a Lightning element but with a Pink talent, if it had been orange, he would have at least managed it. Besides his element was rare, but pink. If people knew about this, he would be a laughingstock. He was already being laughed at for not having an affinity, now that he awakened it after so long, it was a Pink talent.

Grey was frustrated, after so long, this was what he was paid with. If not for the fact that he remembered he could improve his talent, he would have already started cursing the Chaos God and everyone.

“How will I reign supreme with this shit luck. That man better not be lying, else he would get it from me. I don’t care if he is dead already, I will kill him again” Grey said with a grim look.

He immediately left the chaos space and went to sleep.


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