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Chapter 75: Augustus Gale

The crowd gathered outside looked in the direction the man landed, his life and death is unknown since there have been no movements from him since he crashed into the ground.

Oliver looked at Chris and couldn’t help but sigh, he knew now the issue wouldn’t be settled easily, and he didn’t really care. Now unlike the previous time, the higher-ups from the Starlight Academy will try to make a big issue out of this. But to hell with them, did they think the Lunar Academy was scared, if they thought that, then they were dead wrong.

“Are you still here?”

Oliver asked while releasing a cold aura from his body, since things have already gotten to this stage, there was no use in trying to talk calmly to them. If they still decide not to leave, then they will face the same fate as their comrade. He was over a hundred percent sure Chris killed the man with that slap.

The instructors from the Lunar Academy all released intense killing intent from their bodies, the group from the Starlight Academy quickly scurried away like a pack of scared dogs with their tails behind their legs. They came here with heads held high, thinking they might use this opportunity to not only get rid of Grey but to also show everyone who was the number one, but now they left in disgrace and mostly fear. From how the instructors from the Lunar Academy were acting, they knew they weren’t joking and might attack if they stayed any further.

Among the group, the man who was smacked to death was the most pitiful. If he could talk he would have surely complained about the nature of his death, if he was killed with some flashy move, it wouldn’t be as bad as being smacked to death. He only came here to show dominance, why did it end like this? Even in the underworld, he would be a laughingstock because of the way he died.

The group quickly went over to get the man who was smacked away, but on seeing his condition, they were stupefied, and the fear they felt increased once again. The side of the man’s head caved in, and he couldn’t be any deader. They picked up the corpse and disappeared from the area.

News of the event quickly rocked the entire city. The fact that a group from the Starlight Academy went over to the Lunar Academy to demand for a student was shocking on its own, the fact that one of the group was smacked to death was even more astonishing.


At the residence of the Starlight Academy

The instructors all looked at the corpse with rage, this was an instructor who was most likely to be the next head instructor in the Wind Hall, but now he was dead, even the manner of his death was annoying, he was smacked to death, like an annoying fly.

“Good, very good. The people from the Lunar Academy are getting more daring, do they think we’re pushovers?”

“Call everyone here, we’re heading over to confront them”

The principal of the Starlight Academy said in anger.


The Castle of the emperor

“Your highness, the conflict between the Lunar and the Starlight Academy seems to have escalated again. An instructor from the Starlight Academy was killed today when they went over to the residence of the Lunar Academy to demand for a student who they said attacked some of their students”

Seated on the throne was a man who looked to be in his early forties. With refined features and a calm look, he was the emperor of the Qilin empire, Augustus Gale.

He stared at the man who was reporting what happened to him.

“To dare break the rules of the city, the Lunar Academy doesn’t seem to put his highness in their eyes”

An elder by the side spoke in a spiteful manner.

The others looked at him but didn’t say anything, they shifted their gazes back to the emperor. They all knew that the elder had close ties with the Starlight Academy, and he’s not the only one, more than half of the elders present here had close ties with them. This was one of the reasons the Starlight Academy had not only grown in power but also why they always acted overbearingly.

The man who was giving the report suddenly spoke up again.

“Your highness, it seems the people from the Starlight Academy are currently on their way to confront the Lunar Academy”

Augustus felt tired from the entire issue, he didn’t know what to do about the two academies.

“Head over to the residence of the Lunar Academy and summon both Academies over”

“Yes, your highness”

The man bowed before leaving the castle

“Your highness, if I may?”

One of the elders asked.

The emperor nodded.

The elder continued after getting the go-ahead from the emperor,

“This is a very delicate matter, and if not handled properly it might cause internal strife in the empire”

“So what do you have in mind?”

The emperor looked at him with interest

“We still don’t know if what the group of the Starlight Academy said is the truth. For all we know, they might just be looking for a way to get back at the Lunar Academy for the matter that occurred previously”

The elder said.

The elder who spoke up previously quickly jumped into the fray,

“What do you mean by that? Do you think the people from the Starlight Academy will just decide to bully someone of the younger generation unreasonably?”

“Yes, yes I do”

The man didn’t hide his thoughts and said it out loud, he was tired of the tyrannical way the Starlight Academy were acting in the empire for a while now.

They soon got into a heated argument before the emperor decided to step in,

“Enough, we’ll hear from both sides when they get here”


When the crowd saw another group from the Starlight Academy approaching the residence, they weren’t surprised since they expected this. The principal and the instructors from the Lunar Academy all came out also when they sensed the aura the group from the Starlight Academy was doing nothing to hide.

“He’s the one”

One of the people in the group who came the first time pointed at Chris hatefully.

On seeing that the one who was pointed at was Chris, the principal couldn’t help but be taken aback. If it was the principal or any other instructor from the Lunar Academy, he would have been a hundred percent confident in doing what he came here for, but in front of Chris, he wasn’t too confident.

Chris is known for his unreasonable conducts, and given his strength, offending him was not a wise choice.

The principal has already come here with a large entourage, there was no way for him to back out now.

Just as he was about to speak, he noticed someone coming from the direction of the castle. He heaved a sigh of relief since he knew the emperor has already gotten involved in the matter.

“His highness summons both parties to the castle”

Both sides nodded before heading towards the castle. They landed when they were five hundred meters away from the castle since it was forbidden to fly within this range of the castle.

After entering the castle, both sides told the emperor their sides of the story. The students weren’t called over and only the higher-ups of both Academies were present.

Augustus was caught in a dilemma as he didn’t know which side to believe.

“How are you sure what that brat said was the truth?”

The elder who spoke up the first time said.

“How are you so sure what those twerps said was the truth”

Oliver retorted calmly.

“You people from the Lunar Academy all feel like you’re on top of the world, to even have the guts to protect such a lowly student who would sneak attack his peers”

“If you continue speaking, make sure to never leave this castle again”

Chris said calmly as he looked at the elder. Since they came to the castle, this elder has been the one opposing them. Even the people from the Starlight Academy weren’t as dedicated as he was.

“Is that a threat”

Chris looked at him without replying, but his gaze gave him the answer he wanted, his eyes were simply saying, try me.

The elder sensibly shut his mouth, he knew some things about Chris and knew he would really kill him regardless of what the emperor said.

Augustus was beginning to feel a headache, especially with the sudden involvement of Chris. He was still confused why Chris was involved in the issue, why was he even here? He had never attended the previous competitions.


Augustus called out.

Chris turned his gaze to the emperor.

“Why are you interested in this matter?”

“Because the boy in question is my student, I brought him personally to the Academy and I know what he can or can’t do. There is no way he would sneak attack their students. But if he really did, given his talent, they’d be dead”

“Your student?”

“Yes, my student. Do you have a problem with me having a student?”

Augustus thought for some time before saying,

“Since there is no way to confirm who is right in this matter, we’ll have to end the matter here. Chris, you’ll have to compensate them for their dead instructor. I do not want to hear of this matter anymore. If the younger generation wants to compete against each other, they’re free to. But none of you in the older generations should interfere with it anymore”

The elder suddenly objected

“Your highness, do you mean you’re going to just dismiss the matter like this?”

Augustus looked at him coldly,

“Are you saying I don’t know what I’m doing?”

The elder suddenly realized his mistake,

“No your highness, please forgive this old one’s incompetence”

Augustus snorted before adding,

“Good, you’re all dismissed”

The group from both Academies left the place with the Lunar Academy coming out the better of the two.

Later that day, inside the depths of the castle

“Father, why are you still tolerating Chris? He didn’t even put you in his eyes”

“The plan is still ongoing, and he is an unknown factor in the overall shape of things. He still hasn’t accepted my offer yet, but he promised not to interfere with the plan. He is also a huge asset to us in case a war breaks out with the other empires. For now, we’ll leave him be, besides, he’s not someone we can easily get rid of”

“Why don’t we use the Starlight Academy to deal with him?”

“The chances of them succeeding is below twenty percent”

“He’s that strong?”

“Yes, but I have a plan”


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