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Chapter 72: Danger In Capital City II

After the second round ended, later that night Klaus suggested they should go out and have some fun since they were given three days to rest. Grey agreed since he needed some time off on his training.

This was the third time Grey was coming to the Water Paradise, and he couldn’t say he didn’t like the place, for one, their food tastes delicious and their wines were also topnotch.

At the Jade Water Paradise

“What you did was fucking amazing, I didn’t expect you would beat him that badly”

Klaus laughed out loud

“I only reciprocated to what he wanted to do to me”

Grey answered with a shrug. He’s not some psychopath who derives pleasure from the sufferings of others. During the battle, he had multiple chances to deal a killing blow, but he refrained from it. Although in the end he beat up his opponent badly, he didn’t really expect he would continue fighting even after taking such beatings.

The reason Grey beat up his opponent that badly was only after he noticed the killing intent in his opponent’s eyes, only then did he retaliate coldly. But even after getting the chances, he just couldn’t deal a fatal strike.

He didn’t even know what to call what held him back, was it weakness? Or was it just his mind playing tricks on him? Maybe it was his humanity? To be honest, he didn’t know.

“That’s what those scums deserve. If I get to meet any of them, they’ll be treated in the same fashion Grey did to his opponent”.

Reynolds said coldly. After his experience, he hated the students from the Starlight Academy to the core.

“So, what do you all think this special training is all about?”

Klaus took a sip of his wine before asking.

“I have no idea, I have never heard of the empire ever conducting any special training after the competitions”

Reynolds replied.

“Grey, got any ideas about it?”

Klaus asked looking in Grey’s direction.

Grey continued with his drink before replying

“I have no idea, we’ll all find out about it after the competition comes to an end”

Klaus nodded before switching topics to something more exciting.

After staying for some time, just like the previous two times Grey had followed his friends here. They retired with their partners leaving Grey alone once more. Grey didn’t stay long in the room, after finishing his drink, he walked out of the place.

He looked at the busy night street in front of him before turning his gaze towards the center of the city.

‘I want to see it again’

Grey started walking towards the center of Capital City. His destination wasn’t too far from the Jade Water Paradise, and he soon got to the place.

Outside the castle of the emperor of the Qilin empire stood an enormous statue of a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties. The man had a serious-looking face with sharp eyes and a heroic air strongly radiating from him. It was surprising a statue felt so life-like.

Grey was awed the first time he saw it, this was why he decided to see it again. This was the statue of the first emperor of the Qilin empire, Constantine Gale.

This was the man who spearheaded the rebellion against the Azure empire long ago. Since the Qilin empire was created, only the Gale family had occupied the ruling seat. Although there are other top families in the empire who might have an eye on the ruling position, none have made a move yet, maybe they’re biding their time.

In the history of the Qilin empire, just after it was formed, only one of the families who followed the Gale family in the rebellion tried to usurp power, but they were defeated and nearly completely annihilated. Although the family still stands, they keep to themselves without getting too involved with matters of the empire.

Grey stared at the statue and couldn’t help but ask himself

‘What does it feel like to be at the top?’


While Grey and his friends were at the Jade Water Paradise.

A middle-aged lady could be seen entering into a luxurious compound in the southern part of the city. Flowers were planted on the side of the walkway which gave the place a serene look, added with the peace and quiet, it gave one a certain sense of comfort.

On getting to the door, she knocked in a strange rhythm. After a minute, the door was opened from the inside. She walked in without even looking at the person behind the door.

In a secret room in the building.

“This is the information gathered of the target”

The lady passed a file over the beautiful lady seating across her who looked to be in her late twenties, with golden hair and black eyes. She was dressed in all black.

The black-dressed lady collected the file and went through it before asking,

“Did you come with the payment?”

The middle-aged lady brought out a pouch and passed it to the lady.

When the lady in black opened the pouch, three colored stones could be seen glowing inside the pouch. She smiled after confirming their originality before saying,

“This is only half the payment”

The middle-aged lady nodded before replying,

“You’ll get the balance after accomplishing the mission”

The lady in black nodded,

“Fair enough, is there a time limit?”

“Yes, the target should be dead before the competition ends. From what we gathered, he’s currently in the Jade Water Paradise with his friends”

The lady in black frowned when she heard this,

“The owner of the place has a good relationship with me, and killing someone there will be bad for his business”

“I know, we gathered some added information about the target before coming here. He never sleeps in the place. He stays till just after midnight before he leaves the place, he takes a stroll around the City before heading back to his residence. Although we’re not certain if he would also do it today, this has been his usual routine whenever he visited that place”

“Okay, I’ll send one of the girls over”

“Okay, we’ll be waiting to hear from you”

After getting assurance from the lady in black, the middle-aged lady left the building. A girl came into the room minutes later. After getting the details about her mission, she left swiftly.


‘What does it feel like to be at the top?’

Grey stared at the statue a while longer before heading towards his residence. As a kid, he has always had the dream of standing at the top one day, this was one of the reasons he was devastated when he couldn’t awaken his element.

Now with this inheritance and his hard work, he believed it wouldn’t be long before he realized his dream.

While Grey was staring at the statue, a shadow was staring at him intently. This shadow has been following him since he left the Jade Water Paradise, but he had no idea of it.

The cool night breeze was always a refreshing experience. On his way back, he saw Claude and Nina walking with arms locked around each other, and Nina’s head was placed on Claude’s shoulder as they were walking.

‘Seems like they’re a couple, no wonder he thanked me so much for saving her’

Since the couple didn’t see him, he didn’t want to spoil their romantic moment, so he just walked silently on the other side of the road.

The shadow was following closely behind Grey, seemingly searching for an opportunity to strike.

Grey discovered an alley that cut across two streets and took him quickly to the place designated for the Lunar Academy the last time he went to the Jade Water Paradise.

On seeing Grey step into the alley, the shadow grabs the dagger which was around her waist and was prepared to strike from her hiding spot.

The moment she wanted to strike out, she quickly held back and hid back at her hiding spot.

Grey also stopped in his tracks and looked ahead of him.


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