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Chapter 70: Competition II

Two beautiful girls were coming in Grey’s direction with two boys following closely behind them. They were the group from the Idris Academy Grey met at the Misty Mountain.

Grey asked with a smile when they got close

“Hey, how have you been doing?”

The girls answered simultaneously


The boys on the other hand kept looking at Grey as if he were a monster. They watched Grey’s battle against the student at the Sixth stage of the Arcane Plane, and they were shocked.

It had only been just over three months since they met Grey at the Misty Mountain, and they knew he was either in the First stage or Second stage of the Arcane Plane at that time. The girls already told them about Grey being a Dual Elementalist, so they weren’t surprised when Grey used another element.

They had only advanced a single stage since then, yet Grey had gone five or six stages. His speed is terrifying, to say the least.

The girls weren’t really too shocked since they felt Grey was far stronger compared to what he showed. After all, they were present when Grey battled with the mercenaries, so they knew he could be even more terrifying. But they were still puzzled by the fact that his cultivation speed increased this fast, if he used a secret technique, he shouldn’t be able to advance at such a speed.

Unless, he was hiding his real strength at that time.

Claude couldn’t help but ask

“How did you become strong so fast?”

Only after asking did he realize he made a mistake since this was Grey’s secret.

He added hastily

“The girls told us about you helping them out again, thank you”

He bowed while saying this

Grey acted like he didn’t hear the question Claude asked before replying with a shrug

“It’s nothing, I only found them by accident”

Claude said immediately after Grey finished speaking.

“Even though you found them by accident, you could have easily left them to their fate, but you didn’t”

While they were speaking, Grey was able to deduce that the girls kept his secret just like they promised him.

Klaus and Reynolds just looked at what was going on with confused eyes, given how well they knew Grey, they knew he didn’t have any friends outside the Academy.

Grey introduced the group to Klaus and Reynolds, this was their first time meeting after all. He had already told them about what happened in the Misty Mountain, of course, he omitted the part when he entered that unknown state. After chatting for a while, the group from the Idris Academy left.

Klaus said after they left

“Hey buddy since this is your first time coming to the Capital, why don’t I show you around. I’ve come here lots of times, I’ll be your official guide.”

Grey accepted Klaus’s offer. It was his first time here and not seeing the famous places in the city would truly be a shame. Although things here were expensive, given Klaus’s background, he doesn’t have a problem with paying for anything here.

They went to a famous Art gallery in the Capital and other famous places in the city, before heading to Klaus’s favorite place, The Jade Water Paradise.

Day turned to night. On the western side of Capital City’s main road, the King’s Avenue. The third floor of the Jade Water Paradise.

Grey and the other two had a room of their own. The nights at Capital City were always busy, especially during the time of the competition. But the nights within the Jade Water Paradise were even more bustling, having reached the peak of busy-ness.

The coquettish giggles of women could be heard nonstop, while the roaring, heroic laughter of men also constantly sounded out. Within a private room, the three bros drank while having an idle conversation, and by each of their sides was a delicate and pretty girl, well, except for Grey.

This was not the first time he had visited a place like this since Klaus always took him to a place like this in Lunar City especially after he breaks up with his girlfriend.

Generally, Klaus and Reynolds would go off and have fun after having their fill of the wine, while Grey would at most drink a little before heading out.

“Buddy I’m going to bed now”

Klaus’s hands draped around a girl with long, green hair. His breath smelled strongly of liquor.

Reynolds also got up with the girl he was with

“Bro, we’ll be going now. Are you sure you don’t want a partner for…”

Grey interrupted Reynolds

“That’s enough Rey, stop talking alright?”

Reynolds and Klaus looked at Grey with pitiful gazes, before Klaus said

“It’s your loss bro. You don’t know what you’re missing”

Grey shook his head when he heard this, he watched as Klaus and Reynolds staggered out of the private room with their hands around the waist of their respective companions. He looked at the night sky through the window.

He left the Jade Water Paradise and took a stroll around the City, his desolate shadow faded into the darkness of the night.

The first round of the competition soon came to an end with the group all making it into the second round. Damian was also part of the students who successfully advanced. Of the twenty-five students from the Lunar Academy, seven were eliminated during the first round.

If they all successfully pass through the second round, they would all get a spot in the special training.

During these two days Grey focused on his training, he was trying to increase the speed at which he could create the symbol and also try to create it while he was doing something else. If he could successfully do that, then he could use it in battles and attack his opponent with a sneak attack.

The second round of the competition soon started with twenty-five battles taking place each day.

On the second day, it was Grey’s turn to battle. His opponent was a student at the Eighth stage from the Starlight Academy.


Grey and his opponent struck at each other at the same time.


An explosion rang out in the platform from their attacks.

Grey’s opponent stared at him with surprise, he planned on dealing a heavy blow to Grey when he found out he was a student from the Lunar Academy, but it seems like it’s not going to be as easy as he thought.

The explosion attracted some attention from the crowd, one person, in particular, looked at the battle with shocked eyes.

‘It’s him! Impossible, how can he improve so fast? It’s not even been up to two years yet’

Jonas was dumbstruck when he recognized Grey.

He was already very proud of himself for being able to progress at such speed, but seeing Grey greatly diminished his pride. He had already broken through to the First stage of the Arcane Plane when Grey took the test again, but now, Grey was currently battling an opponent he wouldn’t even dare to, and he’s having the upper hand also.

“Grey wins”

The voice of the instructor announcing the results brought Jonas out of his stupor.

‘He won’

He just couldn’t believe it, the only thing on his mind currently was



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