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Chapter 668 – Klaus Taking The Stage

This was the first time Alice and the others were seeing geniuses from the Aurora Continent fight, well, real geniuses that is. From the small battles they were watching, they knew these guys were more powerful than the first one Reynolds fought against.

They were all pumped up, thinking about how they would fare against these geniuses. In the Azure Continent, they could easily fight across stages. Here, they hoped to replicate the same thing.

“Can we still challenge those in the same stages as us?” Alice asked.

“I think so, but it’ll be after the battle for those in the Late stages is complete.” Grey answered.

He didn’t really know much about these things, but since they could challenge whoever was in the rankings, he was sure they might be able to challenge them here if the people were present.

These people would definitely want to watch more battles anyway.

“It’s a shame we were late.” Reynolds shook his head.

Grey smiled while looking at the platforms. He didn’t think each Region had a different time for their annual geniuses’ rankings, but thinking about it now, he realized there was no way all the Regions will host their regional rankings at the same time.

Presently, this was currently the stage where they challenged those in the top fifty.

“Who would you be challenging?” Grey asked curiously.

“This is my first time fighting against them, I don’t want to overdo it. I’ll challenge the person ranked forty-fifth.” Klaus said calmly.

“Alright, there should be some people in the Mid stages that are in these rankings, so you might encounter some.” Grey said.

“What about you?” Klaus asked.

“I’m going for the thirtieth person. I can naturally go higher, but I don’t want too much attention. I’ll slowly fight into the top twenty then stop there. There’s a reward for those in the top twenty.” Grey said.

“Void, don’t you want to try?” Reynolds asked.

“I’ll defeat all of them with nothing but a shake of my paws, there’s no use trying.” Void stated proudly.

His voice was small, but those sitting around the group heard him clearly. The funny part was that they didn’t think that the cat was the one who spoke, rather, they felt it was the words of one of them.

Some people scoffed at them, irritated by their baseless boasting.

The young lady the group encountered on the way here also turned to look behind her to see the cause of the small disturbance in the area. She saw Klaus and Grey talking with calm expressions before turning around.

Ten minutes later.

The battles on the platform ended, and it was time for others to step forward and challenge whoever they wanted.

“I’ll be going first.” Klaus stood up before jumping toward the stage.

He wasn’t the only one who was moving toward the stage. More people were headed towards the platforms, and surprisingly, the particular platform he picked had three people vying to get on it.

All still mid-air, they attacked. Whoever manages to step foot on the platform first wins. This was something they all knew. They also knew that they could easily retreat and wait for the next battles, but they’ve already stepped forward, and going back now without even testing the strength of the other party was a show of weakness.

Well, so they thought.

The duo sent attacks at Klaus simultaneously. Klaus didn’t panic, on seeing the attacks, he wrapped himself with water, shielding himself from every attack coming his way.

The attack delayed him, giving the other two the edge. However, just as they were about to set foot on the platform, they sensed a deadly attack coming their way.

It was a thin ice arrow. The arrows were only around ten inches, but the duo could sense a life-threatening aura from them. Without even thinking, they focused their entire being on it.

Klaus scoffed before gently landing on the platform with a smile.

‘Heh, even Grey couldn’t block it, you two think you can?’ He thought internally.

His ice ability was currently on another level. Grey had a powerful defensive element, and with the increase in his strength, he had been able to create a powerful earth that would take a few attacks before it was penetrated, but a single one of Klaus’ attacks easily sneaked through.

The duo stared at the ice thin arrows that were in front of their necks, a few more inches and it would penetrate their necks. Cold sweat ran down their backs. Even with their rushed defenses, these arrows passed through so easily.

Their small bout attracted the attention of the people around. The fact that only Klaus managed to defeat the duo and step on the platform after being attacked by both showed his strength.

Just like him, the duo were still in the Seventh stage. This was not a life or death battle, but he had already shown he was stronger.

“Thank you for letting me fight first.” Klaus said with a soft smile before turning around.

Grey has already told him the usual process taken, and even without him, he could learn from those on the other platforms.

Those on the other platforms challenged their opponents, with one challenging the person ranked fiftieth.

‘I should’ve challenged that person first.’ Klaus thought jokingly.

When the man in charge of the platform he was on asked who he was challenging, he told him his opponent.

“I’m sorry, but that person just went through a battle and would need at least a thirty minutes break before fighting again.” The man said.

“Oh, then whoever is forty then.” Klaus said.

The man nodded before turning around. He called out for the person ranked fortieth, and a young man walked out from the crowd, stepping onto the platform.

“A battle of Water Elementalists, who do you think would win?”

A conversation broke out in the stands when they saw this young man. Klaus had showcased a bit of his power, so everyone knew he was a Water Elementalist or at least has the water element. This young man was a Water Elementalist as well.

“We’ll find out soon enough.”


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