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Chapter 662 – Strange River

“So, what are we looking at here?” Klaus asked as they ventured into the forest.

They had been walking for almost one hour now and Grey still hadn’t found what he was searching for. If not for the fact that he could see the Marsh Rat with his eyes, he might’ve fallen into depression when he had to think of how they would leave here once again.

“I don’t know, it’s a strange feeling I’m getting.” Grey replied with uncertainty, but he didn’t want to give up on this.

The last time something like this happened was when he was in the trial land, when he felt something like a calling from a rock which sent him to another space. The feeling was almost identical to that one, so he was a bit hopeful he would get something good.

Klaus sighed, but still followed behind him, it wasn’t like there was anything he could do. If this was a normal forest, then they could just wait and let Grey go and his adventure on his own.

After another hour, Klaus froze and hastily turned to look in one direction.

“Sense something?” Grey asked.

He could feel that whatever he was sensing should be around this area, and if Klaus was feeling it as well, it would make things easier.

“I think so.” Klaus replied, a little uncertain.

“Well then, lead the way.” Grey said. He couldn’t sense it properly, and since Klaus suddenly started sensing it as well, it might be the same thing, and from Klaus’ expression, what he sensed was close by.

Klaus didn’t say anything and took the lead, heading in the direction he was staring at. Grey followed closely behind as he looked in all directions.

After a while, they started to hear the sound of running water. The sound was something they hadn’t heard of before. Without a doubt, it was the sound of water, but it felt as if a mountain was moving through it. The sound was louder and seemed very powerful.

The group soon caught sight of an unbelievable scene, the running water they could clearly hear from over one hundred meters away was so small they blinked repeatedly.

The width of where the water was flowing through wasn’t more than an inch, however, they were unable to determine its length.

“Okay, this is just weird.” Reynolds said.

“How could something so small create such a loud sound? I almost thought it was an ocean.” Alice spoke what was on her mind when she saw the tiny river.

They thought maybe they were being deceived and a larger river was around somewhere, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t find any.

“There’s something strange about this water.” Grey squinted his eyes.

Klaus also furrowed his brows as he stared at the running river, without a thought, he placed a finger into it. It was at this moment he knew this was by no means a normal river.

He hastily retreated, but when he turned around, he realized within two seconds of placing his finger in the water, it dragged him along with the flow of the river. Presently, he was almost three meters away from the others.

Grey had a stunned expression when he was what just happened. Klaus’ feet were dragged along the ground by the powerful force.

“Stay away from the river.” He said to the others. When he turned around, he noticed he was the only one standing close to the river.

‘They didn’t even call me along.’ He complained internally.

Even Klaus was no where near the water, giving it a considerable distance. He was still trying to analyze what happened a few seconds ago, but staying away from the water for now was the best thing.

“Put your hand, you have a tougher body.” Klaus suggested while looking from almost thirty meters away.

Grey didn’t reply, he focused his gaze on Klaus’ finger, and from how Klaus was holding it, he was sure it didn’t break, but the bone might’ve cracked.

‘Just what is this water?’ He questioned curiously before creating an earth wall, trying to block the path of the water.


He heard a cracking sound, and the path of the river opened up, the wall didn’t even form any sort of resistance, it was breached the second the water came in contact with it.

Grey was shocked beyond words. He had seen how the water easily moved Klaus, but the earth wall he made a few seconds ago was stronger than Klaus physically, so it would’ve been able to form at least some sort of resistance.

Grey created another rock, but stronger this time and he placed it in the water, just like before, the water passed through it, quite easily even.

‘This is the strongest defensive rock I can make. Does this mean that this water can easily break my defense?’ Grey was shaken by the thought of this.

Grey brought out one of the elemental items he had with him. Surprisingly, he managed to obtain a specially crafted chalice, well, Void did, but it doesn’t matter, it’s with him now.

The chalice was extremely tough, Grey had been criticizing the person who created it since he obtained it. Who would make a chalice this tough? It was something that was made for drinking, yet a psychopath turned it into a strange item.

Grey had zero knowledge of what it was used for.

When Grey brought out the chalice, Void’s eyes bulged out.

“I thought you said you lost it?” He questioned.

“I did.” Grey replied with a blank expression.

“Then what’s on your hand?” Void asked while staring at Grey.

This was a precious chalice that had jewels embedded on the side. It was made from silver, an amazing and shiny item. Void was the one who found it, but Grey took it when he saw how strange it was.

“I made a new one from that one’s remain.” Grey walked closer to the river as he replied.

Void’s lips twitched repeatedly, and his whiskers were moving in all directions. He almost wanted to strangle Grey at this moment.

Grey paid no heed to his expression as he bent down to place the chalice on the river.


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