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Chapter 651 – A New Beginning

Time went by in the blink of an eye and one month went by.

Alice and Reynolds were still not back yet, while Blake accompanied Delia to her family.

A change could be felt across the entire continent, and even the normal citizens could sense it as well. They were entering a new time, and today was the start of it.

This was the day the new Emperor of the entire Azure Continent was going to be crowned, and it was none other than the Second Prince old man Gerald brought over to see Chris the day after the great battle.

Old man Gerald was a decisive person, so after getting approval from Chris, he immediately started to arrange for the coronation of the Second Prince. He traveled to the Azure, Stellar, and Blue Wind Empires to speak with the Princes there. Even though he could forcibly unify the entire continent, he didn’t want to do it that way.

The Second Prince accompanied him on the journey to speak with the other Princes. Initially, the Second Prince brought the idea that in each generation, an Emperor would be chosen from one of the Royal families of the four empires. But old man Gerald rebutted the idea, the reason was simple, it would cause conflict.

They might agree to it now and things might go smoothly, but there is bound to be conflict in the future between the families. Power is an intoxicating thing, once one gets the feeling of it, they wouldn’t want to lose it.

Old man Gerald placed all the Princes from the other empires in a counsel. Each of the Crown Prince would be in charge of governing their empire just like before, but the Qilin Empire was the ruler and reports must be given to them.

Since it was a new beginning, the name of the continent was changed. It was no longer called the Azure Continent, instead, it was called the Novus Continent. The name was taken from the leading empire which had changed names from the Qilin Empire to Novus Empire which meant ‘New’.

Chris and the others were all invited to the special occasion. Chris originally rejected the invitation, but Oliver was adamant they went there because they were the reasons the other empires weren’t fighting against the Second Prince and peacefully letting him ascend the throne. Especially Chris since he was publicly recognized as the strongest person on the continent.

Blake and Delia would be coming there as well. Then there’s also Alice and her family. Reynolds said he might be coming with his family as well.

When they got to the Arena at the Capital, it was already jam-packed, but the second they were recognized, they attracted all the attention in the arena to themselves. They were all famous individuals, so it was natural that they were easily recognized.

Klaus wore a lofty expression betraying the indifferent look the others wore. Old man Gerald welcomed them, directing them to their special seats.

After a few minutes, the event started. The families of Alice, Reynolds, and even Delia were specially recognized. They were given positions at the top, and even the new Emperor had to respect them.

Alice’s family was big, so even though they were overwhelmed by their new status, they managed to control it. Reynolds’ family which consisted of only three individuals, were shaken.

This was their first time coming to the Capital, yet they were treated with such respect.

When the event ended, old man Gerald announced that he was officially the new leader of the Lenz organization. He was part of the family, so being given the position of leader was not a surprise.

It was as if being friends with Chris and Grey was starting to bring its benefits.

Reynolds moved his family to the Capital, so he spent a little longer before he returned to the group. Alice’s family didn’t move since they were already used to living in Frost City. The same went for Delia’s family as well.

Chris had been teaching Grey all he knew, increasing Grey’s knowledge of arrays. His inscriptions were upgraded to a new form. Now, he could place an attack inside a talisman. It was like getting an already prepared attack.

Chris gave tons of stored attacks to Klaus. He knew his nephew’s personality, and he would definitely need this. The thought of visiting the Aurora Continent came to him, but he couldn’t leave Oliver in this state. The old man was the most powerful person he had seen, and he was certain that if anyone could help his friend, it was none other than the old man.

Blake and Delia would be coming with him as well, only Grey and his friends would be going to the Aurora Continent on their own. Since Grey had gone there before, he knew how to survive there.

Klaus had broken through to the Sixth stage of the Overlord Plane while they had been in the valley. The same as Grey, he broke through a week earlier than Grey did. Reynolds had broken through to the Third stage of the Overlord Plane while Alice had gotten to the Third stage, on her way to breaking through to the Fourth stage.

Reynolds was the one with the weakest cultivation stage individually, but they all knew other than Grey, none of the others could fight against him because of his Elemental Warrior.

On this particular day.

Grey and Klaus were sparring under the watch of Chris and the others.

Klaus’ abilities with ice had gone to another level, even Grey had to be watchful of it.

Their battle was intense, but Grey was victorious in the end.

Seeing Grey use the space element, Chris squinted his eyes.

‘Hmm, so this is his secret. I wonder how his friends would react if they found out. He must’ve told them by now,’ He thought to himself.

There was no way he didn’t understand what was happening. When Grey took the first test, he was present, and now, Grey suddenly got two more elements. Of course, he knew it must be the result of a rare treasure.


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