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Chapter 634 – Trouble

Grey and his friends were a little stunned when they heard this. They never thought someone would come up with a plan like this. It was ingenious given all of them wanted the same thing, and that was to extract the cores of these four individuals.

Since there was no way for one of the empires to lay their hands on all four, why not share it amongst themselves.

The old men from the Qilin Empire exchanged glances, clearly deliberating the matter. They weren’t the only ones thinking deeply about it. The other two empires were as well.

If they shared the individuals, then they wouldn’t need to go on an all-out war. Of course, the Blue Wind and Qilin Empire had suffered from the small time they were pressured for holding Grey and his friends, or someone close to them.

“So, what do you all say? This is a good bargain from how I see it.” The Emperor of the Blue Wind Empire said.

The other three Emperors exchanged glances before nodding their heads.

“Good, since we’ve agreed on it, we should take one of them and leave,” The Emperor of the Blue Wind Empire said with a smile.

“We’ll take Grey,”

All four Emperors said at the same time.

They all turned to look at one another after finding out they said the same thing. Of Grey and his friends, he was the most important one. The reason for this was simple: he was the one reported to have obtained the Great Earth Essence Liquid, and not his friends.

There is a possibility that he might’ve shared it with his friends, but they didn’t know if it happened. After all, the person who gave the news said the same thing as Grey, which was that a terrifying power resided in the place where the treasure was and if not for escaping quickly, they would’ve died.

So even if Grey managed to acquire the Great Earth Essence Liquid, it might just be one which he had consumed. Besides, of his friends, he was the one who had made the most improvement.

Grey’s expression was odd, he didn’t think all four empires would be fighting over him.

Klaus and Reynolds on the other hand were feeling a little wronged. If they were given the chance to speak up, they would definitely ask if the Emperors didn’t have eyes, and weren’t seeing them.

If Grey and Alice were to find out what was in the mind of Klaus and Reynolds, they would certainly beat them up. In a situation like this, how could they be thinking of wanting to ask the Emperors if they weren’t seeing them? A normal person wouldn’t even want to be seen in a situation like this since it didn’t spell anything good for them, yet these two were upset because they were neglected.

‘Void, things aren’t looking good. What happened with the spatial tunnel?’ Grey asked Void telepathically.

‘It was forcefully destroyed. Stay close to me, I’ll try to open up another spatial tunnel,’ Void replied.

Grey followed his instruction and drew closer to the others. Of course he didn’t forget to hold onto the Crown Prince. Jason might become a useful bargaining chip for him if they couldn’t teleport away.

The Emperor of the Qilin Empire will never agree to lose his beloved son. So there might still be a chance for the group to turn this around.

Void opened a spatial tunnel just as the Emperors were speaking about who would keep Grey.

The group stepped into it, disappearing from view.

This scene stunned the Emperors, as well as the other Sage Plane Elementalists to their core. Right in front of their eyes, their targets seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

However, just as Grey and his group disappeared, a tear appeared in the sky over five hundred meters away and their figures were forced out of the fissure.

A powerful lightning attack exploded after them, but Grey and Void managed to team up to block the attack. But the impact sent them somersaulting through the air.

They quickly regained their balance, and hurriedly looked in the direction of the crack.

A dried figure slowly stepped out of the crack, staring at Grey and his friends. But they could see that its eyes were empty. This was obviously one of the corpses of the necromancers.

‘They have a Sage Plane Space Elementalist,’ Void reported with a solemn look.

Grey’s expression turned serious, and even he felt a sense of hopelessness when he took a glance at their adversary.

This corpse was not only in the Sage Plane, but it also had the only element they could rely on to escape. It was as if they were bound to be stopped by it.

On the side of the Qilin Empire’s group.

“Who is that?” The old man who was an Emperor amongst the twins asked, stunned by what he just witnessed.

He could slightly sense the aura of space element, so he knew whoever that person was, they had managed to gain the ability he coveted.

“That’s not a living person. It’s a corpse,” The Fire Elementalist who went with Jason to apprehend Grey and his friends said to the old man.

He had fought against these corpses before, so seeing it from a distance, he could tell what it was.

The Sage Plane experts from the other empires looked at the crack in the sky in shock. What they found more astonishing was that a human figure actually walked out of it.

They would’ve never been able to find Grey and his friends if not for this person. Unsurprisingly, after studying the figure for a while, they realized there was something odd about it.

Thinking up to the point, everyone rushed over. The only people who didn’t have any reactions to the appearance of this figure were the black cloaked group, and the Emperor of the Blue Wind Empire.

The only thing that gave him a little surprise was the space element he wasn’t aware of, other than that, he already knew the corpses.


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