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Chapter 612 – A One In A Million Puppet

“That’s because you’re going to die soon,” A small child-like voice came from behind the duo.

“Huh? Who said that?” The cloaked man Grey disconnected from the corpse was shocked.

Necromancers have one of the best perceptions there is, so it was almost impossible for someone to sneak up on them. Yet, they could hear a voice, and it was that of a child as well.

“It’s me, your death,” Void replied.

Before the duo even saw him, he attacked.


He was already a Peak Rank Five Magical Beast, and even amongst others in the same stage, he was well above them. These necromancers who were weaker than an ordinary Eighth stage Overlord Plane Elementalist stood no chance against him.

The attack sent the duo flying, crashing into the tree they stood on.

They coughed out a mouthful of blood before exchanging glances. After the attack, they saw who attacked them. A small black cat.

“You must be connected to that kid, he’s the only one who knows where I’m located,” The cloaked man said.

“Blah blah blah, just die already,” Void mocked before attacking once again.

Swoosh! Bang!

The duo used a combined effort to block the attack, but it still pushed them back.

Without wasting any time, a coffin soon appeared in front of each of them, and a figure walked out. Unlike the rest ones, this corpse had no flesh, it was all bones. But the other coffin was a little more interesting, instead of a human walking out, a Magical Beast was what actually walked out, and it was at the Peak of the Overlord Plane.

“Damn! I never knew you guys did it to magical beasts as well. You have desecrated my kind, and it will not end well for you,” Void said coldly before attacking.

This time, he wasn’t holding anything back. Seeing a magical beast being controlled after its death infuriated him.

The dead beast was also from the cat family, a large blue tiger that stood over two meters tall.

Bang! Boom!

The battle soon intensified with the addition of the skeleton and the magical beast.

The two necromancers stood behind them, making sure to protect themselves from Void who seemed hellbent on killing them in the most brutal way, especially the one who was controlling the magical beast’s corpse.

“Contact the others, tell them we have a problem,” The cloaked man Grey interrupted his control of the corpse said to the other one.

“Alright,” The man nodded before taking out an item from his storage ring.


Back in the town.

After Grey managed to sever the connection, he was still a little shocked it worked. But since it had already worked out, there was no use in thinking about it, he quickly moved to the one Alice and Instructor Delia were fighting against.

Just like before, as soon as his black tendrils wrapped themselves around the corpses, they shrieked loudly before they stopped moving.

“I have a way to stop them, but it will be only for a while. However, I don’t know if I can do the same for those in the Sage Plane,” Grey told the others about his recent discovery.

“Just do it, so you guys can escape,” The Principal said.

Grey nodded before going after the one that was with Klaus and Reynolds, when he was done with that, he faced the one that was with Instructor Blake.

At the time he was done, the first two he severed their connections were starting to regain themselves again.

He hurriedly rushed towards them and did the same thing.

“Try to destroy them,” He said to the others.


“Way ahead of you,” Klaus said after he attacked.

His attack soon died down and nothing happened to the corpse, not even a scratch.

“What’s going on?” He asked, stunned.

“I don’t know,” Grey replied while trying to once again stop the other corpses from being controlled.

They attacked the motionless corpses once again, but they were unable to damage them.

“Fine, that’s how you want to play huh?” Grey said before bringing out one of the storage rings in his possession and keeping all five corpses inside.

Since he couldn’t destroy them, he would hide them in a storage ring.

“Leave,” The Principal said after he pushed back one of the Sage Plane corpses.

“Okay sir,” The group nodded, but just as they were about to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going to?” A shrill voice asked, accompanied by a dark fog that raced towards Grey.

“Oh no,” Everyone’s heart sank.

Grey was at the forefront of the group, and before any of them could react, this black fog was already in front of him.

Grey, seeing something appearing in front of him out of nowhere, hastily rose a firewall in front of him to block whatever was coming his way.

The black fog went past the firewall before a dried hand was stretched out from it, trying to drag Grey inside.

Grey’s instincts kicked in, thanks to his heightened senses and physical speed after consuming the Dragon’s blood essence, he dodged the hand.

What shocked everyone was that he not only dodged it, but he grabbed onto it with both hands and pulled whoever or whatever was inside.

“Ah!” With a powerful yell, he was able to yank the figure out of the black fog.


He slammed the figure to the ground repeatedly, before letting go.

“Such a powerful physique, you would be a one in a million puppet once I’m done refining you,” The figure stood up as if nothing happened before saying.

The figure was standing around five foot five and was covered in a large black cloak.

“What are you doing here?” Grey asked coldly.

“I can say the same for you. You clearly look like a genius, so you will be well taken care of in one of those big factions. But to come across someone like you here it’s truly a blessing to me,” The figure said, chuckling lightly.

Now that the figure was out of the fog, the group could distinguish the figure’s voice, and it seemed to be that of a female.


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