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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 606: Unknown Danger Bahasa Indonesia

“We should head back to the Qilin Empire, it is the safest place for us now,” The Principal said.

The others agreed to his words, after all, staying in the Blue Wind Empire was a little bit too risky.

“Alright, we’ll be going straight to the waterfall in that town,” Grey stood up to say.

“There’s a way we can get there instantly?” The Principal asked.

Even though he heard of Grey and the others speaking about it, he still found it to be absurd. How could one just appear in another location instantaneously? It just doesn’t seem plausible.

“Yeah, stand back,” Grey nodded before he stepped forward.

He soon started to make an array, quickly drawing the lines in the cave. Within a few minutes, he was done.

Given their numbers, it would take quite a lot of stones to teleport them back to the Qilin Empire.

Grey brought out hundreds of essence stones before placing around fifty in eight different positions in the array.

When he was done with that, he told the others to stand in the array. Klaus and his friends stepped in without hesitation, the Principal, Blake, and Delia had some doubts in their hearts but still stepped in any way.

Grey did some hand seals and the array lit up, the group was covered by a bright white light before they suddenly vanished from the position.

The lights of the array died down, as well as the array lines. Whenever Grey makes these arrays, he always makes sure that only when they are under use can they be seen.


Qilin Empire.

In a town close to the borders.

At the waterfall.

An array suddenly appeared on the ground, before lighting up. Grey and his friends soon appeared after the light died down.

“Wow! Impressive!” Klaus and Alice exclaimed.

This was the first time they were using this array, and seeing how fast it made traveling seem, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

The Principal exchanged glances with Blake and Delia, completely blown away.

Reynolds was the only one who had a normal expression, he even stared at Klaus as if he was looking at a villager.

“How’s this possible?” The Principal couldn’t hold in his curiosity any longer.

“It’s the same as the array used in going into the trail land. I picked up a thing or two about it while I was there,” Grey hid the existence of the space element from the Principal.

“That’s something else, learning something like this just from using the array once. You’re truly a genius,” The Principal praised.

Grey smiled softly without replying.

After staying at the place for a while, they decided to head back to the town. There was an apartment the Principal was staying in when he was here.


Blue Wind Empire.

The Capital City, in the castle.

The moment Grey and the others teleported from the cave to the Qilin Empire, some figures sitting in a dark room stood up in shock.

“How’s this possible?” One of the figures covered with a cloak asked as he stared at the light dot on the table which was on the other end of the table.

The dot went from one place to another in a matter of seconds, and given the distance, it was impossible for anyone, even those in the Sage Plane to move that quickly.

“Is this for real?” Another person asked.

After the sudden quick movement, the current movement of the light dot showed that it was still working perfectly.

“There’s a way they moved from our empire to the Qilin Empire in an instant. This will be a problem if they can do it again when surrounded,” An old croaked voice said.

“Let’s find a way to get there first,” Someone else said.

“The Qilin Empire is really pushing it, once we get those boys, they will all be sorry,” A young voice said with gritted teeth.

The people finally agreed on what to do before leaving the secret room. The light dot they were monitoring was something like a tracking device Grey made, but it was a little bit different.

From their conversation, it was easy to see that the person they were tracking was none other than Instructor Blake and Delia.


Qilin Empire.

Back at the town.

The group had gotten to the house the Principal brought them to. According to their plan, they would hide here for now, getting information from old man Gerald.

Once things settle down, then they would head to the Aurora Continent. Given the present growth of the youths, in a year or two, they should be able to break through to the Sage Plane. As long as they don’t die, then they would be able to move freely in the continent without fear of being attacked by anyone. If they wanted, they could even get revenge on all the people that caused trouble for them.


The next day.

Grey and the Principal were still inside the house, getting updates from old man Gerald. According to him, a small-scale battle broke out yesterday, but it was quickly stopped.

But from how things were going, a greater battle will take place today or tomorrow. There was no way for them to sit and talk about the situation.

The Qilin Empire demanded the Instructors, but the Blue Wind Empire told them they didn’t know the whereabouts of the Instructors. Even after getting confirmation, the Qilin Empire refused to accept it.

They felt since the Blue Wind Empire could capture them, then of course they could easily keep them hostage. Their escape might just be a pretense to get the others off their backs, making them feel as if they didn’t have them, whereas, they already have them locked in a dungeon.

The group all felt relaxed, thankful for Grey’s splendid work. Being able to take them from the Blue Wind Empire without a hitch, they didn’t even have to worry about encountering anyone.

As things stand, all they had to do was wait out the war before going to a more secluded place and living for a few years there.

Alice suggested they left now, but the Principal felt given the movements of the troops, they might be noticed. After all, they were at the borders of the empire, not too far away from where the battle would take place.

There was no way anyone would believe that they were this close to where the battle was taking place.


Two days went by in a flash.

The battle had already started, with casualties on all sides. The Stellar Empire had also sent troops to the other side of the Blue Wind Empire, trying to make a pincer attack with the aid of the Qilin Empire. However, the Azure Empire stepped out as well, rushing to the aid of the Blue Wind Empire.

The battle was currently in a stalemate, but this was because the Sage Plane Elementalists hadn’t gotten involved yet. In respects to Sage Plane Elementalists, the Azure Empire is said to have more given their old history.

The Qilin Empire is said to be on almost the same level as them, but only when the battles start will they know who is stronger.

Old man Gerald was constantly giving the group updates on the battlefield which has helped them. The Principal knew old man Gerald, but he wasn’t really close to him. After asking about the relationship between the duo, he found out it was all because of Chris who was still missing.

The whereabouts of Chris has been giving him a headache for a while now. It has been over a year now since he left, yet there has been no news from him whatsoever. Even with the war going on, there was still no news of him.

The thought of Chris actually being in the Aurora Continent started to dawn on him.

It would not be a bad idea to go there since according to Grey it was a good place for them to grow stronger. It is said to be even faster than the trial land, and the Principal was tempted by it.


The battlefield.

The Blue Wind Empire’s camp.

In one of the tents.

Eight figures could be seen sitting in a round table. Five of them were wearing black cloaks that covered their faces, while the other three wore white clothes. Of the three, one of them was a youth in his early twenties, one was in his mid thirties, while the last was a well built middle-aged man with long beards.

“How are things going?” The middle-aged man asked.

“We’ve been unable to get into the Qilin Empire. Their Sage Plane Elementalists are vigilant, and we’ve not been given the chance to go through,” One of the cloaked men replied.

“It’s okay, just keep monitoring their positions. And make sure you don’t alert the others, we can’t have the Azure Empire finding out about this,” The middle-aged man ordered.

The cloaked men bowed before leaving the tent, leaving the other three alone.


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