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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 599: You Had So Much Fun! Bahasa Indonesia

“I knew you can never change,” Alice said after seeing Reynolds’ condition.

“It’s who I am,” Klaus replied with a grin.

Grey stared at the water for some time, and to Void’s dismay, he appeared above it. Just like Reynolds, he was quickly sucked in by a powerful energy. Even when he tried resisting it, he was still dragged in.

Void was on his shoulder, and before he could react, he too was also dragged in. The duo soon came out of the water, covered in the gooey liquid.

Grey dragged Void with him as they stepped under the waterfall. Klaus, who was previously blocking the water from hitting him, had already stopped after being touched by Reynolds.

Alice facepalmed when she saw this, “How does the brain of boys even work?”

Grey was the most serious and thoughtful person amongst the three boys, yet, here he was, jumping in a gooey liquid that stinks.

“It works in ways you can not comprehend,” Klaus replied while smacking the back of Grey as he burst out laughing.

Reynolds joined in as well.

Grey shook his head with a light smile. The only reason he tried it was to see what the Principal did. The small time he spent trying to resist the array has given him a small knowledge of the array the Principal made, but he still isn’t aware of what the gooey substance was made of.

“Where have you been all this while?” Klaus turned to Grey and questioned.

“Alright, since we’re all here now, I guess it’s time I told you all. I went to another continent,” Grey said.

There was no use in trying to keep it to himself any longer.

“Another continent? There’s another continent?” Klaus asked, shocked.

Alice perked her ears when she heard this. This was her first time hearing of this, and unlike Klaus, Grey wouldn’t joke with a thing like this.

“Yeah, remember when I was trying to heal Void?” Grey asked.

The trio nodded.

“Well, I encountered someone in the Magical Beasts’ forest. He should be around five years older than us, but he’s already in the Mid stages of the Sage Plane…” Grey went on to tell them about his first encounter with Ellis.

He also added the part where Ellis pretended he was very weak so he could get help. And just as he expected, he saw Klaus whispering something to Reynolds about keeping notes so they could do this in the future.

They were left in awe when Grey told them about his experiences while traveling in the Aurora Continent. When they heard of how he dominated the Origin Plane rankings in the Aurora Continent, they all felt sad since they were unable to partake in it, especially Alice who enjoyed fighting.

Klaus and Reynolds enjoyed the part of the story when Grey was traveling with Sylvia. He also told them about Necromancers, and the thought of fighting against corpses freaked Alice out.

“We have to go there,” Klaus concluded when Grey was done with his story.

“Yeah, it will take tons of essence stones. Luckily, I’m not short on that,” Grey said, before adding with a smile, “Did I tell you of the part where I helped Ellis fight against a bandit group?”

“Damn it! You had so much fun,” Klaus said with a sad face.

“Yeah, and almost died more times than I can count,” Grey added.

“I forgot to tell you,” Reynolds suddenly stood up.

“What?” Klaus’ facial expression turned dull, he could already hear the excitement in Reynolds’ voice, so he knew it was something fun that he missed out on once again.

“We barged into a wedding…” Reynolds started to talk about the battle at Frost City Mayor’s manor.

“Damn it, stop, stop,” Klaus tried to close his mouth when he heard of how they stopped the wedding and started fighting against the Instructors.

Grey and Alice laughed out loud when they saw his look.

They stayed there a little while longer with Grey and the boys sitting under the waterfall and Alice sitting below a tree not far from the water.

Grey took them out of the boulder with the space element, he still wasn’t confident in being able to resist the energy from the array the Principal made. Even though he might have more knowledge on arrays compared to the Principal, he had lesser experience.

Klaus almost hugged the ground when he finally left the boulder. He had been stuck for so many days that he lost count. The Principal made sure it was impossible to leave the place, well, without the space element that is. Going in was easy, leaving was another case. But with the space element, it was not even a challenge.

Grey and the boys were already all dried up. Amongst the trio, Grey was the one who let the water crash into his body more, this was possible due to his strong physique.

Void was already out of there, sitting on Alice’s lap after he removed the gooey substance from his body.

They didn’t stay close to the waterfall any longer, opting to go over to meet the Principal. Void was able to easily locate him, so they didn’t have to search.

“How come your communication device is with the Principal?” Grey couldn’t help but ask.

“Well, he didn’t want me distracted, so he took it, as well as the other one,” Klaus explained.

“Oh, okay. You’re already in the Fourth stage of the Overlord Plane,” Grey said.

“Yeah, thanks to my diligent training, I broke through two days ago,” Klaus said proudly.

“Diligent? The Principal had to force you to train,” Reynolds mocked from the back.

“What do you mean? I trained on my own,” Klaus retorted.

“You want to fight?” Reynolds poked him at the back, trying to provoke him.

“It’s been so long we last saw, if I were to beat you up today it would feel like I’m bullying you,” Klaus scoffed.

It was like he was stronger than everyone in the group.

“Will you die if you don’t brag?” Alice asked with a shake of her head.

“Most likely,” Klaus and Reynolds replied simultaneously, before bursting into laughter.


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