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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 592: They’re Getting Away Bahasa Indonesia


Grey swung his hand, and a giant hand made of earth appeared in the sky and smacked the Mayor into the ground as if he was a fly.


The Mayor crashed into the ground, causing a crater that was almost ten meters deep. The Mayor’s body didn’t stop after crashing into the ground, it created a hole in the shape of his body and went drilled deeper due to the force from the smack.


The Mayor burst out with lightning surrounding his body as he charged towards Grey. With a few hand seals, a lightning bird appeared and flew towards Grey. The power of the bird was on another level compared to his previous attacks.

All this while, he had been fighting with the intent of capturing Grey and his friends, but now, he was fighting to kill. He couldn’t afford to allow Grey to live.

“Futile efforts,” Grey smiled before raising his right hand.

At the tip of his index finger, a small black and blue orb that was around the size of a finger appeared, he stretched his hand above his head, and the size of the orb suddenly swelled. It went from the size of a finger to the size of a human head.

It flew off Grey’s hand, charging towards the lightning bird.


The two attacks collided, and a powerful wave spread out in all directions, accompanied by a terrifying blast.

Reynolds, Alice, old man Gerald, Donald, Diluc, Sasha, and everyone else on the battlefield were affected by the attack. Some of the weaker ones were even sent flying.

“Grey, do you plan on killing us as well? Take this higher!” Reynolds’ voice could be heard from inside the explosion.

The bright light from the explosion didn’t die down immediately, and it could be seen from every single inch of Frost City.

The other big families who were contemplating if they should join the Mayor to fight against Grey slowly started to retreat. This was a battle they couldn’t win. Grey was showing strength they had never seen before, and it scared them.

A few seconds later, the light died down, and the result of the explosion appeared before Grey.

Within a one kilometer radius, there was not a single building that was standing. They were all in ruins.

‘*Sigh* This is why I don’t like fighting in cities. There just might be collateral damage,’ Grey furrowed his brows when he looked at the result of his attack.

The Mayor was standing mid-air, staring at Grey.

“Don’t worry, I’ve moved everyone away from this area,”

A voice suddenly came from the side. It was none other than Jonas. When he saw how intense the battle was getting, he quickly told the others to help him tell everyone around a three kilometers radius to evacuate the area. Before they even got there, some smart people had already started leaving the city in general.

“Oh, now I won’t feel too bad,” Grey replied with a nod.

He was feeling a little sad because of the thought of some innocent bystander getting caught in his attack, but since there was no one, he felt a sense of relief.

“Why don’t we take this higher?” He turned to the Mayor.

The Mayor looked at the impact caused by the collision between their attacks before nodding his head. He had been the Mayor of Frost City for so long, and he had already grown a little attached to it. It would be a shame that his battle would be the cause of its destruction.

“Okay, but before I go,” Grey suddenly flickered twice.

It was as if his body was going between ethereal and physical form. A moment it was as if he was disappearing, then the next it would seem as if he was in his physical state.

But the Mayor knew Grey was no longer there.

‘An afterimage,’ The Mayor thought to himself.

How fast is he that he could create such an afterimage?

This was the thought in the head of the Mayor.

He wasn’t the only one who was stunned by this, old man Gerald, Diluc, Donald, and everyone else watching was asking the same question as well.

A few seconds later.

“Alright, let’s go,” Grey said.

His body hadn’t dissolved completely when he appeared again.

The Mayor’s heart suddenly sank when a thought crossed through his head, with a quick glance, he was able to confirm his thought.

All the Early stage Overlord Plane Elementalists that were fighting against Alice and Reynolds were almost completely wiped out. The Mid stage Overlord Plane Instructors were all wiped out.

There were around five surviving Early stage Instructors left, and the only reason Grey left them alive was so that Reynolds and Alice could fight.


“We’re enemies, there’s no need in being sympathetic towards them. An enemy is an enemy, there’s no way to change it at this point. Although I know they’re only following the Emperor’s orders, it still doesn’t change the fact that they’ve become my enemy. The day they decided to capture me and my friends because of the Emperor’s greedy desires was the day they cemented their deaths,” Grey cut short the Mayor and said.

The Mayor looked at him for a while before flying higher into the sky.

Just as Grey was about to follow behind him, he heard Reynolds’ voice.

“What?! Who killed them! It must be Grey. Damn it! And I could’ve taken them on by myself,” Reynolds exclaimed when he saw that there were only five surviving Instructors.

Alice rolled her eyes when she heard this, “You know what, why don’t you take on these guys on your own since you’re so powerful?”

“And have all the fun on my own? Of course not, I want you to train as well,” Reynolds replied instantly.

“Uhmm, Rey,” Alice called.

“Yeah?” Reynolds asked.

“They’re getting away,” Alice pointed at the Instructors flying away.

“Shit! Get them,” Reynolds went after the Instructors.

Alice chuckled before following behind him.

But they weren’t under any pressure since they know that all the threats around them have been neutralized.. If they let these Instructors go, it still wouldn’t change how things would end.


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