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The first two Instructors took a step back unconsciously, they had an immense sense of danger just by staring at Grey, and they felt if they stared at him for too long, then they might lose their lives without him even lifting a finger.

“Scared? Well, it’s natural given what’s about to happen to you,” Grey smiled softly, but confidently before taking a step forward.

When everyone saw him raising his foot, they paused, as if what happened before was about to continue.

But just as Grey’s foot was about to touch the ground, his figure vanished from where he was standing.


It was followed with a loud and, and everyone turned to look at the source of the noise.

Lying in front of Prince Casper was the male Instructor from the Starlight Academy who mocked Grey at the start.

Other than those at the Late and Peak stages of the Overlord Plane, no one else knew what happened. It happened too fast for them to keep up with.

“Hmm, weaker than normal,” Grey squinted his eyes while lightly moving the fingers on his right hand.

He was standing among the Instructors, but none of them dared to make a move on him.

He tilted his head to the side to stare at the female Instructor who mocked him as well, and she started retreating while shaking from fear.

Grey vanished once again, but this time, the other Instructors didn’t stand by and watch, they surrounded the female Instructor since they knew she was his target.

Bam! Bang!

Grey once again appeared in the middle of the encirclement, and the female Instructor crashed at the front of Prince Casper.

Even with the protection of six Mid stage Overlord Plane Elementalists, Grey easily attacked who he wanted so freely as if they didn’t exist.

“You, surrender now and I’ll forget that you almost ruined my wedding,” Prince Casper walked past the motionless bodies of the two Instructors and ordered Grey.

“Heh! Still using the almost? The wedding is called off, now take your trashy self and get the hell out of here!” Alice stepped forward, answering before Grey could.

“Yeah, you and these weak oldies,” Reynolds added while looking at the Instructors in contempt.

“I’ll say this once again, surrender now, and I’ll forget that you almost ruined my wedding,” Prince Casper said, not taking Alice or Reynolds’ words to heart.

“Looks like you have a problem with your hearing. Since it’s like that, I’ll make things clearer for you,” Grey nodded to Reynolds before he spread out both hands.

Reynolds, already understanding what Grey wanted, sent the Elemental Warrior to stand in front of him, ready to attack at any moment.

The Instructors who surrounded Grey went into high alert when they saw him spreading his arms. He had already easily taken down someone who was on the same level as them, so they knew all too well that individually, none of them was a match for him. Their best bet now was to group together.

However, their greatest problem was figuring out how to deal with Grey’s mysterious movement. He would disappear without a trace, only to appear at any place he wants with no one being able to stop him. With an ability like that, he could easily stroll anywhere and leave without any fear.

Now they all knew why he confidently came here to stop the wedding without any fears.

Old man Gerald had set up a defensive field in front of his family, and the crowd behind him to protect them from the battle that would ensue any moment from now. He was quite curious as to the true strength of Grey.

The remaining Mid stage Instructors, as well as those in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane from the Academies, stepped forward, numbering around forty-three in total.

Alice prepared herself for battle while Void relaxed on her shoulder, no one here could fight against him, so he was the most carefree person here, after him was Grey since he could use the Fusion State to boost his strength to the Peak of the Overlord Plane, easily defeating everyone here.

Even if a Peak Overlord Plane Elementalist comes here right now, he still wouldn’t be bothered.

The Late stage Overlord Plane Instructor stepped in front of Prince Casper, his motive was clear, to protect the prince from any of Grey’s underhanded attacks. Even though he still didn’t know how Grey was moving, he was confident in his abilities.

From his perspective, the only reason Grey was able to easily incapacitate the two Instructors even under the protection of the others was that he took them by surprise. But now that they knew of his strange movement technique, then they could find a way to stop it or defend against it at the very least.

“Take them down,” The Late stage Overlord Plane Instructor gave the command for the others to attack.

Without any more words, attacks soon flew around the hall, heading in Alice, Reynolds, and Grey’s direction.

Grey, who was surrounded by six Mid stage Overlord Plane Instructors didn’t panic, with his hands still spread apart, a powerful gale pushed the attacks and the Instructors back, sending two of them flying.

Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior raised a lightning shield in front of him, easily blocking most of the attacks while slashing apart the other attacks.

Alice used the same method as Grey, sending out a powerful lightning ball that exploded, as well as raising a fire wall in front of her to block the attacks coming her way.

Boom! Bang!

Grey continued his attack, going after the two Instructors who were mid-air, just as he was about to deal a fatal blow, he realized they seemed familiar.

He looked at the insignia on their clothes and noticed it belonged to the Lunar Academy. These two Instructors were some of the ones that stayed even after the Principal left.

Grey shook his head before kicking the duo.

Bang! Bang!

They crashed on the ground, knocked out cold.

The only reason they were still alive was that he felt killing them was a tad too cruel, after all, they stayed in the same Academy for a few years.

“Anyone from the Lunar Academy, I’ll advise you to stay out of this, if not, I won’t be so lenient on anyone I don’t recognize,” Grey said softly, but his voice spread across the entire hall.


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