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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 577: Powerful Fire Elementalist Bahasa Indonesia

Bang! Boom!

The man was once again sent flying, crashing into three trees, breaking through them in the process before finally stopping after hitting a boulder.

Grey took a step and appeared in front of the weakened man.

The man stared at Grey in dread, it was as if he was looking at his death.

“Don’t take it personal, we were just on different sides. You’d do the same if you were in my shoes,” Grey said as a ball of darkness appeared above his hand that was raised above him.

As he brought his hand down, the ball of darkness engulfed the man.

“Ah…” The man screamed in horror as the darkness element started to eat away his flesh.

Swoosh! Bang!

A powerful force suddenly rotated around the man before the darkness element that was covering him was forcefully pushed aside.

Grey, who had already turned around, was taken aback before turning to look at the position where the man was standing.

‘Gone? Not on my watch,’ He sneered before vanishing.


Three kilometers away from where the fight was previously ongoing.

A dark figure could be seen flying through the air with unprecedented speed. It was the man who was fighting against Grey. He used a special technique that greatly boosted his strength and speed, but he didn’t dare to stay and fight, instead, he opted to escape.

To him, this was the best course of action. First of all, he didn’t know the true extent of Grey’s strength, and from what he had experienced, he didn’t want to.

While he was flying, a fire covered boulder suddenly appeared in front of him, crashing in his direction. He evaded it easily, but his expression changed when he saw more rain down from the sky.

It was then that he heard the voice that he dreaded so much.

“You’re quite impressive,” Grey said while standing mid-air.

Being complimented by a youth he could easily give birth to someone his age infuriated and embarrassed him.

“What do you want?” He asked.

Presently, he was even willing to beg, as long as Grey let him go alive.

“Your life,” Grey’s answer was short and concise.

“Damn you! If you think you can kill me, then you have something else coming,” The man exclaimed angrily before burning in anger.

His strength suddenly increased tremendously, and Grey’s expression turned serious for the first time. The man’s current state was different from how he previously was. He was burning his life force to increase his strength.

With an increase in his strength, the man quickly destroyed Grey’s Meteor Descent, breaking apart all the rocks as he charged towards Grey.

Grey readied himself as he attacked once again with the fire element.

Boom! Bang!

They traded blows, and it was a tie. Unlike how Grey had been having the upper hand, now, they were standing on equal footing.

The man was exhilarated when he noticed this and he quickly increased the intensity of his attacks, attacking more fiercely and widely.

Grey was pushed back for the first time, but he was still as calm as usual, not making any careless moves.

The man continued attacking fiercely, but unfortunately for him, even with his advantage, he still hasn’t been able to even touch a hair on Grey’s body.

His expression suddenly changed when Grey disappeared and he attacked his right, but his eyes widened even further when he didn’t find anyone there.

The reason he attacked his right was that after Grey disappeared, he sensed some energy here, however, he was wrong, Grey was standing in front of him.


Grey’s fist connected to his chest, sending him crashing towards the ground as his internal injuries were aggravated once again by the person who caused them.


He slammed into the ground, with the shockwave from when he slammed into the ground spreading across a five hundred meters mark around them, destroying most of the trees.

This goes to show how powerful Grey’s punch was.

Grey appeared in front of the man, and without even waiting, he attacked with a huge fireball that caused a massive explosion.

When the explosion died down, there was no sign of the man. Grey was certain that the man was there when he attacked, so there was almost no chance of him escaping from the attack.

With a small nod, he headed back to where Reynolds and Void were resting.



Reynolds and Void felt a powerful wind brush against them from the direction Grey and the man were fighting, and they could even see the large explosion Grey’s attack caused.

“Wow! I can’t believe he has already grown so powerful. I need to step up,” Reynolds commented when he saw the explosion.

“No worries, if you went to the place he had been, you would’ve grown stronger than your current state,” Void consoled him.

“Huh? Where did he go?” Reynolds couldn’t help but ask.

“He’ll tell you when he comes back,” Void replied.

Grey soon appeared before them, “That took longer than expected,”

“Is he dead?” Reynolds asked.

“Most likely,” Grey replied.

Reynolds was sitting in a crossed leg position, trying to recover from the battle.

“Okay, we should find a good spot for you to recover,” Grey said before walking into the forest.

Reynolds stood up from his sitting position and followed behind him.

A few hours after they left.

Six men appeared mid-air, staring at the effect of Grey’s battle with the man.

“Who do you think did this?” One of the men asked.

“It must’ve been someone from the Qilin Empire, to think one of their strongest individuals came out,” Another one deduced.

“A powerful Fire Elementalist, we need to increase our vigilance,” The first man said.

The six men went to the first place the battle started and seeing the corpses there, they felt it was most likely done by powerful Elementalists.

“I heard one of those youths was coming in this direction, do you think he has been caught?” Someone asked.

“With the appearance of a powerful figure like this, that’s most likely the case,” One of the men said.


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