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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 574: Reynolds’ Plan Bahasa Indonesia

“Damn it, can’t they just let me recover?” Reynolds complained while gulping down a bottle of tonic.

“Crap! Why don’t they make these things sweet?” He complained before tossing the vial away, irritated by his current situation.

He prepared himself while wiping the blood that was on the side of his mouth from the previous battle.

He stayed in the cave for as long as he could so he could recover some more before stepping out. Staying inside the cave wouldn’t be good for him.

When he stepped outside, he saw three men standing mid-air.

“Hmph! Just come with us calmly,” The man in the middle said coldly. His hands were behind him.

“Why don’t you fight me one on one if you know you’re powerful?” Reynolds demanded coldly, annoyed by the people standing in front of him.

“Heh! I’m not a child, boy, surrender peacefully, and I’ll plead with the Emperor to make sure it doesn’t hurt when you’re being killed,” The man smirked.

He knew the strength of Reynolds’ Elemental Warrior, if he dared to fight against it on his own, he would lose without a shadow of a doubt. Not just that, but he might be killed as well.

“This is the Azure Empire’s territory, if you dare make any moves, we’ll kill you,” A yell was heard from behind Reynolds.

Reynolds heaved a sigh when he heard this. The reason he made sure his escape route wasn’t hidden was so that he could use the people from the Azure Empire to stop the group chasing after him.

His relief soon turned to disbelief when he sensed the stages of the people who came forward. Only one of them was in the Overlord Plane, and he was even in the Early stages.

“Are you for real? You couldn’t come with someone more powerful?” Reynolds yelled at the group as they came closer.

Before they could reply, the group from the Qilin empire attacked, not giving them any chances.

Reynolds was forced to help them defend against the group from the Azure Empire.

Even though these people came here for the same purpose as those who chased him, he couldn’t let them die, they were currently his only hope of survival. Joining them to fight against this group was better than fighting against the group alone.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

The battle raged on, with the people in the Origin Plane being quickly killed off from the ranks of the Elementalists from the Azure Empire. Now, only the man in the Overlord Plane was left alive. If not for Reynolds’ intervention, he would’ve been killed on numerous occasions.

Reynolds was at a loss for words, he didn’t know if these people came to help him, or if they came to cause him more harm. Technically, they did come to cause him harm, but in the current situation, they were more like a drag to him.

In order to keep the man alive, he had been injured again, further weakening him. His Elemental Warrior was keeping the man in the Fifth stage at bay, while he and the man from the Azure Empire were fighting against the two men in the Early stages of the Overlord Plane.

He was not at his best, so he couldn’t handle one of them on his own like he previously did, and the man from the Azure Empire was making things a little bit more difficult. However, he still helped on some occasions, else Reynolds would’ve found an opportunity to kill him.

“Why are you even here?” Reynolds asked angrily when he saw how things were going.

“To take you to our Emperor,” The man replied, even though he was being pushed back.

“Well you’re doing a really shitty job I must say,” Reynolds commented, frustrated by the man’s lack of strength.

How could someone in the Overlord Plane be so weak?

“Haha, is this the reason you came all this way, to get help from these fools?” The man fighting against the Elemental Warrior soon realized why Reynolds had been running in this direction.

They had been on Reynolds’ trail for over a month now, and it was only until recently that he started to move in this direction. And unlike how he previously hid, this time, he came out in the open so people could know his whereabouts. It was only after these people came out did he finally understand his reasoning.

“Seems like you’re not so dumb after all,” The man commented.

“Thank you, I can almost say the same for you,” Reynolds replied.

The man was stunned by Reynolds’ reply, but he quickly kept his temper in check. He had traded blows with Reynolds for a while now, and he knew just how annoying he could be.

According to what he heard, compared to Klaus, Reynolds was a little bit better. Klaus had been said to make one of his pursuers so furious that the man was prepared to forgo the Emperor’s order and kill him there and then. Unfortunately for him, it was the cause of his downfall as Klaus capitalized on it.

Boom! Bam!

The man focused on the Elemental Warrior once again, not daring to slack.

Reynolds was fighting hard, protecting himself, as well as the man from the Azure Empire, but his injuries were worsening as time went on.

If things continued like this, then he would truly be captured.


A wind blade slashed the man from the Azure Empire, sending him flying.

The man crashed into the ground heavily while coughing out a mouthful of blood, on his stomach was a large gash with blood rushing out of it.

Reynolds turned to look at the man, but he quickly covered his body with lightning as he tried to dash into the woods.

Things had gone from bad to worse, he couldn’t stay there any longer.

“Heh! You think you can escape from us?” One of the duo fighting against him smirked as they ran towards him.

Reynolds suddenly made a quick turn mid-air, attacking the person closest to him with a powerful lightning spear.


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