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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 568: Thoma’s Warning Bahasa Indonesia

With Grey taken away by the Elder, only the important members of the O’Brien family were left.

Thoma looked around before walking inside, Ellis behind him, accompanied by everyone else. Claude’s face was portraying an array of mixed emotions, not sure of what to do now that Thoma was actually healthy again.

He originally thought the control of the family would rest on him with Thoma out of the way, but now, everything has changed. What’s worse is that he had mistreated Thoma’s last surviving child, almost sending him to his doom a couple of times. Using the excuse of him being the cause of Thoma’s illness as an excuse for the other Elders and also to make him grow stronger.

Of course, not all the Elders agreed to this, but he had managed to win the majority of the Elders to his side, so he was successful with his plans.


O’Brien family hall.

Thoma was sitting on the seat in the middle, the Elders and Claude sitting by his side. Discussing the events that occurred in the family since his absence.

“Claude, did you really have to go this far?” Thoma asked.

“They were reneging from their promise, if we don’t show them who’s boss, they will soon start defying us,” Claude replied.

“Using force will never get you anywhere, didn’t father teach you that?” Thoma shook his head at his brother’s behavior.

“What did you expect me to do? Watch them as they continue expanding and not give us the full payment as usual?” Claude stood up from his seat.

“We’ve been allies with them for a while now, even though they’re weaker, it doesn’t mean you should step on them if they fail to make a payment,” Thoma explained.

“There are times where action is needed for a relationship to hold. Talking can’t fix everything,” Claude said.

This was what he hated the most about his brother, he was always looking for a peaceful way out of everything. That only shows how weak he actually is.

“*Sigh* I know of this too, but you’re always too rash with your decisions. Fine forget about it, I’ll head there to see them personally,” Thoma sighed while looking at his brother.

They continued speaking about other matters before he brought them all back to the matter of Ellis, his expression was different compared to when he was speaking about the other matters.

“Alright, so why did you all try to kill my son?” He asked, his eyes dark.

“No one tried to kill him, we only sent him out on missions to help train him,” Claude defended himself.

“Hmm, I wonder why you didn’t do the same for Gill. Since that’s the case, I’ll be sending Gill out for a little experimental training as well,” Thoma narrowed his eyes.

Since Claude was trying to hide behind this excuse, then he too would do the same.

Claude’s reaction was just as expected, anger was written all over his face, “What do you mean send Gill out for an experimental training?”

“Ellis isn’t the only member of the family, Gill is as well. It will be a shame if because of all the training you put Ellis through, he would be far stronger than Gill. I want Gill to be strong as well,” Thoma answered nonchalantly.

“I’ll not allow it,” Claude hit the armrest of the chair he was sitting on.

“You have no say in this,” Thoma said calmly.

“Brother, do not provoke me,” Claude threatened.

“*Sigh* You’re still not seeing the pattern here?” Thoma shook his head.

“Because of you, there’s a rift in the family, brothers fighting brothers. Do you think the family will retain its prestigious name if it takes this road? How many families have fallen due to conflict? Too many to count,” He added while standing up.

“Together we stand, divided and we will fall. Why do you think the Vaergahl family dared to impose on us? Because they know of the divide in the family. Stop being a moron and think properly. You say you have the family’s best interest at heart, then why are you destroying it?” Thoma walked towards Claude as he asked multiple questions.

His words resounded clearly in the entire hall, and most of the Elders who were on Claude’s side bent their heads in shame. It was true, a divided family could be easily taken apart. It has happened in history so many times, and even till now, it’s still happening.

Families fighting against each other, slowly dividing the power that once made them great.

“You’re my brother, and I will never do anything that will harm you. But this is your last warning, if you ever do anything that will jeopardize the unity of this family again, then I will personally end you,” Thoma said, his aura oppressive. He turned to look at everyone in the hall, “This goes to all of you as well, I will not accept this again,”

The Thoma currently speaking wasn’t the same as the one who was speaking about the issue of some other family, it was the family head of the O’Brien family, one of the largest families in the Southern Continent. He might look weak, but they all knew how scary he was when he was angry.

Claude gritted his teeth angrily, but he refrained from speaking back. With heads bowed, he apologized, something that Thoma, nor the Elders expected.

“Hmm, it’s good that you know what’s more important. Don’t think too much about it. We’re still one family, together to the end,” Thoma patted his brother on the shoulder before walking out of the hall.

Ellis quickly followed behind him, impressed by his father’s show of strength.


Thoma’s room.

As soon as Thoma walked into the room, he started coughing seriously, with his hands across his mouth.

Ellis suddenly opened the door, “Father you were…”

He paused mid-sentence, looking at his father’s pale face, and the blood dripping from the side of his mouth.

His eyes widened as he rushed towards him, “Father, what’s wrong?”

Thoma continued coughing for a few more seconds before he managed to reply with a faint smile, “I pushed myself too hard, don’t worry about it.”


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