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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 536: How’s This Possible? Bahasa Indonesia

Grey didn’t know why Sylvia asked about the Northern Continent. Since he had already been able to clarify why she was training him, he was satisfied.

He still didn’t know if he would be able to participate in the competition, and for now, he wasn’t thinking about it. There are more important things to worry about, like the mark for example.

Because of the mark, he knew staying outside a city would endanger him. Since he was still with Sylvia, he could stay in the woods and train, but as soon as he was alone, he would try his best to always stay in cities.

He hadn’t been able to create an array that had been able to seal off the aura that the mark released, so he was still worried about it.

When Sylvia knew Grey could sense the aura, she was left dumbstruck. This was something that even the head of her family wouldn’t be able to sense, and he was at the top of the world when it came to strength, yet Grey, who has had almost zero interactions with necromancers is able to.

Grey just keeps giving her new surprises every day, making her resolve grow stronger in convincing him to participate in the competition. If Grey were to train in that secret realm for two years, it was unimaginable how far his strength would grow.

They didn’t stay in the woods for long since they had a mission. There were still three continents before they left the Eastern Continent, and Sylvia not only wanted Grey to fight against the top geniuses, but she also wanted to make sure he broke through to the Overlord Plane within this time frame.

According to her estimation, it would take them a month to leave the Eastern Continent. The reason their journey was faster was that she decided to carry Grey, flying from one location to another.

Three days later.

They located Grey’s first opponent in this new region, it was the Elementalist ranked first in the Origin Plane geniuses rankings. Grey defeated him within two minutes, easily taking the top spot.

On the tablets region-wide, a new name appeared on the first spot, Grey Dawson, pushing the previous first place Elementalist to the second spot.

When he was done with that challenge, they went to search for his next challenge, the individual ranked Fifteenth in the Early stage Overlord Plane geniuses rankings.

They found the person within a day, and just like before, a new name appeared on the rankings tablet region-wide, and to the shock of everyone, it was the same name as the one who was currently holding the first position in the Origin Plane rankings.

After they were done with that, they headed straight for the next region. With the help of Sylvia, and teleportation arrays, it took them a little over a week to cross an entire region, while searching for the geniuses to fight against. Their speed was shocking to Grey, given how long they used in crossing the Acer region.

Within this time period, Grey had been training furiously, literally. Sylvia was putting him through a series of training that even for someone like him who enjoyed training, he almost broke down. The only issue they had was that he had unexpectedly been unable to break through to the Overlord Plane, even with Sylvia’s help.

Grey had also been working on the array, and he hadn’t been able to get anything so far, but he had feeling he wasn’t far from gaining a breakthrough in his research.

They soon entered the next continent, and just like before, their first target was the genius ranked first in the Origin Plane rankings, unfortunately, the genius when out on an adventure, seeking to break through to the Overlord Plane. With the first person not available, Grey opted to discard the positions in the Origin Plane ranking, choosing to challenge someone in the top twenty of the Early stage Overlord Plane rankings.

This region was above the Gale and Acer region, so the geniuses here were stronger than them. But it didn’t stop Grey from challenging the person ranked fifteenth, and winning.

The battle was one of the hardest battles he had gone through for a long time, and he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy the thrill of it.

Twelve days later.

Deep in a forest in the middle of the night.

“We will enter the Polaris region soon. The geniuses here aren’t like those you’ve been fighting against. Since this is a border region between two continents, it’s far stronger compared to the others. Most of the geniuses here have elemental grade above the violet grade, so even those at the Peak of the Origin Plane would be no pushovers,” Sylvia said to Grey who was sitting crossed leg.

“Of course, they wouldn’t be much of a problem for you,” She added.

“Hmm,” Grey nodded, staring at the sky.

“Why can’t you break through to the Overlord Plane?” Sylvia suddenly asked.

She had been helping him for a while now, but he still hadn’t been able to.

Grey smiled before looking at her, he shrugged and said, “I have no idea,”

“Why are you so nonchalant about it?” Sylvia asked, not impressed with his carefree attitude.

“Since I can’t break through now, why mull over it for too long?” Grey asked.

Sylvia shook her head when she heard his question, deciding to let him be.

Grey went deeper into the woods to train after she went to sleep.

The next morning.

“You got stronger?!” Sylvia exclaimed when Grey came back to their camp site.

“Oh, why did you say that?” Grey asked.

“Your aura is different from yesterday night. It almost seems like you are in the Overlord Plane, but you aren’t,” Sylvia replied with her hands on her chin.

“I didn’t take note,” Grey said.

“But I still don’t understand something, why are you getting stronger when you’ve not broken through?” Sylvia asked, stumped by what she was seeing.

She already thought Grey was very powerful in the Origin Plane, and he actually went out for the night to train and got stronger. How could she not be surprised?

Grey’s lips curved into a smile, but he didn’t answer her question.


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