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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 528: Fighting Confidently Bahasa Indonesia

Grey didn’t head to the stage with thirty people there, the reason was that there were four Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists there, and from what he sensed, they wouldn’t be easy to deal with. Not just that, but the four of them seemed to be on good terms, so there’s the possibility of them working together.

With that stage out of the list, he was left with the other two. One of these two had seven Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists, while the other had six. According to the supervisor, eight people would qualify from this set, while only four from the group of thirty.

Grey surprisingly picked the stage where seven Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists were standing. When the fighters saw him walking in, they all hardened their gazes. If they were ever told that an Origin Plane Elementalist would be able to make them this serious while they were in the Overlord Plane, they would never have believed the person.

With everything set, all that was left was for the supervisor to call for the start of the battles.

The man in charge looked around, after confirming the numbers, he nodded.


Boom! Bam!

Attacks flew all around as soon as he called out for the fight to start. Everyone here wanted to qualify, especially after managing to pass the first round.

The number of Origin Plane Elementalists in this group was three, Grey and two others. When the battle started, one of them was quickly eliminated. He was unfortunate enough to be standing close to the Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists and was eliminated by one of them.

A Second stage Overlord Plane Elementalists attacked Grey since he was the one closest to him.

Grey dodged the attack with lightning dancing across his body, and the person behind him was struck by the attack, sending him flying.

He countered, shooting a ball of flame towards the youth who attacked him.

The young man was a Water Elementalist, seeing the fireballs coming towards him, he quickly raised an ice wall in front of him to block it.


The attack slammed into the ice wall, but it wasn’t the only thing that did.

Cracks appeared on both sides of the ice wall. The one on the front was caused by Grey’s fireball, the one on the back was caused when the young man slammed into the wall.

He fell to the ground weakly right after, and behind him was Grey who had a nonchalant look.

After he saw the young man setting up a defensive wall, he simply teleported to his back, punching him into the ice wall.

Grey grabbed the unconscious youth, tossing him out of the stage as if he was weightless.

While Grey was tossing the young man out of the stage, he was attacked from behind by a young lady in the First stage of the Overlord Plane.

Grey had always been a cautious person, so there was no way he wouldn’t be alert while eliminating the young man.

He sidestepped, and the attack of the young lady hit the young man who was still mid-air, inflicting heavy injuries on him while also increasing the speed of his movement.


The young man crashed into the ground, bleeding from different parts of his body.

Grey on the other hand had already engaged the young lady who thought she could catch him unaware.

Within a few moves, he tossed her out of the stage as well.

When he was done with her, he went on to the next target.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

The battles in the stages raged on, with multiple people being eliminated as time went on.

One of the greatest shocks in the battles was the elimination of one of the Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists, he was eliminated by a young lady in the First stage of the Overlord Plane.

A series of misfortunes was what brought about his elimination, but the young lady played a big part in it.

The first stage currently had only five Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists, which boosted the morale of those in that stage. The second stage which Grey was fighting in still had all seven Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists, the same thing with the last stage which still had all four of them.

Grey had eliminated five people since the start of the battle, and other than the young lady in the First stage, the other four had all been Second stage Overlord Plane Elementalists.

These people were weaker when compared to those top Second stage Overlord Plane Elementalists Grey fought against at the Gale region, so he didn’t have any problems in dealing with them.

After almost ten minutes of fighting, there were only fifteen people left on the stage Grey was standing on. Six of them were in the Third stage of the Overlord Plane, eight were in the Second, and then there is Grey, an Origin Plane Elementalist.

The stage was no longer crowded, so they could all pick a fight against an individual without worrying about getting into another fight. Of course, this didn’t mean that they would be careless.

One of the Third stage Overlord Plane Elementalists walked in Grey’s direction. He was a Fire Elementalist with amber hair.

“I would like to test the strength of the number one genius in the Origin Plane,” The young man said humbly.

Grey nodded, after all, he wasn’t picky with his opponents.

The young man bowed, before attacking Grey with a stream of fire.

Grey dodged the stream of fire, before sending out an attack of his own. The young man sent out an attack towards Grey’s attack.


Their attacks collided, causing a huge explosion.

After seeing the duo engage in a fight, the others started to fight as well. They couldn’t just sit by and watch.

With fifteen people left, seven people had to be eliminated before they could stop fighting. Grey didn’t care who those seven people were, as long as he qualified for the next round, he was satisfied.


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