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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 513: Knowledge Of Elemental Grades Bahasa Indonesia

“The teleportation array is broken, if you want to go across the border, then you’ll have to go on foot,” A middle-aged man said to Grey and Sylvia when they got to where the array was located.

“Hmm, alright,” Grey nodded before turning around.

Although it was a bit of a hassle, they had no problems with going on foot. Besides, moving with arrays over the past few days has been very expensive. Luckily, they were super rich from their heist, so it didn’t bother them.

Void stole countless essence stones, weapons, treasures, herbs, and lots more. Sylvia had already divided the resources between the three of them. She took forty percent, which came as a surprise to Grey. Given how she was bullying him, he thought she would take at least fifty percent or so.

Void took almost every single shiny item from the loot, some were powerful treasures, while others were just antics. Grey mainly took the essence stones which were vital to their travels, as well as books that spoke about arrays, forge mastering, and the rest.

Multiple scrolls had some techniques on them, but only a few caught his eye. He hadn’t started practicing them though since he was still learning others.

But he felt that the most vital thing he had was the book which spoke on elemental grades. He still didn’t know about all the elemental grades, until now.

From his previous knowledge, he was aware of five, adding the cyan grade, which made it six. But he didn’t know how high it was. In the book, he found out there were a total of nine elemental grades, namely; pink, orange, purple, blue, violet, red, cyan, yellow, and emerald elemental grades.

There is a rumor about there being a tenth elemental grade, black and white. It was said that there have been cases of people who had either black or white elemental grades over the years, and they always grow to be more powerful compared to others. They were both regarded at the same level since it was unknown which of them was stronger.


Roar! Boom!

A faint roar was accompanied by a stream of fire which sent a group of men flying.

“Why are you being so lenient, kill them already,” Sylvia said when she saw the power of Grey’s attack.

“I’m working on my techniques,” Grey replied, before dashing towards the group of five who were trying to get back up.

“Please lord, this is all a misunderstanding, we won’t bother you again,” One of the men quickly got to his knees when they saw the extent of Grey’s powers.

Grey squinted his eyes, studying the group. He had never been the type who would kill others on a whim, this group were people who had malicious intentions towards them. The only reason they were still alive was that he was using them to polish his skills.

He didn’t say a word to the group, attacking immediately. The group consisted of five men, three were in the Third stage of the Overlord Plane, while the other two were in the First and Second stage respectively.

When they saw Grey and Sylvia, they thought they would be easy targets to rob, hence they didn’t hold back when threatening them. It was only after Grey took action did they know it was the mistake of their lives.

Swoosh! Bang!

Grey’s figure vanished, appearing beside the man in the First stage. He sent out a punch with his right fist which was covered in flames.

Crash! Boom!

The man was sent flying, bouncing off the ground, before crashing into a tree.

When the others looked at the man, they realized he was twitching, a hole was on his chest. After a few seconds, his figure stopped moving altogether.

Their eyes enlarged, before they turned to look at Grey once again, horrified. They still thought they had a chance of escaping alive, only after this attack did they know Grey had no plans of letting them go.

“Spread out!” One of the men yelled before taking the lead.

The remaining three didn’t delay, all running in different directions.

‘Heh! This will only make my work easier,’ Grey’s lips curved upwards to form a smile.

With two fingers in front of him, he waved it quickly to draw an array mid-air. The array enlarged, turning into a large lightning bow. An arrow made from fire appeared on the bow, shooting rapidly at the escaping men.

Bang! Bang! Bam!

The speed of the arrow was unimaginable, attacking swiftly. It didn’t take long before all four men were incapacitated. Although they were not dead, they couldn’t stand up on their own.

Grey didn’t waste any more time, killing them quickly.

Void and Sylvia watched on from the side, each holding onto a piece of meat.

“Great, now we can eat in peace,” Sylvia said while chomping down on the meat in her hands.

“Yes, make sure to dispose of the bodies. Also, don’t forget to loot the bodies,” Void remarked, before pausing and adding, “You know what, why don’t I help you with disposing and looting of the bodies? You know you need to take a break after fighting,”

Grey looked at the shameless cat in front of him, and couldn’t help but shake his head. In the end, he let Void do whatever he wanted, it wasn’t like he was low on items anyway.

The big families from Ernst City were loaded with treasures. If not for the fact that he didn’t want to advance with the help of treasures, then he might’ve broken through some time ago.

Presently, he was working on his elemental grades, trying to improve all of them before he tries to break through to the Overlord Plane.

Unlike the previous Planes, breaking through to the Overlord Plane was a little more difficult. For the other Planes, what an Elementalist needs to break through was gathering as much elemental essence as they could, but in the aspect of the Overlord Plane, it required the Elementalist to gain a high understanding of their element.

The Elementalist would be reborn from their elements when breaking through. This is what gives them the ability to forcefully gain control of the elemental attacks of those weaker than them.


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