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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 489: Forced To Figh Bahasa Indonesia

“What… what just happened?” One of the two remaining men asked in shock.

“The same thing will happen to you if you don’t get out of my face soon enough,” The lady said coldly.

Grey and Void gave a thumbs up in their heads, the lady was so overbearing!

The man stared at the lady in terror, he couldn’t believe that she was the one who did this. One has to know that the person with him was a Sage Plane Elementalist, just like him. Even though they weren’t at the Peak of the Plane, it wouldn’t be easy for someone to incapacitate them with nothing but a look.

“Who… who are you?” The man stammered in fright.

If this lady were to be an Elemental Venerable, then they were toast. Offending a Venerable was no different from signing their death certificates, even the few Venerables in the city wouldn’t want to offend another Venerable just because of them.

“Get lost from my sight,” The lady said with an annoyed tone before turning to the guard who was blocking the gate to the mansion, “The same goes for you,”

The guard didn’t need a second reminder before he moved to the side as he couldn’t afford to offend this lioness who could kill him with a look. He wasn’t even nowhere as strong as the man who was almost killed with a gaze a few moments ago.

The two men, as well as the guard who brought them, stared as the lady swaggered into the compound, with Grey and Void in tow. Grey kept his head down, but Void was walking like a king which caused the lady to giggle as she watched him. It was difficult to hate Void, well, if you’re friends with him, that is.

The trio soon strolled into the compound, heading straight to the main building. Void was the one who was leading the group, a grin plastered on his face.

Grey had his usual nonchalant look, while the lady wore a smile.

The men told the guard to take the unconscious man back for treatment, while they followed behind Grey and his group. They couldn’t stop them, but at least if the lord of the mansion saw them behind the group, they would know they tried their best to stop these powerful strangers.

It didn’t take long before the group was noticed by those inside the mansion, and before they got to the door leading to the main building, a group of eight could be seen coming out of the building. Two old men with gray hairs dressed in black and blue respectively, three middle-aged men, a lady in her early twenties, and two ladies who looked to be in their early thirties.

The old men stared at the lady in apprehension, they could sense the aura she was doing nothing to hide, so they knew they weren’t a match for her.

“Milady, to what do we owe this visit?” The old man in black asked respectfully.

“Oh, sensible people,” The lady blurted out.

Her words angered the ladies in the other group, and the young lady from the mansion stepped forward.

“How rude! Do you know who we are?” The young lady asked, anger clearly evident in her tone.

“Shut up, when your elders are speaking, you should keep your mouth sealed so as not to incur the wrath of someone even your father wouldn’t want to offend,” The lady glanced at the young lady coldly.

This in turn annoyed the young lady even more, and just as she was about to continue speaking, the old man in blue stepped forward.

“Forgive her involvement, she has been spoilt from young, so she doesn’t know the norms,” The old man said gently.

He gave the young lady a stare which indicated that she shouldn’t involve herself in this.

“Since you people are not that bad, I’ll let it go,” The lady waved her hand nonchalantly.

The young lady gnashed her teeth angrily but managed to stop herself from speaking any further.

“Milady, you still haven’t answered our question, why are you here?” The old man in black asked.

“Oh that, there’s something here that we want,” The lady said calmly.

It was almost as if she was the one who dropped the item here and she wanted to collect her belonging.

“Something here that you want? I don’t recall ever seeing you here,” The old man in blue said.

“Can you by chance tell us what it is? Maybe there’s a misunderstanding,” The old man in black said.

“You’ll know when we’ve retrieved it,” The lady said.

The old men exchanged glances, staring at the middle-aged men as well. They could tell this person before them came to cause trouble with them, but what they didn’t understand was why.

This was their first time encountering this lady, so they haven’t offended her before. What was more annoying was that other than her, the two people with her were weaklings. Unfortunately, they weren’t confident that they could defeat her, even if they teamed up with the rest of the people in this mansion.

With a resigned look, they gave the nod to the lady, giving her permission to go ahead. Since she hasn’t made a move yet, it meant that she was at least trying to show them some respect.

“Void, lead the way,” The lady bent down, whispering into Void’s ear.

Void nodded happily, before walking towards the building.

Just as they were about to go in, the young lady stood in front of them.

“Grandpa, what’s the meaning of this? How can you let these strangers walk into our house so easily?” The young lady asked, not willing to let them in.

“Clara, step back, don’t make things difficult for your grandpa,” One of the middle-aged men reprimanded the young lady.

He had some resemblance with the old man in blue.

“Dad, who are these people? They didn’t even state their origin, yet they want to enter our house and take something so easily?” The lady refused to back down.

“Hmph! Noisy,” The lady snorted coldly.

After saying that, she suddenly did something that startled Grey who already had a look of someone who was being forced to go along with them, well, honestly, he was.

“Grey, deal with her,” The lady said pushing Grey forward.

Grey was shocked, not expecting something like this to happen.

“You can walk into the building and take whatever you want, why are you bringing me into this?” He quickly turned to complain to the lady.

“You’ve been lazying around since we met, Void has been the one doing all the hard work. Now, either you fight, or we leave you with them,” The lady threatened.

Grey was dumbstruck, it was almost as if they weren’t on the same side. He turned to look at Void who was finding it difficult to hold back his laugh.

“But… she’s in the Overlord Plane, I’m just an Origin Plane Elementalist,” He tried to use his lower Plane to get away from the battle.

It’s not that he was scared of fighting, it’s just that he wanted them to leave this place as soon as they could. It wouldn’t be nice if more people came here.

“Haha, you want this wimp to fight against me? I’ll kill him before he can even say ‘I admit defeat’,” Clara laughed out.

She was in the Second stage of the Overlord Plane, and no one below her stage has ever defeated her.

“See, she’s calling you a wimp, will you accept this?” The lady asked.

“If I say yes, can we go?” Grey asked.

“No,” The lady replied.

The group who came out from the mansion stared at Grey and the lady in confusion. They couldn’t see clearly that they weren’t in agreement with what was going on.

“From what I can see, the cat and the girl are in this together, that young man there is being forced,” The old man in black whispered to the other one.

The other man shrugged, not wanting to involve himself with these people. He had seen his fair share of crazy of the years, so this didn’t surprise him.

After a bout of argument, Grey was forced into a battle. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t say no since the lady threatened to beat him up and still allow Clara to beat him up as well.

“Here’s the deal, if you can beat him, we’ll leave without taking anything. But if you’re not, you’ll apologize for your behavior, and also pay us,” The lady said.

Before the old men could speak up, Clara nodded, “Deal,”

Her expression was one of someone who had utter confidence in himself.

Just before Grey started the battle.

“Impress me, maybe I’ll show you a thing or two in the lightning element,” The lady whispered.

Void jumped into her arms while Grey stepped forward, “He’ll win though,”

“Huh?” The lady looked at Void surprised.

“She can’t defeat him. If he goes all out, even two of her will find it almost impossible to defeat him,” Void said.

The lady glanced at Grey, finding it difficult to believe that someone in the Origin Plane could defeat someone in the Overlord Plane so easily. It’s not that she hasn’t seen it before, but from how Void spoke of Grey, it meant he was stronger than any one of those people she has heard of.


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