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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 479: Abyss Token Bahasa Indonesia

“He won,” The old man seated in the same area as the Abyss Faction said.

The representatives all nodded in approval, from the positioning of Grey’s next attacks, the young lady couldn’t block them.

“It’s over,” The man hosting the event said calmly before waving his hand to stop the attacks from reaching the young lady.

Grey, who was still mid-air, slowly floated down. He stared at the young lady for a while before bowing to show his appreciation.

“Thank you for sparring with me,” He said with gratitude evident in his voice.

“Why are you thanking me?” The young lady asked with a pout, a little annoyed that she lost to someone who was still in the Origin Plane.

“I had some sort of a breakthrough during the fight,” Grey replied with a smile.

“Oh,” The young lady didn’t speak any further, keeping her fans and heading back to the special area.

Grey didn’t stay in the arena any longer, he immediately headed towards the exit of the colosseum. He gained some insights on the space element while he was trying to dodge that attack. Although he tried to make it seem like it was the lightning element he used, he could tell that those in the Sage Plane knew he used the space element given the look the man hosting the event gave him.

‘Where are you going?’ Void’s voice echoed in Grey’s head.

‘I had a little breakthrough in the space element, I’m going back to ensure that I fully capitalize on it,’ Grey replied.

‘Okay,’ Void said, but he didn’t leave the colosseum, he stayed behind to watch the battles that would take place later on.


In the streets of Eagle City, Grey could be seen walking hurriedly towards the tavern he was staying in.

He suddenly paused to look behind him, and he saw someone wearing the uniform of the Abyss Faction walking towards him. The person was a young man who looked to be in his early twenties, and he wore a friendly smile on his face.

Grey didn’t sense any form of malice from him, so he guessed that he wasn’t here to harm him. But this didn’t stop him from raising his guard. His cautious nature just wouldn’t allow him to be free around people he didn’t know.

“Hello, can I have a moment?” The young man asked with a smile.

“Sure,” Grey nodded.

There was no need to be cold towards him since he was asking so politely. Besides, he couldn’t afford to make enemies here.

“Thank you, we should head to an Inn,” The young man suggested.

Grey thought about it for a while before deciding to follow the young man. He could cultivate later.

They soon found an Inn not too far from where they met.

“I believe you know why I’m here,” The young man went straight to the point.

He was sent here to try to recruit Grey. Even though they knew there is a high chance that he might be in a better Faction, they couldn’t take the risk of letting such a talent go.

“Oh that, I’m not really interested, to be honest, I’ll be leaving this place soon,” Grey replied calmly.

The only reason he tried the battle was so that he could test his strength. After the battle with the young lady, he knew there were places he needed to improve. And he was lucky enough to improve in his space element, so he was quite satisfied with the result of his battle.

“Hmm, I thought as much. Since that’s the case, we won’t disturb you. Here,” The young man handed a small token to him.

“With this, you can come or request help from the Abyss Faction as long as you’re in this region. Even though you can’t be one of us, we would like to extend a hand of friendship to you,” The young man explained after passing the token to Grey.

Grey accepted it, studied it properly. After making sure there wasn’t any type of tracking array or something like that inside, he kept it.

“It’s an honor to be friends with the Abyss Faction,” He said politely.

“If you have the chance someday, feel free to come to Abyss Mountain, you can find us there, and with this token, you’ll be able to enter,” The young man said.

“Alright, I sure will if I have the chance,” Grey replied.

“I’m Ray, you can say you’re searching for me if you’re stopped at the gate,” The young man said.

“Ray,” Grey muttered.

Hearing the name, it sounded identical to how they called Reynolds. He couldn’t help but think of his friends.

Seeing Grey looking a little lost, Ray tapped him on his shoulder, “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I just recalled something. Anyway, I’m Grey, Grey Dawson,” Grey stretched out his right hand.

The young man shook his hand with a smile.

While they were speaking, they ordered a cup of tea. The young man accompanied Grey a little longer, before leaving him.

Grey stayed in the Inn for a little longer before leaving with the second door. Although the young man was nice, he didn’t trust him. He felt he was too nice to him.

After leaving the Inn, he didn’t head directly to his tavern, instead, he wandered around the city for a little longer, trying to see if anyone was following him. Only after he was certain that no one was following him did he head back to the tavern.

He wanted to try to comprehend the space element once again. Not just that, but he also wanted to check the current elemental grade of the space element.

The space element had been in the purple grade since he comprehended it, and he hadn’t tried to improve it yet because he had been too focused on trying to heal Void.

The thought of trying to improve the elemental grade of the space element came to his mind when he noticed he couldn’t create a spatial tunnel here, unlike in the Azure continent.


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