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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 464: Refining An Overlord Plane Beast Core Bahasa Indonesia

Lapis City gate.

Grey walked out of the city gate but stopped when he saw a carriage waiting by the side. Even though he wasn’t familiar with the royal family, he still knew their family insignia.

‘Old man Gerald should be there as well,’ He thought to himself.

He originally wanted to see him so he could ask for some essence stones, but since he had already obtained some, he didn’t really see the need in meeting up with him anymore.

He turned around, walking in another direction so he wouldn’t be seen by old man Gerald.

Void soon appeared on his shoulder, a smug look on his face.

“Satisfied?” Grey asked as soon as Void appeared.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Void nodded.

“Where to now?” He asked while looking around.

“Back to the Magical Beasts’ forest, we’ll be leaving this place now,” Grey replied.

“Finally, a new challenge!” Void said happily.

“Yeah, just to be clear, they know of the space element, so you can’t do things willy-nilly,” Grey warned.

“That place must be awesome,” Void said excitedly.

“Why did you say so?” Grey asked curiously.

“Well, since they know about the space element already shows they’re better than this stupid place,” Void replied.

Grey couldn’t refute him, only the strength Ellis displayed had shown him the huge gap between this continent and that one. Not just the strength, but the knowledge as well as something others his age in this continent didn’t have.

“Alright, let’s go, we’ll speak with the others on the way,” Grey said before charging into the Magical Beasts’ forest.

He wanted to tell the others that he would be out of reach for the meantime since he wasn’t sure the communication device could connect given the distance. He also wanted to make sure the others wouldn’t be too worried about him.

Six hours later.

It took the duo only six hours to get to the location where the building was located. When Grey was passing by the spot where he was almost killed by the Jaguar the previous day, he couldn’t help but shudder, luckily, Void woke up in time.

When thinking of the Jaguar, he recalled its core was inside his storage ring. Void was able to somehow remove the core even though he killed the Jaguar with his attack. Being the good cat he was, Void sold the core to him at the expense of eight shiny things.

Grey couldn’t help but shake his head when he thought of how Void initially wanted ten thousand shiny things before he would give him the core.

The duo stood outside the area where the building was located. Grey was a little tense since he didn’t know if Void would be able to get through the array that was deterring magical beasts away. But to his surprise, Void didn’t even stop, just walking straight in.

‘Oh, there’s that, I really need to stop looking at him as if he’s a normal magical beast,’ He said to himself.

Void had proven countless times why Grey shouldn’t put him in the same category as the other magical beasts, yet he still repeats it every time.

“Why are you still standing there? Come on, let’s go,” Void turned around and looked at Grey curiously when he noticed he wasn’t moving.

“Did you feel anything stop you from going in?” Grey couldn’t help but ask.

“No, why did you ask?” Void shook his head.

“Oh, there’s an array here that deters magical beasts from going in,” Grey explained.

“That’s for low-leveled beasts, if a Dragon or even a Griffin come here, they can easily pass these things,” Void said, his voice oozing with disdain for the array.

Grey nodded before walking into the building, he planned to refine the core before heading to the new continent. He was still in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane. Although, this can be attributed to the fact that he hadn’t really cultivated since leaving the trail land.

He had only advanced in his stages because of comprehending a new element and also refining a treasure.

‘I’ve used too many treasures for my advancements, although it’s not good since it would make my foundation weak, comprehending new elements has been able to remove that disadvantage,’ He thought to himself while walking into the building.

He soon came to a decision that once he gets to the Overlord Plane, he would focus fully on cultivating without using any treasures, although he couldn’t really be too sure.

After getting into the building, he instantly sat down in a crossed leg position, taking out the black core, he swallowed it whole. This was the first time he was refining anything that had to do with the Overlord Plane, hence he didn’t carelessly try to refine the core in a single instance as he did with the cores of beasts in the Origin Plane.

As soon as the beast core entered his body, a rich and large amount of elemental essence erupted from it, spreading across his entire body. The intensity of the essence was so much that for a few seconds, Grey was scared thinking he bit more than he could chew. Luckily, his elemental beads started spinning quickly, before giving off a strange aura that was able to easily quell the spread of the essence.

The wild elemental essence was quickly tamed. It soon started following the right path, not daring to cause any problems in Grey’s body. Since the Jaguar was a Lightning and Darkness Dual Elementalist, it was filled with both elemental essence.

The essence separated into two parts, one flowing into his darkness elemental bead while the other headed straight for his lightning elemental bead.

‘It’s just like what happened when Alice’s dad tried to suppress me with his Overlord Plane aura,’ Grey thought when he sensed the aura his elemental beads spread out.

He knew this had to do with the orb he absorbed, but he still didn’t know anything about it.

Since he couldn’t come up with why this was happening, he decided to focus on advancing his stage.


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