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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 458: I Tried My Bes Bahasa Indonesia

Boom! Bang!

Grey’s figure shot through the forest, crashing into a tree. The force was so powerful that the tree broke in half.

‘Damn it! There’s no way I can get to the building on time,’ He thought as he struggled to stand up.

He couldn’t use the Fusion State since he needed some time to activate it. Unfortunately, the Jaguar didn’t have any plans in giving him.

As soon as stood up, the Jaguar appeared before him once again.

Roar! Boom!

It attacked ferociously once again.

On seeing the attack, Grey hastily set up a three defense wall in front of him, hoping to at least block the attack.

Bam! Bang! Boom!

The walls which were set up by three different elements were easily taken down by the attack. The claw attack continued moving towards Grey, slamming into his chest as it got to him.

A blue light glowed around his body, trying to stop the attack from reaching his main body.

Shring! Crack!

A ringing sound reverberated around Grey, followed by the sound of something cracking.

Grey was once again sent flying after only a few seconds.


He crashed into the ground, bouncing off a couple of times before finally stopping almost fifty meters away.

Although he was in pains, he hastily stood up. Staying on the ground would mean instant death once the Jaguar caught up with him. At least while standing he could block or even dodge some of its attacks.

Blood could be seen slowly dripping from the side of his mouth, a large injury which was caused by the claws of the Jaguar from its previous attack was on his chest. His robe was already almost completely destroyed.

The benefits of having a strong body was starting to show itself. Had Grey not had a strong physical body, then there was no way he would be able to stand up so quickly even after being injured strongly by the Jaguar.

‘The blue vest is broken,’ Grey thought when he recalled the ringing sound he heard previously.

If not for the blue vest, then he would have been more seriously injured, compared to his current state.

The Jaguar once again appeared before him, not giving him any time to think before it attacked him once again.

Grey hastily dodged to the left, but he was met by the Jaguar which had already appeared in that direction before he was even able to get to the spot he hoped to land.

He hastily changed his direction, blinking a few meters to the right, managing to dodge a surprise attack by the Jaguar.

The Jaguar didn’t give up, chasing after him once again. Given the speed it had, it was child’s play for it to catch up to Grey.


It attacked again, but Grey was able to narrowly escape the attack this time.

He continued running towards where the building was, hoping he would be able to get there before the Jaguar could finish him off.


He felt a stinging pain from his back, before being sent forward with a claw attack from the Jaguar once again.

Unlike the first time, there was no blue vest to block the attack for him, so felt the full brunt of the attack.

He spat out blood while still in the air.

Crash! Boom!

His figure slammed heavily into a rock, creating an almost eight meters deep crevice inside it.

He tried to get back on his feet like he previously did, but just as he managed to crawl out of the crevice, a black mass orb exploded in front of him, sending him flying once again.

Luckily, he reacted quickly, creating an earth armor to protect himself. He made sure to make the armor sturdier on the spots where his vitals were so that they wouldn’t be damaged from the attack.

This was the third time he was setting up an earth armor in the fight. And just like the previous times…

Crack… Bang!

The armor cracked after managing to block only a small portion of the attack.

Grey’s figure shot past the rock, coming out of the other end of the almost twenty meters wide rock.


His figure slammed into the ground heavily, bloodied and battered.

Grey spat out a mouthful of blood after managing to only get back to his knees. Pain was wracking every single inch of his body.

He was certain that a few of his ribs had been broken, and if things continued in this manner, he wasn’t sure how long his body would be able to hold. To get honest, he didn’t think he could withstand another one of the Jaguar’s attacks.

‘Damn it! How come this one is this far out. I thought the forest had returned to normal. How unlucky do I have to be to encounter this beast while it was sleeping?’ He questioned himself.

He couldn’t help it, he was starting to lose hope. This was a dire situation he rarely found himself in. In most of the times he was in such a situation, he would have a plan to be able to escape, but in this case, he could actually see the light fading.

‘Damn it, am I going to die here, not even being able to heal Void?’ He questioned himself, hating his weakness.

He hated feeling this way, hopeless.

While his thoughts were running rampantly, the Jaguar appeared in front of him again, slowly walking towards its fallen prey.

It didn’t immediately attack since it knew Grey wouldn’t be able to escape even if he wanted to.

Grey raised his head defiantly, to stare at the eyes of the Jaguar which wanted to kill him.

“Screw it! You must be joking if you think this is enough to kill me,” He muttered before jumping off the ground.

Contrary to his previous actions, he went for the Jaguar this time. Since escaping was impossible, then he would fight. He would fight to the very end.

There was no way he would accept defeat so easily. Even if the Jaguar kills him, he wanted to make sure it remembers this day for the rest of its life.


Not expecting it’s fallen prey to attack, the Jaguar didn’t react on time.

Grey punched it solidly on its head, pushing it back by a few meters.


With a burst of powerful fighting spirit, Grey started to rain down punches on the head of the Jaguar.

This time, he threw all caution to the wind. Attacking like a mad man. All his punches were enforced with five different elements. The water, earth, fire, lightning, and darkness.

Since he didn’t know any attacks from the space element, he didn’t use it, nor did he use the wind element since he felt it was too weak.

His bloodshot eyes would send terror into the eyes of anyone who sees them. Unfortunately, this state wouldn’t last for long. Grey, as well as the Jaguar, knew this very well.

The Jaguar tried attacking Grey, and although it was able to send him flying, it suffered a deadly attack to its neck.

With Grey not bothering to try to defend himself apart from his vitals, he could be regarded as a mad beast. Attacking freely without a care in the world.

When the Jaguar attacked him, it stopped defending, which gave Grey the opportunity to rain a few punches at it before he was sent flying.

As soon as he landed on the ground, he shot towards the Jaguar once again, chasing after it.

The adrenaline rush he was currently going through made him not feel a single pain from the attack of the Jaguar.

Seeing the oncoming Grey, the Jaguar decided it was best to play it safe by dodging the attacks.

It only dodged and blocked, not daring to attack Grey again after the outcome of the last time he tried it.

Grey started slowing down after only a minute of constant attack, pain spread out across his body, wrecking havoc.


He spat out a mouthful of blood when he tried throwing a punch at the Jaguar.

His vision was starting to blur, and he was already feeling weak on his knees. It was like his body had given up on him.

He was still very much willing to fight mentally, but physically, he was done. He couldn’t even raise his legs anymore, much less throw a punch.


He collapsed to his knees, not able to move forward anymore.

‘Is this the end?’ He thought to himself.

‘I thought it would be better than this, that I would be better than this,’ He couldn’t even shake his head when he tried to.

‘I’m sorry mom, dad, Void, Klaus, Rey, Alice, I really tried,’ He said to himself.

To be able to fight against a beast in the Overlord Plane without even using the Fusion State, this was him going far above his league.

He wanted to try to slowly merge his elemental beads so that he could heal himself after entering the Fusion State. But unfortunately, he couldn’t.


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