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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 450: Waiting For A Reaction Bahasa Indonesia

Two hours later.

Grey stepped out of the tent looking fresh. He didn’t take out a new robe since Jonas’ group would find it suspicious how he took out another robe when he didn’t even have a bag.

Jonas was sitting under a tree, accompanied by his friend as well as the young lady. The duo who didn’t like him was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t really too bothered about them. Even if they were to attack him, then they would just end up dying.

The trio who was sitting turned to look at him as he walked towards them.

“Looks like you’re fine now,” The young lady said.

“Yeah, almost as good as new,” Grey nodded before taking a seat close to them.

Jonas looked at Grey, stunned. He knew how Grey’s condition was since he was the one who carried him back to the tent, yet with just a night’s rest he was fine.

‘His recovery speed is insane! Could this be a product of some rare treasure?’ He asked himself while looking at Grey.

Grey, who sensed an intense gaze couldn’t help but look in the direction of the gaze, he made eye contact with Jonas who was still staring at him intensely.

“Uh… is anything wrong?” He asked.

Jonas snapped out of his dazed look with a shake of his head.

“No, I just recalled something,” He replied.

Grey nodded before standing up, “I’ll be leaving now, I have things to attend to. Thank you for your help,”

“It’s nothing, I’m only repaying a favour from the lady time,” Jonas replied.

Grey nodded and left. He didn’t stay there for long, he was in a hurry to check if Void would wake up after taking the liquid, so he didn’t have time to spare on other things.

A few minutes after Grey left.

The duo who weren’t in the group hurried back.

“Where’s he?” One of them asked.

“Gone. Is anything the matter?” Jonas asked when he saw the expressions of the duo.

“Yes, you betrayer. You were helping someone from the Lunar Academy, and to think it’s a person whom we all hate,” The young man pointed at Jonas while yelling angrily.

“First of all, not everyone hates him. Secondly, the next time you point your hands in my face again, you will lose it,” Jonas replied coldly, not bothering to hide Grey’s identity.

Since the duo already recognized him, what was the use of trying to hide it? Besides, Grey was already gone. If the duo were stupid enough to go after him, then they are only seeking death since Grey would kill them without even thinking twice.

“Wait, what are they saying, who is he?” The young man with Jonas asked.

“Do you remember the guy who caused the death of your elder brother?” One of the other two young men asked.

“I didn’t get to see him since I didn’t attend the competition,” The young man replied.

“Well, that guy was the one. When I saw him the first time, I knew he was familiar, but I couldn’t think of where I saw him, and with Jonas shielding him, I didn’t pry any further. But after we left, I thought about it properly, and I recalled where I saw him,” The young man explained.

The young man who was with Jonas and the young lady turned to look at Jonas with an enraged look.

“Did you know about this?” He asked angrily.

“Yes, but as I said, I was repaying a favour,” Jonas replied casually.

“A favour?! He was the one who made that man kill my brother!” The young man yelled.

“And he’s the one who made sure you got the tonic that healed you, it’s best you do not offend him,” Jonas said.

“Bullshit! Come, he went this way,” The young man yelled at Jonas before charging towards the direction Grey went.

The duo glared at Jonas before following after the young man.

Jonas shook his head, not even moving an inch.

The young lady looked at Jonas, “Aren’t you going to stop them?”

“They chose this, if they survive, they’ll learn a much needed lesson,” Jonas replied.

“And if they don’t?” The young lady asked.

“*Sigh” So be it,” Jonas looked at the sky, it was as if he was mourning the death of his friend.

If his friend couldn’t let the person who saved his life go because of his anger, then it was his choice. Even though he accepted him as a friend, he wouldn’t support such foolish actions.

He clearly told him of how even he couldn’t bring the tonic since people wanted to forcibly collect it, yet the person who fought against that group and won, he wanted to fight against such a person.

The young lady knew just how powerful Grey was, so she couldn’t help but feel fearful for the outcome of the battle.

“Hopefully, they don’t find him,” She said while looking in their direction.


A few kilometers away from where Jonas’ camp was located.

Grey didn’t leave the forest since he wanted to quickly feed the liquid to Void. He hurriedly found a cave, then went in, shutting the entrance to the cave with an earth wall. He didn’t even set up an array.

After going in, he carefully brought Void out of his storage ring. He also brought out the liquid.

Slowly parting Void’s mouth, he poured what was left in the flask inside his mouth. A soothing aura spread out from the liquid, calmly Grey’s head.

His eyes were filled with hope as he emptied the flask completely.

“I hope it works this time,” He muttered.

He waited patiently, hoping to see a reaction from Void.


The earth wall he used to cover the entrance of the cave exploded. He saw three silhouettes charging straight into the cave.

“There he is! Kill him!” The young man who was with Jonas yelled when they entered the cave.

Grey, who was still waiting for a reaction from Void looked at the trio with infuriated eyes.


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