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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 448: Repaying A Favour Bahasa Indonesia

The outer perimeters of the Magical Beasts’ forest.

A figure suddenly appeared from what looked like a crack in the sky, crashing into the ground.


The figure landed heavily on the ground, causing a small crater.

A group of five who entered the forest not too long ago stared at the figure in shock.

“Isn’t that the guy who helped you previously?” A gentle voice asked.

A young man walked closer to the figure, looking at its haggard state.

The young man was none other than Jonas, and the lady who spoke was the one Grey saw with him when he came to Lapis City.

“What happened to him?” The lady asked, with hands covering her mouth.

“I don’t know, we should take him to the camp, just to be safe,” Jonas picked Grey up before hurrying to their camp.

He didn’t know if Grey was being chased, but given his look, there was bound to be something or someone chasing him.

Grey’s condition didn’t look too good. Even Jonas couldn’t help but look at Grey worriedly.


They soon got to their camp. Where they camped was under a big tree, but since the beasts in this area weren’t too powerful, they didn’t have much to worry about.

Jonas placed Grey on the ground, while bringing out the healing tonic they had with them. He fed it to Grey before moving out of the camp.

“We’ll have to stay here until he wakes up,” Jonas said.

“Who is he?” One of the three young men in the group asked.

“He’s Gr…”

“He’s a friend of mine who helped me some time back, I’m only repaying a favour,” Jonas cut the young lady short before giving her a look of warning.

Due to the bad relationship between The Lunar and the Starlight Academy, some of the students from the Starlight Academy wouldn’t think twice before killing a defenseless student from the Lunar Academy. Even though the management of the Lunar Academy has been changed, the feelings between the students of both Academies was still the same.

Of the three young men here, only one of them might consider not killing Grey. It was the one whom he wanted to save with the tonic Grey helped him to protect from that group back at the gate of Lapis City.

The other two would kill Grey the moment they find out who he is.

“You don’t have many friends,” One of the men said suspiciously.

“I don’t see where it was written that before I make any friends, I should bring them to you for inspection,” Jonas said coldly.

“That’s not what I mean,” The young man quickly stopped the argument.

Jonas was stronger than him, and even with the help of the other guy, they still didn’t stand a chance against him. This was the reason why he was the one tasked with leading the group in the first place.

It was said even the Crown Prince had taken notice of Jonas’ abilities, and it was rumored that he would be an important part of his team in the future. They couldn’t afford to offend someone with such a future.

The young man looked at his counterpart, before leaving the area with the excuse of going to patrol the area. The second young man followed after him as well since staying with Jonas seemed a little uncomfortable.

After the duo left, the third young man walked towards Jonas.

“Tell me the truth, who is he?” He asked.

“He’s the reason you’re alive and well,” Jonas replied, his tone wasn’t as cold as it was when he was speaking with the previous young man.

“You mean?” The young man pointed at the tent, looking at Jonas.

“Don’t ask too much about it, he’ll leave once he wakes up,” Jonas said.

Even though he trusted his friend, he didn’t feel too safe with disclosing Grey’s identity to him. The young lady wouldn’t want to do anything to offend him, so she wouldn’t speak about it, but he didn’t really know too much about his friend since he also had a deep hatred towards those from the Lunar Academy.

Grey could even be said to be the person he hated the most. The reason for this, his elder brother was the one Grey’s Teacher slapped to death back at the Capital during the competition. It was unknown what he would do once he finds out about this.

The young lady sensibly shut her mouth, not speaking about Grey or where he came from.


The next morning.

Grey opened his eyes, looking at his strange surroundings. He hastily tried to stand up, while also getting into a defensive position. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so because of the pain that ran across his entire body as he tried to do so.

‘Damn it! I not only stayed in the Fusion State for too long, but I also forced myself to continue escaping through the spatial tunnel. That stupid bear, even with my help it almost killed me,’ He gritted his teeth angrily as he thought.

Just when he was about to successfully blink away from the place, the bear sneak attacked him, disrupting the spatial tunnel. Had he not been in the Fusion State, he would’ve lost control of the tunnel and would probably have died from it.

He couldn’t help but hate the bear the more he thought about it.

“You’re awake?”

A gentle voice asked.

Grey looked towards the entrance of the tent, and a young lady could be seen looking at him.

“Oh, it’s you! Wait, how did I come here?” Grey couldn’t help but ask.

“You fell from the sky, luckily, Jonas and I were nearby, so we brought you back here to recover,” The young lady replied.

She turned outside the tent before saying, “Jonas, he’s awake,”


Grey heard a calm ‘oh’. He knew the voice belonged to Jonas, but he still perked up since he could sense there were other people around.


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