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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 426: Offer Bahasa Indonesia

‘Could it be that I was wrong about him?’ Grey thought while staring at Ellis.

He had some suspicions about Ellis, especially after seeing how he kept dodging fatal strikes at the last minute. But when he was pushed into the array by the group, he watched him, and knew he was too exhausted to move any more.

If he were truly hiding his strength, then he would’ve dodged it at the last moment, but he didn’t. Luckily for Ellis, he had already prepared to teleport to the other side of the passageway, all he had to do was to come out of the space tunnel when he got to where Ellis was and dragged him along.

He decided maybe Ellis had a skill or a treasure that might be helping him with those last minute escapes, but his suspicion didn’t die though. He had always been a cautious person, so there was no way his suspicion would die just like that.

“I guess this is what brought you here, you can have it then.” Grey said before walking in another direction.

He wanted to explore the place, how these places were made has always intrigued him.

‘Is there a way that they create these places or are they natural?’ He thought while studying the small hill in the valley.

Unlike his Teacher’s valley, there was no house here.

Ellis watched Grey observing the place in shock, he couldn’t believe Grey just let him take the treasure without even taking as much as a glance at it.

“People like senior are very rare,” He muttered before walking towards the pond.

On getting there, he dived inside, traveling over thirty meters in a second, it was almost like he was one with the water. If Grey were to see him, he would be stunned. Even though Ellis was a Water Elementalist, it would be impossible to move with such speed and ease unless he had gotten to the Overlord Plane.

After almost twenty seconds, Ellis got to his destination. He was currently standing upright, looking at the glowing blue orb at the bottom of the pond. He stretched his left hand out, grabbing onto the orb.

Ellis looked around the pond, as if searching for something, after seeing nothing, he sat down crossed leg, while still at the bottom of the pond.

Grey who was in the valley was still studying the valley, hoping to find something that would at least give him a clue about these places. He looked around for about five minutes, but didn’t find anything.

‘Huh? How come he’s not out yet?’ He suddenly recalled Ellis had gone into the pond for a while now.

He remembered seeing him jumping into the pond, but he hadn’t felt any disturbance from the pond yet which made the situation strange.

‘Is there a chance that there might be a beast in the pond?’

After the thought flashed through his head, he quickly disapproved of it since he would have sensed it if a beast were to attack. Besides, he could clearly sense that Ellis was still in the pond, his aura is very close to whatever was emanating the water essence aura.

He walked towards the pond, but stopped around five meters from it. The reason for this was that he could sense some people coming towards the valley, radiating intense killing intent.

“Oh, four of them survived, how unexpected!” He turned around, looking at the entrance of the valley.

He thought at most only two of them would survive, but for four of them to survive meant that they were strong.

“Where’s that little brat? I’ll kill him!”

The captain’s enraged voice could be heard from outside the valley.

Grey prepared an attack while waiting for them, since they were going to fight anyway, why not take one of them out as soon as they stepped into the valley?

The array that attacked him when he stepped into the valley hadn’t recovered yet so he had no choice but to do it’s work.

“Captain, don’t worry, none of the…”

Boom! Bang!

Grey exploded out with a terrifying attack as soon as the person at the front of the group took a step inside the valley.

The figure was sent flying, but Grey frowned when he saw what happened.

His attack was blocked.

“Such a shameless act, I thought you were bigger than this,” The captain’s voice, which was filled with mockery, rang out.

The group of four walked into the valley with confident strides, all four of them were the strongest amongst the group of seven. They survivors of the group were two men and two ladies.

All four of them were in the Ninth stage of the Origin Plane, and given how the person at the front managed to block Grey’s attack, it showed they were no pushovers.

“I was only doing this place a favor, I was also attacked when I walked in here. Since I’m an upright person, I feel we should all be treated equally,” Grey replied with a sneer.

“That’s… such a great explanation. I like you, why don’t you join us?” The captain laughed before suddenly proposing.


The three survivors of the group looked at the captain simultaneously.

“What do you say? With your strength and whatever trick you used in passing the passageway, you would be very useful to us. I don’t even mind making you the vice captain of the group,” The captain continued.

It was like he didn’t hear what the others in his group said.

“I’ll have to pass, I’m not interested in traveling with others,” Grey replied nonchalantly.

“A shame, I truly don’t want somebody like you to die such a worthless death. I know you’re only recently acquainted with that moron, but fighting for him is a bit too much, don’t you think so? Why don’t you give my offer a second thought?” The captain asked.

“Like I said the first time, I don’t like traveling with people.” Grey said with both hands behind him.

“*Sigh* A shame, truly a shame. I guess you’ll have to die then,” The captain shook his head with a rueful expression on his face.


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