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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 408: Offer Them Up! Bahasa Indonesia

“Am I right, chief?”

Klaus’ question reverberated in the town’s chief ears a few times.

“No… no, that’s not it. I rushed here as fast as I could,” The chief shook his head, denying Klaus’ claims.

“Bullshit! Even I can get here from that town of yours within five minutes, much less ten. Stop playing dumb with us,” Klaus cursed out, like usual.

Grey looked at Klaus, then at the town chief. He couldn’t deny it, Klaus’ claims seem to be quite viable. It would greatly benefit the town chief if these people were able to defeat them, after all, this was his plan right from the start. But unlike these people, he quickly gave up on it.

“I… I…” The chief tried explaining, but he knew neither Grey nor Klaus would believe him.

“No need to explain, since you weren’t among them from the start I’ll spare you. You can take their bodies with you as you go,” Grey said.

He was so casual about it that the town chief and the people behind him had a hard time believing he was a young man who was below twenty years of age.

Even some of the old men in this group weren’t sure they’d act this casually when killing people.


“Please, spare them,” The town chief begged, dropping to his knees.

“I’m sorry, but I show no mercy to people who try to make any efforts against my life. If not for the fact that I know a bit of this town’s history, then I’d have killed you people as well,” Grey replied while looking at the town chief who was still in a kneeling position.

The people behind the town chief unconsciously took a step back. They didn’t think they were looking at a young man, instead, they felt they were staring at a demon in human form. How could he say these things so nonchalantly?

Well, they all thought like this since they were the victims. Some minutes back, all they wanted to do was sacrifice Grey and Klaus, at that time, they didn’t see anything wrong with what they wanted to do. But now that the case was reversed, they felt dread.



Just as the town chief was about to continue begging, one of the people amongst the fifteen people who was still able to barely stand dropped to the ground, a small ice dot could be seen on his forehead. He clearly died from the same thing that killed the first old man.

This was naturally Klaus’ doing. He had a grin on his face while staring at the town chief, “You were saying?”

His question angered and stunned the town chief and his people at the same time.

Due to using the transformation technique, all the people were currently drained, they could barely stand, much less evade an attack. And even if they could, it would be difficult for them to evade this attack from Klaus because of its terrifying speed.

Grey looked at Klaus with a wry smile, he was playful yet brutal at the same time.

“I beg…”


Another figure dropped to the ground with an ice arrow in his head.

Klaus turned to the town chief again, “For every time you beg, I’ll kill one person. If you continue begging when the last person is about to be killed, I’ll start dropping people from behind you,”

Grey sucked in a cold breath, Klaus was way more brutal compared to him.

The town chief looked at Klaus with a complex look. Klaus just placed him in a difficult situation, either he watched on silently as all his elders and people were killed in front of him, or he begged and not only watched them die, but also risk the others he brought with him dying as well.

‘This kid is terrifying.’

This was the thought running through the head of the town chief and the people behind him.



Another figure dropped again.

“Now I’ll drop one person whenever you speak,” Klaus said.

The town chief grinds his teeth, his eyes red from anger. He couldn’t believe Klaus and Grey wouldn’t even give the people a second chance.

He turned to look at Grey with a pleading look, but all he saw was the same emotionless gaze in Grey’s eyes.

Grey turned, and within a minute, all surviving thirteen people died. Klaus had previously killed two, and with Grey joining him, it didn’t take long to kill all of them.

“Had you come along with them, I’d have killed you as well.” Grey said, he looked at the people behind them, “No hard feelings people, you’d do the same in my position, unfortunately, you’re not strong enough.”

The people stood in the same spot, hands clenched. They couldn’t disagree with what Grey said, had they been stronger, they would have already killed the duo back at the town. But they weren’t strong enough.

The town chief didn’t speak any further, with his head dropped, he walked towards the first elder Klaus killed, sealing him in ice before doing it to the other people as well. He couldn’t dare to speak out since Klaus threatened to kill the people behind him every time he said something.

“We should leave, staying any further wouldn’t make any difference,” Grey said to Klaus.

They’ve already killed the people who tried to kill them, since the town chief was well-behaved, there was no need in trying to make things more difficult.

Klaus had already placed the chief and the people in a difficult situation, doing any further would give them a mental breakdown.

They left the town chief and the townspeople while heading back to the town again.

After Grey and Klaus left the field.

“Seal them properly, since these fools decided to waste their lives, we’ll offer them to the Moon rock.” The town chief said.

The people just died so there was still some bit of essence left in them. The rock could naturally absorb all of them.


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