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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 406: Klaus’ Ultimate Ice Technique! Bahasa Indonesia

“Yes Klaus, very clearly,” Grey replied, after being forced back by the ice monster.

When the one fighting against Grey saw what the other one was doing, it immediately copied it.

Now, both ice monsters were covered in armor, now there was no way for Grey or Klaus to get to the people inside. Grey of course didn’t have any problems, other than being a little bit more difficult, he was confident he could fight against them.

Klaus on the other hand was incensed. He had tried to use the ice spears to pierce through the ice monsters, and it was unable to go through.

“Come out and fight me like a man you old fogies!” He said when he saw that his attack was futile.

‘They couldn’t make an earth element monster, or even a fire element one, they just had to be Water Elementalists.’ He complained inside while dodging the attacks of the ice monster.

Now, compared to before, the ice monster wasn’t only using physical attacks, it was also making use of elemental attacks. Although it was only using ice, it made things extremely difficult for Klaus.

The strength of each ice monster was well above someone in the Peak of the Origin Plane, but fortunately, it didn’t get to the Overlord Plane.

Others in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane might not be able to survive against the ice monster in the Peak of the Origin Plane for so long, much less this one that is above the Peak in regards to its strength.

On Grey’s side of the battle.

Things didn’t change much, the ice monster used the same tactics as the first time, trying to keep a good distance from Grey while attacking it with its hammer as well as elemental attacks.

Grey didn’t have any problems with dodging most of its attacks, so he was relatively carefree. He would occasionally send out attacks that the ice monster would be able to block with its hammer, but after blocking a single strike, cracks would appear all over the hammer.

Grey’s plan was simple, and that was to wear them out. He wasn’t using any essence in dodging due to his high physical speed, while he would occasionally attack to break the hammer or even hit some parts of the monster that wasn’t covered in armor.

The ice monster would quickly restore the damaged parts, this would in turn increase the consumption rate for the people in the ice monster.

He soon got tired of dodging, since it wasn’t his usual style of fighting. And he soon started his offense, with his superior blue flame, he would naturally be able to cause damage to the ice monster. Presently, he had a simple plan that if it’s successful, he would take the ice monster down.

He created a fireball, sending it towards the ice monster.

Seeing the fireball coming, the ice monster swung its hammer at it, trying to destroy it.


The fireball crashed into the ice hammer in the hands of the ice monster, exploding upon impact. The force of the explosion forced the ice monster to take a step back, but when its leg touched the ground, it sank.

Grey smiled and attacked with another fireball towards the chest region of the ice monster.


Another explosion rang out. The second fireball landed on the chest of the ice monster. Given the unnatural position it was in because of its leg which was stuck in the mud, it fell over very easily.

Grey rushed towards it, and soon started his usual brutish way of fighting, punching away at the ice monster with hands covered in blue flames, while also making sure the leg of the ice monster was still stuck in the mud.

The ice monster struggled, trying to get Grey off it while attacking it. But Grey’s speed came into play again as he was able to dodge the attacks. Although, it wasn’t as easy as it previously was since the ice monster wasn’t even trying to take precautions against hurting itself, and because of the close distance.

With the battle in this state, the victor could be said to already be decided. As long as nothing unforeseen happens, Grey would be able to easily take this ice monster apart given their current situation.

Klaus on the other hand was frantic from the attacks of the ice monster fighting against him. He tried tripping it, but it was just like he said to Grey the previous time, he couldn’t be tricked by the same trick twice.

The people in this ice monster watched the previous battle, hence they were fighting with the knowledge they acquired from their battle.

“You cowards, I’ll beat you to bits, until then, why don’t you go fight with my friend? He’s a really good fighter,” Klaus said while pointing at Grey who was simply punching holes in the ice monster.

‘Damn! That’s just brutal,’ He thought when he saw how Grey was beating the hell out of the ice monster.


The ice monster roared, and to Klaus’ surprise, it turned and ran towards Grey’s direction.

“Crap! Where are you going? I’m not done with you, stay here,” Klaus immediately chased after it and started attacking it again.

Although he told it to fight with Grey, he wasn’t serious about it. If Grey had defeated the other one, then he wouldn’t mind letting it go, but Grey was still pounding away at that one, so he had to make sure he kept this one here.


“Stop there you overgrown bloke!” Klaus yelled while continuously attacking the ice monster from behind.

Luckily, Grey and the other ice monster were quite some distance away.

Seeing the ice monster getting closer to Grey, Klaus quickly thought of a plan. Since the people in the ice monster were wary of him tripping them over, then he’s just going to freeze the ground.

Creating ice on the ground so the ice monster would slip, and fall on the ground.

As soon as the thought came to his head, he quickly implemented it. While doing this, he was also preparing something else. He wanted to also use the ultimate ice technique he acquired from the trial land, sub-zero to hit one of the people in the ice monster.

Given how strong the ice needle usually gets, it wouldn’t have any problems with piercing through this thing’s armor, easily immobilizing the target.


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