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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 396: He’s My Friend! Bahasa Indonesia

Back at the town’s square.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Grey asked.

“I’m coming, just a little more time,” Klaus replied.

He was currently sitting in a crossed leg position on the ground, while Grey was making sure none of the attacks got close to him.

He even closed his eyes, it was almost like people weren’t attacking them.

Grey nodded before once again focusing on the battle. He had created two inscriptions to help fend off some of the attacks of the people.

Luckily, none of the people attacking them was an earth element, else they would have been able to easily hurt Klaus since he was sitting carelessly on the ground.

The young man looked like he was almost about to cry, he hated Klaus so much, but seeing that they couldn’t even touch him infuriated him. What was more annoying was how carefree Klaus was sitting on the ground.

I mean, come on! We’re fighting with you! What the hell are you doing sitting on the fucking ground?!

The young man was only in the Arcane Plane, seeing how powerful Grey and Klaus were, he felt jealous of them. He was clearly older than both of them, yet they seem to be able to hold off their own against even the town chief.

The town chief couldn’t believe that they had been unable to break through Grey’s defense for over five minutes now.

‘How could he be this strong?’ He asked himself, shocked.

He wasn’t the only one who was thinking about this, even the other townspeople were also asking themselves this question. Although Grey hadn’t really tried to attack them and was only defending, they knew if they were to fight with him one-on-one, he would be able to defeat them. He could even one shot most of them here.

Only the chief and a few others might be able to hold out, but only for a little time. None of the people here felt they could defend themselves if they were in Grey’s position.

But Grey wasn’t only defending himself, but he was also making sure Klaus wasn’t disturbed.

Some of the townspeople were already starting to give up, when one was fighting against someone who they didn’t see any hopes of beating, they would naturally not want to continue fighting. Only a fool would waste their time doing such things, and seeing that Grey didn’t plan to attack them, they wanted to get away while they still can.

They started retreating, just as they were about to leave, they heard an annoying laugh.

“Hahaha! Yes! Daddy’s ready. Now, you ugly bastard, start crying!” Klaus laughed out while pointing at the young man.

The young man shuddered and quickly took two steps back, looking at Klaus’ facial expression, he was almost certain he was a psychopath.

“Fuck!” Grey cursed out unintentionally and looked at Klaus.

“What?” Klaus asked.

“Why are you jumping? you almost scared me,” Grey replied.

“That’s because I’m now in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane, I can beat you up with a flick of my finger,” Klaus said proudly.

“Oh really? Why don’t you try defending the attacks of over fifty people, we can talk about a battle when you’re done with that,” Grey said sarcastically.

Klaus looked behind Grey, on seeing the number of people, he looked at Grey again, “You know what, why don’t you continue doing what you were previously doing?”

“Then what about you?” Grey asked with a sigh.

“I’m coming, I have scores to settle with that moron,” Klaus said while pointing at the young man who was taking more steps back.

The townspeople had already stopped attacking the duo. One could see the dejection in their faces. It couldn’t be helped, their town’s sacred treasure was completely absorbed in front of them, but because they weren’t strong enough, they couldn’t do anything.

The town’s chief had a sour expression while looking at Grey and the smiling Klaus. He could at least accept Grey’s expression since he didn’t seem to show any joy in what happened, and from how he didn’t try to attack them, he knew he wasn’t a bad person.

But Klaus, he could see so much joy in his eyes. This was why he wanted him to be sacrificed! He was trying to save the world from the maniac!

“Young man, why do you associate yourself with such a bag egg?” He asked Grey, looking at his eyes.

“He’s my friend,” Grey’s reply was short and simple.

He didn’t need to make any explanations, the chief already knew there was no way for them to do anything to Klaus since Grey was present and couldn’t help but feel sad.

“Who are you calling a bad egg?!” Klaus asked, annoyed.

“Take your friend and leave our town,” The chief said with a resigned sigh.

They couldn’t beat them, so there was no need to continue fighting.

He felt hurt because of the essence that the small rock lost, but if he were to push things with Grey, then there was a chance they might lose their lives if he got serious. And now that the maniac would join in the fight, they clearly don’t stand a chance.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance,” Grey walked closer to the chief.

“Here, this should be able to help, a little,” Grey brought out a small pouch from his pocket.

He tossed it to the chief. The chief caught it, inside were five high-grade water element essence stones.

The chief kept it, after seeing the chief keep it, Grey turned to leave.

The chief smiled evilly before attacking Grey.

As his attack was about to land on Grey, his pupils enlarged before he was sent flying.


He crashed into the ground, clutching his chest.

Grey turned to look at him with cold eyes, “Try that again, and you’re dead,”

“Klaus, let’s go,” He said after getting close to him.

“I haven’t even started roughing this bastard up,” Klaus complained.

Grey didn’t speak any further, he held Klaus by his shirt collar, and dragged him with him.

“Let me go! I’ll beat you up!” Klaus immediately started throwing a tantrum.

“Chief, are we really going to let them leave like this?” The young man rushed to the chief.



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