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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 391: What Did He Do? Bahasa Indonesia

Three hours later.

Grey stood in front of the small gates leading to a town. He took out the disc, and Klaus’ light dot looked to be in this town.

‘Seems like he has finally stopped moving.’ He thought to himself with a sigh of relief.

A small plaque was hung on the side of the town’s gate, the words ‘Moon Town’ was boldly written on the plaque.

After taking a step inside the town, Grey suddenly felt a chill run through his legs into his body.

‘Such intense cold energy,’

Grey was dumbfounded by what he felt.

Although some parts of the town were covered in snow, Grey didn’t actually think it would radiate such high levels of cold. Even for someone like him who was already in the Eighth stage of the Origin Plane, while also having a physical body that was equivalent to a Fourth stage Origin Plane Elementalist, he still felt the cold was quite strong.

He quickly tried to use his fire element to suppress the cold energy that was trying to cause havoc in his body, but to his surprise, even before he could will the fire element, the cold energy calmed down on its own.

‘Huh? That’s strange, what happened?’ He couldn’t wrap his head around what just happened.

Unknown to Grey, the drop of liquid Aetonth put in his body the previous time was greedily absorbing the cold energy as they charged into his body.

Before long, all the cold energy close to Grey had been quickly absorbed into his body.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Grey, which left him stumped. This was the first time something like this was happening.

‘Could it possibly have to do with the orb in my body?’ He thought inside.

That was the only thing he could think of that could cause such a reaction in his body, it was just when Alice’s father tried to suppress him with the aura of an Overlord Plane expert but was unable to.

He stood still by the gate to the town for a few seconds, trying to figure out what happened.

“Move, you’re blocking the path,”

An unfriendly voice came from behind him, which brought him out of his thoughts.

He turned to look at the person speaking, it was an elderly looking lady, “I’m sorry, I was surprised by the cold energy,”

After apologizing, he turned and walked into the town.

“Did he just say cold energy?”

A young man behind the elderly lady asked in surprise.

“Seems like he’s a Water Elementalist, one who has a good ice ability,” The elderly lady replied.

The duo looked at Grey’s back view as he walked deeper into the town.

“Forget about him, come let’s go beat up that thief,” She said. When speaking about this ‘thief’, hatred shone in her eyes.

The young man nodded before following behind the elderly lady.


After walking away from the town’s gate, Grey headed towards the direction where Klaus’ light dot was located.

In a small tea shop by the side of the road, three people could be seen sitting inside, one middle-aged man, a younger and handsome-looking man who looked to be in his early thirties, and a delicate-looking young lady who was in her twenties.

“Teacher, don’t you think we should help him out?” The handsome-looking man asked.

“No, given everything he’s been doing, this seems to be a very light punishment,” The middle-aged man replied.

The trio sitting around this table enjoying tea was none other than Klaus’ father, Instructor Blake, and lastly, Instructor Delia. The person Blake was speaking about was obviously Klaus.

“What’s he doing here?” Delia suddenly spoke out while pointing out the window.

Oliver and Blake looked in the direction she was pointing at, and to their surprise, they saw Grey walking outside.

“Call him over,” Oliver said to Blake.

“Yes Teacher,” Blake stood up and exited the shop.

“Grey,” He called out after coming out of the shop.

Grey who was leisurely walking around stopped on hearing his name, turning around, he saw Instructor Blake’s surprised face.

He wasn’t too shocked to see him here since they were with Klaus.

“Hello, Instructor Blake,” Grey waved before walking over.

“You don’t need to call me Instructor anymore, we’re no longer in the Academy. Just call me un… no uncle will make me seem old, elder brother would do. Besides, your Teacher is a close friend of mine,” Blake said.

Grey smiled, he was already used to calling him Instructor Blake, and he didn’t think it would be easy to change it.

“Is Klaus with you?” He asked while looking behind him.

According to where the light dot was, Klaus was around here.

“Come with me,” Blake said before heading into the tea shop.

Grey followed behind them, thinking Klaus was inside.

On entering, he only saw Instructor Delia and Klaus’ father.

“Hello Principal, Instructor Delia,” He bowed to both of them.

Delia smiled at Grey, “You seem to have gotten more handsome,”

Grey scratched his head awkwardly.

“Grey, what brings you here?” Oliver asked after taking a sip of his tea.

“I came in search of Klaus,” Grey replied.

“Oh, how did you know he was here?” Oliver asked with a strange look.

Grey instinctively wanted to lie, but after recalling that the people here could be trusted, he told them about the tracking device he made.

“Fascinating, Chris would be proud,” Oliver praised.

On hearing how Grey was able to make it from the one he took from the Darkness Elementalist which wasn’t as good as this one, he felt even more astounded. Grey seems to be a genius when it comes to arrays.

“Sir, so where can I find Klaus?” Grey asked.

Oliver shook his head before looking towards his left.

Grey came into the small shop through the right, so when he saw Oliver and the others looking in that direction, he curiously turned to look as well.

And behold, Klaus was surrounded by groups of people of all ages, and from their expressions, it was almost like they could kill him anytime.

The only thing that surprised Grey was that the person with the highest Plane was actually in the Origin Plane.

“Principal, what did he do?”


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