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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 381: Unexpected Discovery Bahasa Indonesia

Grey stayed in the office for a few more minutes, after not finding anything, he finally gave up on it and left.

He decided he had spent enough time searching around the office, so it was probably time to go back to see if he could check Jean’s room again.

And to his greatest surprise, Jean was still busy. He finally gave up and decided to go back to his room.

He still had about a day or two to search again, it couldn’t be that Jean would continue doing it for two nights straight, right?

The thought of that gave him a sense of foreboding as if something like this would actually happen. He suddenly recalled what he heard from the Earl sisters while asking around about the families in Frost City. According to the sisters, the head of the Smith family was a lecherous man and had forced many men to leave their wives if he found them appealing.

Some of the ladies would jump into his hands willingly, after all, the Smith family were extremely rich, while others would rather die than have anything to do with him.

Although, all these were just rumors, given how widely spread they were, it couldn’t be said that they were baseless.

Seeing what was happening, Grey could see that there’s a high chance that these rumors were true.

After going back to his room, Grey continued reading his books. There were a lot of them, and some of them were huge. Even if he decided to only read for a week, he wouldn’t be able to read more than half of them.

Void was crazy, he literally took almost all the books that had to do with forge mastering. In fact, Grey had the feeling that when Void told him that he didn’t take all the books, he was lying, he probably took all the books on forge mastering.

The next day went by slowly, Grey did nothing other than reading, he only took a few minutes of his time to respond to some of Alice’s messages, but he quickly forgot about her after he got engrossed in reading.

Grey’s obsession with learning was massive, he would rather spend most of his time learning new things and training than talking to others.

Klaus had been the one who mostly disturbed his training, he couldn’t chase him away since he was Klaus. Alice mostly left him alone whenever he was training, especially now that she could speak with Reynolds, she usually didn’t disturb him.

Reynolds wasn’t as persistent as Klaus, so he wasn’t really able to stop him from training.

Later that night.

‘What the hell?! This man’s a…’ Grey was short of words.

Just like the previous night, Jean was still very much awake, this time, he was with the second lady from the previous day.

His left eye was twitching from time to time from annoyance, how would he be able to steal from them if he was unable to sneak into the room.

He gave up on the idea of searching Jean’s room, instead, he would try to find the vault in the building.

The building was huge, so searching around would be a little difficult. He decided to first search all the places he found suspicious.

He even went to the place where the vault of the Lunar City mayor’s manor was located according to Klaus. Since the buildings had the same designs, he didn’t see any harm in trying it.

Lunar City mayor’s manor vault was actually located in the kitchen, as odd as it sounded, it was true. There was a secret passageway that led to the vault.

Grey soon started sweeping across all the places he marked in the small map he made of the Smith family’s manor.

And before long, there were only two places left in the map that was marked, Jean’s room, and the garden at the back of his office.

Grey snuck into the garden, there was a small building in the garden. When he got there, his suspicion increased because he could actually sense an Overlord Plane expert guarding the place.

The expert was only in the First stage, so Grey didn’t feel any fear in him being able to sense him. Even Jean who was in the Third stage was unable to sense him while he was outside his bedroom, much less this person who was two stages below him.

After sneaking into the building, he was able to quickly sense the presence of another room hidden inside. It wasn’t hard to notice, he didn’t even spend much effort.

Normally, people would set up arrays that would hide the presence of hidden rooms from Earth Elementalists since they would be able to easily notice these places with the help of the earth element’s sensory ability.

Grey monitored the place for a while, not rushing inside. Given how easy it was to locate it, he found it strange. Although people wouldn’t be able to come here since the expert would stop them once the person was noticed, it was still too easy.

After waiting for almost twenty minutes, Grey finally decided to go in, he prepared himself. He would first appear inside and quickly disappear within a second or two. That time was enough for him to get the general situation of what it’s like inside the secret room, and what was kept inside.

He soon vanished from the building, entering the secret room. When he appeared there, the sight before him stunned him so much that he was unable to leave according to his plan.

In front of him was a huge open space, and cages could be seen all around, in each of the cages were women, both old and young. None of the women looked to be above forty, they were all kept in the cages like prisoners.

From how they looked, he could tell that most of them were suffering.

A malevolent aura almost burst out of his body when he saw a young girl who was around eight or ten years old tied to a chain in one of the cages.

He wasn’t a saint or a hero, but there were things he could not accept.


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