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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 38: Silver Moon Restaurant Bahasa Indonesia

Grey walked out of the Academy and stared in the direction of Lunar City. After a brief moment of contemplation, he decided to head over to the city to have a meal before leaving.

“Grey, wait up”

Grey heard a voice calling him from behind, he turned and saw Klaus running in his direction.

Klaus carefully examined Grey, “You’re heading out?” asked Klaus.

“Yeah, I’m going for a mission” Grey nodded.

“Okay, I’m heading over to the city. Want to have a meal before leaving?” Klaus asked. He had gotten used to Grey’s company while eating in the city. So whenever he wants to go, he always heads over to call him.

One of the few things Grey never says no to was if you invited him for a meal. Klaus knew just how much Grey loved eating, and he also knew how great of a cook Grey was.

“I was about to head there. Let’s go then” Grey said with a grin.

They walked together and talked about a variety of things, with Klaus doing most of the talking. Klaus was a very social person, lots of people don’t know his father is the mayor and principal of Lunar City and Lunar Academy.

Klaus doesn’t put on airs the son of a major of such a big city usually does. He has a carefree attitude and likes making new friends. The Academy was very united, having little to no conflicts among the students.

Although not all the students adhere to the unity of the Academy due to competitiveness. They mostly try to keep the conflict as minimal as possible.

After entering the city, they went to the restaurant they always eat at. After Grey came up with the idea of tasting the food from the different restaurants in the city, they finally found the one Grey felt served the most delicious meals. Since Grey was a great cook, Klaus didn’t doubt his judgement when it came to the taste of food.

They soon arrived in front of the restaurant. It was a magnificent restaurant with luxurious decorations and on top of the entrance hung two words ‘Silver Moon’. It was a two-story building, and the decorations were magnificent and luxurious. Anyone could sense an aristocratic aura from the place.

They walked into the building and headed towards the second floor. Only those who had high social backgrounds could enter the second floor. But being students from the Lunar Academy, they were exceptions. Well, unless you can afford the meal that is.

Most of the tables in the first floor were occupied. When those seated at the tables noticed Grey and Klaus heading towards the second floor, they all looked at them with envy.

“They must be students from Lunar Academy”

“Yes, don’t you see how young they were”

“I heard the students from the Starlight Academy are planning on attacking students from the Lunar Academy”

“They’re not that strong. If they were strong, how could a single instructor from the Lunar Academy cause a ruckus there and come back in one piece. They only know how to bully the weak”

Different conversations started off with the arrival of Klaus and Grey. The main topic was still the matter of Blake charging over to the Starlight Academy.

Grey and Klaus were already gone, so they didn’t have a chance to hear what they were saying. On getting to the second floor, the people present were fewer than that of the first floor. Grey picked a table closer to the window, and they headed over to take a sit.

A waiter came over to serve them, since they were regulars here, most of the waiters already knew them. After some time, their foods were prepared. Grey immediately dug into his food without any second thoughts.

When Klaus saw this, he just smiled and shook his head while also following in Grey’s footsteps. They were still eating when they heard movements from the stairs.

Grey didn’t bother to look since this was a restaurant and people came often.

“Grey” A young lady’s voice called out.

Grey was startled on hearing his name, when he raised his head, he saw Alice, Reynolds and two other students from the Lightning Hall walking in their direction.

“Hey Alice” Grey said while moving to the side to create space for her to sit.

“You broke through to the Arcane Plane and you didn’t even bother to come see me” Alice pouted as she complained.

“I’m sorry, after breaking through I had to search for instructor Blake. Then, I also had to collect techniques from the library to train. I planned on coming to see you after returning from my trip” Grey apologized before explaining.

“You’re going for a mission?” Alice asked with a surprised look.

“Yes, I wanted to go out and train myself” replied Grey.

“Since you’ve broken through to the Arcane Plane, we can now start sparring” Alice said with an evil smile. Amongst the group, Alice was the one who enjoyed fighting more.

When the rest heard her say ‘sparring’, they all looked at Grey with pitiful eyes. They knew just how terrifying she was.

Grey shivered when he heard this, he still remembered what Klaus and Reynolds told him about the tournament.

“Sure, we’ll spar when I return” Grey said with a stiff smile. He couldn’t deny her request since she was still mad at him for not informing her after he broke through.

“Oh right, where are you guys coming from?. I didn’t see you at the Academy yesterday” asked Grey.

“We went on a group mission, and we got ambushed by those cowards from the Starlight Academy” Reynolds said in a spiteful tone.

“What!” Grey and Klaus exclaimed at the same time.

Reynolds went on to tell them what happened. They went for a mission just outside the territory of Lunar City. There was a group a bandits who blocked the path of traveling merchants and extort money from them before they are allowed to pass. After several complaints, the Academy decided to deal with it.

Since the bandits were only around the Second and Fourth stage of the Arcane Plane, they set it as a mission for the students. Alice was already in the Late stages of the Arcane Plane. She went with Reynolds and to rest in case there was a misinformation about the stages of the bandits.

Luckily, they didn’t need her intervention since the information was spot on. On their way back after completing their mission, they were ambushed by the students from Starlight Academy.

Due to the sudden attack, they quickly fell on the defensive. Alice being the strongest of the group, managed to deal a strong blow to the leader of the Starlight Academy. This gave them the chance to escape since they were outnumbered.

Although they were ambushed, amazingly, they came out uninjured.

“You should be careful when you head out” Alice said with concern.

“Sure” Grey replied. “Besides, it’s not like they’ll know I’m a student of the Lunar Academy” Grey added.

Unlike them, he was still totally unknown to people outside the Academy. He can pretty much go anywhere without fear of being attacked by the students of the Starlight Academy.

“You should still be careful. You know this is your first time heading out for a mission” Reynolds also warned.

Grey nodded, but didn’t take it to heart. Since he didn’t plan on offending anyone, he would just go out for his mission and return after completing it. His main concern for this trip was how to make money.


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