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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 378: You Can Fight With My Cat! Bahasa Indonesia

“Did you also partake in the special training?” Grey couldn’t help but ask.

He felt compelled to ask, at least he wouldn’t find it too amazing if she entered the trail land. After all, there were tons of things in the trial land that could make one advance very quickly.

Grey and his friends could be said to be lucky, especially Grey given what they obtained, but there were a few people who were also extremely lucky. For example, Jonas.

According to what Grey heard, Jonas got to the Fifth stage of the Origin Plane when he came out of the trial land. It was said that he wasn’t far from the Sixth stage at the time of leaving the trial land.

Given the months that have passed, there’s a high chance that he had gotten to the Sixth stage, or even the Seventh stage by now.

Jonas inherited an expert’s legacy, making him advance by leaps and bounds, but that was not the only legacy that was up for grabs in the trial land.

After the first black door opened, others opened as well, and Grey didn’t know what those ones held. There would obviously be people who would’ve been lucky to get into that door, and who knows, maybe any of the doors had better legacies than the one Jonas inherited.

The young lady was taken aback by Grey’s question, but she quickly understood it but refrained from answering.

Grey already knew his answer from her body language and couldn’t help but heave a sigh, “And here I thought thinking you advanced normally,”

If Klaus, Alice, and Reynolds were to hear this, they would most likely beat him up, especially Reynolds.

How could you say something like that when you’re advancing even more freakishly than them?

When they came out of the trial land, Grey was only a single stage ahead of Klaus and Alice. But now, Grey had gone from the Fourth stage of the Origin Plane to the Eighth stage in a matter of three to four months, and he had the guts to say something like this?

Reynolds had only managed to reach the Fifth stage, and the last time Grey met with Alice, she just broke through to the Fourth stage. Klaus would most likely be in the Fourth or Fifth stage.

Currently, Grey has moved three stages ahead of all of them, and was even four stages ahead of Alice. Thinking back to how they were all in the Arcane Plane while he hadn’t even started cultivating, it was almost impossible to believe. If one didn’t witness it, one would have a hard time believing it.


The young lady struck out a palm, sending out a wind tornado towards Grey.


The tornado crashed into an earth wall, halting in its tracks. After a few seconds, it died down.

Grey soon appeared in full view after the earth wall sank back into the ground. He was still sitting so comfortably in the chair that it was almost hard to believe he was the one who was attacked by someone a few moments ago.

He yawned as if bored, “If that’s all you have, then I suggest you go take a seat. Sitting here is more entertaining than battling with you,”

The young lady’s expression changed a couple of times within a second, but one expression which was very clear to see was the rage that was burning inside her. She was visibly shaking after hearing Grey’s mocking words.

“I’ll kill you,” She said with dense killing intent spreading all over the hall.

Jean watched on accompanied by the two middle-aged ladies.

They didn’t do anything to stop her. They would’ve been able to stop her before the battle started, but now that Grey had somewhat trampled on her pride, they knew stopping her might hurt her instead.

The first exchange had already shown that Grey was extraordinary, but the young lady hadn’t used her full strength yet, so it was unknown if Grey was stronger than her by a huge margin or not.

Swoosh! Whoosh!

Multiple wind blades shot towards Grey from different angles, while a gust of wind moved towards him from above him.

The young lady was trying to make sure Grey wouldn’t be able to dodge her attacks.

But did Grey need to dodge her attack? The answer was a simple no.

Although not dodging the attacks would make him expend some energy, he didn’t mind. He wanted to completely shatter the pride of this pompous-looking arrogant genius.

Still seated on the chair, Grey sneered before waving his hand around him. An earth sphere surrounded him, blocking all the attacks simultaneously.

The earth spare wasn’t completely brown like the previous one, rather, there was a light silvery color in it. This indicated the stronger version of earth.

The earth element is regarded as the best defense element for nothing. Just like how the water element makes use of its ice attributes to make terrifying attacks and defenses, the earth element could allow the Earth Elementalist to produce walls and armors made from jadeite or even diamond.

Grey’s adeptness in the earth element has seen an increase over the years, and with the increase of his cultivation level, the toughness of the earth he could use increased. Of course, he hadn’t really gotten to the stage where he could use jade or diamond, but he was getting to that stage.

Bam! Boom!

All the chairs that were around where Grey was sitting were sent flying after the wind attacks hit the sphere Grey created.

After the attack died down, Grey once again removed the earth sphere, still sitting casually on the chair. He was even looking at his nails as if he wasn’t doing anything.

Staying with Klaus for so long had started to rub off him, he could annoy people if he really wanted to. Although, he didn’t do it as frequently as Klaus usually does, in fact, he rarely did, unless he wanted to break down his opponent mentally.

“*Sigh* Just go back, maybe after a few more years, you can fight with my cat,” He said with a sigh.

His gestures and actions enraged the young lady, but what infuriated her more was when Grey said maybe in a few years she might be able to fight with his cat!


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