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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 359: Bullying The Weak Bahasa Indonesia

The young man slipped away from his group, before charging towards the forest. He had heard of people with rare flames, but Grey was the only one he had seen. Those blue flames of his were too distinctive.

‘He better remember our deal, or else he’ll get the other side of me.’ He thought while running towards where the explosion was coming from.

In the forest.

Grey and Lukka were still chasing after the Lightning Elementalist. Being faster than Lukka, Grey had managed to close up the gap on multiple occasions, but the Lightning Elementalist would always attack in a precise manner that would force him to defend against the attack, delaying him in the process.

“You’re faster than he is, can you try to catch him?” Lukka asked after Grey was pushed back again by the Lightning Elementalist’s attack.

“Well, I’m trying my best, but he’s acting like a slippery fox,” Grey said, cursing at the same time.

“Make a feint,” Lukka said.

“What?” Grey asked, unsure of what Lukka was getting at.

“Make a feint,” Lukka repeated himself.

“I heard you the first time, I just don’t… oh… you mean a feint?” Grey was about to complain when he suddenly understood what Lukka meant.

“Yes,” Lukka nodded.

“That’s easy,” Grey said before speeding past Lukka once again.

“Is that… wow!” Lukka had been stunned by Grey’s speed from the first time he saw him running. This time though, he caught something that he had not seen before whenever Grey was running, lightning.

He had witnessed Grey using two elements so far, now with the addition of the lightning element, that makes it three. Although there were Multi-Elementalists, they are very rare, so seeing one as young and as talented as Grey was quite amazing.

Grey’s burst of speed attracted the Lightning Elementalist’s attention, and just like before he struck out. But to his surprise, Grey stopped before the attack came, before shooting past the place where his attack struck with even greater speed.

Swoosh! Buzz! Bang!

The Lightning Elementalist immediately started attacking wildly, trying to make sure Grey didn’t get close to him. But after moving closer, Grey didn’t plan on retreating anymore.


Grey sent a fireball in his direction, blasting the tree branch he was about to stand on, making him lose his footing, falling to the ground.

Lukka was still some meters away, but Grey naturally had no problems with fighting against the Lightning Elementalist on his own. All it would take was time, but he knew he would surely be able to defeat the Lightning Elementalist.

Swoosh! Boom! Bam!

Grey and the Lightning Elementalist continued exchanging moves as soon as they got close to each other, destroying most of the trees around them.

When Lukka got there, he had the impulse of screaming, ‘Is he even a kid anymore?’. Grey’s fighting capabilities were insane, one has to recall that Grey was still in the Sixth stage of the Origin Plane, while the Lightning Elementalist was in the Ninth stage.

The Lightning Elementalist could even be regarded with those who were at the very Peak of the Origin Plane, yet Grey was fighting against him, and the battle seems to be balanced.

Lukka watched on from the side, it’s not that he didn’t want to assist Grey, but looking at the battle, he didn’t think he would do much better than him.

Although he was stronger than the Lightning Elementalist, he had to admit to the fact that he couldn’t just kill him willy-nilly, it would take a good deal of effort on his part.

Looking at the battle, he decided it was best he stayed out of Grey’s way. He would only join in if the Lightning Elementalist was on the verge of escaping, although he didn’t think he would get that chance seeing how well Grey was keeping him grounded.

Boom! Bang!

Grey’s fireball explosion pushed the Lightning Elementalist back, slamming him into the tree behind him.

“Damn it! This kid is a monster!” The Lightning Elementalist was lost for words.

Grey was starting to gain the advantage over him, and the battle hadn’t even been up to five minutes.

The explosive power of Grey’s fireballs was almost impossible to defend against. Even when he manages to dodge them, the aftereffects of the explosion still carry so much punch that they could cause major damages if not handled properly.

“Hey, you see, it’s just like I said, you’ll fight against me while he watches from the side,” Grey walked towards him in a dominant fashion.

After being in multiple battles, and almost always coming out on top, Grey developed a dominant aura that shows forth whenever he battles. This aura alone dwindles the spirit of whoever is fighting against him, it’s like they know beforehand that they were fighting a lost battle.

Grey rarely fights any battles without confidence, this confidence makes him believe no matter what happens, he would surely come out on top.

“We’re just getting started, boy. I’ll show you what it means to be a mercenary,” The Lightning Elementalist moved from the tree, dodging Grey’s fire attack.

“You see, funny enough, the first person I killed was a mercenary,” Grey chuckled before attacking once again.

Earth spikes sprang up from the ground, forcing the Lightning Elementalist to go airborne.

When the Lightning Elementalist went airborne, Grey immediately attacked with a widespread lake of flames that covered a twenty meters radius, not giving the Lightning Elementalist any chances of landing.

With the Lightning Elementalist airborne, Grey started attacking with his fire and earth element simultaneously.


An opportunity presented itself and Grey created a large earth pillar that he used to smack the Lightning Elementalist flying.

Bang! Bam! Crash!

The Lightning Elementalist went through four trees, destroying them, before crashing hard onto the ground.

Lukka clicked his tongue on seeing Grey bullying the Lightning Elementalist, he couldn’t even say it was a fight among equals. The difference between both fighters was clear for all to see, Grey was simply bullying the weak.


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