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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 354: The Expedition Is Over! Bahasa Indonesia

The Lightning Elementalist pondered on which choice to take, and in the end, he valued his life more.

He hastily moved to the side, to the delight of Grey.



The Leopard smacked the Fire Elementalist with its paw, injuring him with his claws in the process.

Surprisingly, the Fire Elementalist was unexpectedly sent flying in Grey’s direction once again.

The Lightning Elementalist watched in dismay as his brother was thrown towards the kid he previously thought wasn’t even worth paying any attention to.

Grey smiled when he saw the Fire Elementalist coming his way. He positioned himself in a fighting stance, drawing his right arm back, enforcing with every element he had in his arsenal.

Bam! Boom!

Grey punched the chest of the Fire Elementalist as he got close, with the blue flames in his hand exploding, causing further damage to the Fire Elementalist.

While punching him, he made sure to punch him in the direction of the Leopard once again.

The Lightning Elementalist almost lost his mind when he saw his brother going in the direction of the Leopard again.

This time, since he was not standing in front of the Leopard, he decided to help his brother, but at the cost of hurting him. He couldn’t personally catch him since he was already carrying the Darkness Elementalist, so he threw a lightning orb that exploded, pushing his brother to the other direction.

He tried to make the impact as light as possible, but with the Fire Elementalist already hurt by not just the Leopard’s first attack, but Grey’s brutal punch, it hurt a lot.

The Leopard continued chasing after Grey, it wasn’t bothered with the Lightning Elementalist since he was out of its way.

“The kid has it,” The Lightning Elementalist muttered.

He hurried over to where his brother was lying, and his appearance was far worse compared to the Darkness Elementalist. He could sense he was still alive, but barely.

Grey’s punch was terrifyingly brutal, causing a crevice in the Fire Elementalist’s chest. The Fire Elementalist was barely bleeding because the heat from Grey’s flame when it exploded burnt all the injuries, while causing more damage as well.

“The kid has the lightning tree!” The Lightning Elementalist yelled while pointing at Grey who was running away from the Leopard.

He fed both his brothers the healing tonic he had with him.

When the others heard his words, they looked at the direction he was pointing at, and sure enough, Grey was running away from the Leopard. When they sensed the aura of the Leopard, they immediately concluded what the Lightning Elementalist said was right.

The Leopard was the strongest magical beast in this place, and for it to chase after a single person only meant the person took the treasure.

The leader of the expedition looked at Grey in shock, likewise the couple. They never expected that Grey would be the one who would obtain the lightning tree, what was even more shocking was the fact that he was running away from a magical beast that even they weren’t sure they would be able to escape from.

“Such talent, he must be from a powerful family,” The leader of the expedition said.

“To be honest, although I heard him saying he was confident in being able to obtain it, I didn’t believe him,” The man couple said, the lady nodded as well.

They only regarded him as a talented youngster, nothing else. They even felt he was arrogant when he made the statement.

“What do we do now?” The lady looked at her husband.

Most of the people here were already chasing after Grey as well. But surprisingly, those from the guild didn’t join in on the chase. This most likely has to do with the rules the leader said at the start of the expedition, whoever obtains the lightning tree owns it.

Unfortunately, this rule did not apply to the people from the other two camps, even those from the young man’s camp were chasing after Grey.

“Let’s settle our little conflict with those three,” The man smiled while pointing at the triplet.

“Lukka,” The leader of the expedition called out to the man.

“The expedition is over, we’re just settling some scores,” Lukka said with a serious expression.

“It’s not like they haven’t tried to kill us on several occasions,” The lady said to the leader of the expedition.

The leader of the expedition looked at the couple, then at the triplet before sighing. He couldn’t really dare to stop them, it’s not that he couldn’t, but he didn’t want to. He had witnessed the triplet trying to kill the couple a few times, but Lukka always comes up with a way to escape with his wife.

The truth was, the triplet was the reason Lukka hadn’t been able to break through to the Overlord Plane yet.

The couple jumped down from the hill, heading for the triplet.

Presently, most of the beasts here have started retreating into the forest. The lightning tree was no longer in the place, so the lightning essence in the area was already starting to diminish.

The people who were still alive were all currently hunting for Grey, except for those who came with the guild.

It hadn’t been up to two minutes since Grey uprooted the lightning tree.

With the beasts retreating, and the people changing their attentions to Grey, the Lightning Elementalist decided to take the opportunity to escape with his brothers within the chaos.

The Darkness Elementalist is currently able to walk on his own, but the Fire Elementalist was out cold, so the Lightning Elementalist carried him on his shoulders.

Just as they were about to leave the area, Lukka and his wife appeared in front of them.

“My friends, what’s the rush?” Lukka chuckled mischievously.

“Lukka, what’s the meaning of this?” The Lightning Elementalist said with a long face.

He could already guess why the couple were blocking their path, but since the expedition was still on, he tried to put up a strong front.

“Nothing, you see, the weather is nice today, so my husband and I decided it’s a good time to settle our dispute,” The lady squinted her eyes as they approached the triplet.

“Don’t forget we’re still on an expedition, the guild will not let you go if you break the rules,” The Darkness Elementalist snorted coldly.

“Hehe, don’t worry. The expedition is over,”

Lukka laughed before attacking.


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