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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 340: I Want To Marry Him! Bahasa Indonesia

“When will you be heading to the Chimera forest?” Grey asked.

Since Reynolds wanted to acquire the lightning tree, he wanted to help him out before leaving.

“A group would be setting out by tomorrow, I’ll follow them,” Reynolds replied.

He tried bringing up the issue of accompanying Grey to the magical beast forest, but Grey refused.

He knew Grey was only doing that because he didn’t want him to get hurt, but he felt annoyed by it. If only he were stronger, Grey wouldn’t need to protect him.

It was just like the time in the trial land when Aetonth woke up, Grey stayed behind while telling them to run away. They knew it was not only because Void was there, but it was because he didn’t want them to get hurt if Aetonth were to attack.

To be honest, when he saw the dragon chasing after Grey, he couldn’t help but wonder how Grey managed to run with that thing chasing him this far. He wasn’t too confident he would be able to escape if he were in Grey’s shoes.

From that experience, he told himself he wanted to grow stronger, so he wouldn’t need Grey’s protection. But since leaving the trail land, he hadn’t been able to improve his stage. This was the real reason he decided to travel around, to try and see if he could get a chance to breakthrough.

When he heard about the lightning tree, he felt like this was the opportunity he was searching for.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you. As long as someone above the Overlord Plane doesn’t show up, then you’ll be fine,” Grey said with a soft smile.

“*Sigh* Fine,” Reynolds nodded with no other option.

“So, you’ve finally comprehended the space element?” He asked again.

Because of Void’s injury, he didn’t ask about the space element. But since they’ve put that matter on the side, he decided to ask about it.

“Yeah,” Grey nodded.

“How does it feel like, you know, moving through the space tunnels?” Reynolds asked.

“Well, it’s kinda…”

Grey and Reynolds continued speaking about other things and before they knew it, it was already morning.

Knock! Knock!

“Come in,” Reynolds replied.


The door opened and a little girl around six years old walked in.

“Good morning, uncle Reynolds,” The girl said excitedly.

“Good morning little lady, how are you doing today?” Reynolds asked while hugging the girl.

“I’m fine,” The girl replied.

After leaving Reynolds’ embrace, the girl noticed Grey sitting by the side.

“Uncle, who’s this?” The girl asked, pointing at Grey.

“He’s uncle’s friend,” Reynolds replied with a small laugh.

“Wow! Uncle, he’s so beautiful!” The girl said with stars shining in her eyes, making Reynolds burst out into laughter.

Grey looked at the girl, a little embarrassed by the starstruck expression she had on her face.

“Who’s beautiful?”

The voice of a man came from outside the room, soon, a young man who looked to be in his early twenties walked into view. He had a handsome face, just barely above Reynolds if they compared them. His build was slightly chubby, but he couldn’t be described as a fat person.

The young man was around six foot one, taller than Grey and Reynolds.

When the young man appeared in the room, his gaze followed the direction of his little sister, and for a second, he almost couldn’t believe that Grey was a man.

“Damn, he’s truly beautiful,” He muttered.

Cough! Cough!

Reynolds coughed twice when he heard the young man’s words. He couldn’t help but take a glance at Grey and winking.

He laughed out after winking, making the silent room noisy. He was still laughing when the little girl dropped a bombshell.

“I want to marry him,” The little girl said.

Reynolds almost choked on his saliva while he was laughing, while Grey’s face twitched repeatedly.

“Al.. Alexa, you can’t marry him,” The young man who was by the side said after a few seconds.

“Why not? I like him, so I’m going to marry him,” The little girl said with both hands on her hips.

Reynolds looked at the little girl, then at Grey’s expression, before bursting out into laughter once again.

Since the little girl walked in, Grey hadn’t been able to say anything since he truly didn’t know what to say.

“Uncle, why are you laughing?” The little girl pouted when she saw Reynolds laughing.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. I think you and uncle’s friend will look good together,” Reynolds said while doing his best to hold back his laugh.

He found Grey’s predicament hilarious.

Grey and the young man looked at Reynolds after he finished speaking, if looks could kill, then Reynolds would’ve been long buried by now.

The young man knew that there is naturally no way Grey would be able to marry his sister, for someone who looked this good, he would naturally have multiple companions. Even he, who wasn’t as good looking as Grey had three, much less someone like Grey.

Grey shut his mouth, he didn’t try to say anything.

‘*Sigh* This is why I don’t like going out,’ He complained inside.

Whenever he goes out, there would always be a situation when he would be approached by a lady. There was this one time that he was not only approached by a lady who looked to be in her late thirties but he was also approached by a man as well.

They left the room, with Alexa gluing herself to Grey as they walked towards the hall where the reception desk was located at the front of the building.

Most of the people staying in the building were familiar with everyone in their group except for him. They would always give him a double-take whenever they saw him, especially with the way Alexa was holding onto him.

They soon got to the hall, and Grey was astounded by the number of people present there.

There were at least eighty people in the hall already, and more seems to be on their way.


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