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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 33: Because I’m The Instructor Bahasa Indonesia

The next day, Grey was about to head over to the library to check out the technique given to new students.

“Hey Grey”

Grey turned around at the sound of the voice. He already knew the owner of the voice, “Hey Klaus” He greeted Klaus.

“Where are you headed?” Klaus asked. He was on his way over to Grey’s place.

“I’m on my way to the library” Grey replied.

“Great, I was also about to head there” Klaus said and joined Grey.

“So, how was the tournament” Grey asked as they started walking.

Klaus mused for some time before replying, “Not bad actually. Unfortunately I was unable to make it into the top eight, the competition was fierce”.

“Oh, which hall’s student was the champion for class three?” Grey asked.

“The champion of class three can’t be said to be from one hall. She is a Dual Elementalist with Blue and Orange grade for each element” Klaus said with an expression which showed he was still thinking about the events that played out yesterday.

“She?” Grey was surprised, he didn’t think the champion of class three would be a girl.

“Yes, the champion is a girl. You should have heard of her, she’s also a student of the Lightning Hall” Klaus said while looking at Grey.

“You mean Alice?” Grey raised a brow.

“Yes, that’s her” Klaus confirmed.

“Are you sure we’re talking about the same person. The Alice I know is a sweet cute girl, she doesn’t seem like someone who would enjoy fighting” Grey said thinking maybe there was a difference between the Alice Klaus was talking about and the one he knew.

“Is there any other Alice in the Lightning Hall class three?” Klaus asked exasperated.

“Well, no” Grey thought for some time before replying.

“Don’t be deceived by her cute look. When she’s in the arena, she’s as fierce as a tiger. Luckily I didn’t encounter her” Klaus said with a relieved sigh. This was the only reason he wasn’t upset when he was eliminated from the tournament.

The person who advanced after defeating him went on to face Alice. ‘I can still hear his screams’ Klaus shivered when he remembered the fight.

Although the Academy doesn’t entertain students getting hurt in the tournament, the same can’t be said for the rules of the class three students. The rule there, was to ensure you do not attack an opponent when you clearly see he can’t fight back, try to be as lenient as you can and no killing. Once a student admits defeat, the battle must stop immediately.

The Academy believes if the students don’t go through tough battles now, they wouldn’t stand a chance outside. And since most of the class three students have to do missions, they need as much fighting experience as possible.

Klaus went on to tell Grey everything that happened at the tournament. When Grey heard of how Alice ran through all her opponents, he couldn’t help but sweat profusely when he thought of how he mocks her when they were together.

‘She knows I’m only joking. But…but what if she suddenly attacks me some day?’ Grey thought with fright.

Alice was one of the few female friends he had in the Academy, she had an easy going personality and could be seen almost always smiling. Grey couldn’t picture her with the description Klaus was giving. She wasn’t breathtakingly beautiful, but she could be classified as above average in terms of beauty. She had a cute round face with big eyes which totally made her stand out in a good way. The only downside was, she had a small stature.

Although she was already seventeen, she could still be misjudged for a thirteen years old due to her small physique. This was what Grey used to make fun of her whenever they were together.

“She’s that strong. Luckily I’m friends with her” He knew if he wasn’t her friend, she would have definitely dealt with him. ‘No wonder Reynolds and the rest always gives me weird looks whenever I’m making fun of her’ Grey thought feeling lucky.

They continued discussing the tournament, before they knew it, they were already at the library. The library was divided into two buildings, both were three-story buildings.

Grey had visited the library, but he had always gone to the one which had information on the history of their continent and also magical beasts.

Grey had never visited the library which housed techniques, mostly because students under the Arcane Plane didn’t have access to upper floors. They could only go as far as the first floor, which contained the basic cultivation technique and some training manuals.

When Klaus noticed Grey heading over to the technique building, he was surprised. Although Grey frequented the library, it was only the building which contains information. He had never once gone to this other building.

“Grey, you’re heading over to the technique building?” Klaus asked with surprise.

“Yes, I’ve decided to check it out after being in the Academy for so long now” Grey scratched his head as he replied with an embarrassed smile. After all, being in the Academy and not visiting this particular building was somewhat embarrassing. Even if you’re not here for the technique, at least check it out once.

After entering the building, Klaus asked if Grey needed any help but was politely declined. Klaus said goodbye to Grey and headed towards the upper floor. Grey watched him leave before looking at the bookshelf arranged in rows.

‘They are arranged in the same pattern’ Grey thought as he walked closer. This building was arranged just like the other one, the only difference was the details the scrolls contained.

He started searching for the cultivation technique. He heard there was only this technique in the Academy for students below the Arcane Plane. He quickly found it on row three.

He opened the scroll calmly and studied it. He had already memorized the technique he was given to by Blake, so he knew it like the back of his hands. On seeing the technique, he realized that it wasn’t different from the one he was given under ‘special treatment’.

“Shit!, I was scammed” Grey cursed out loud. The few students at the library all looked at him wondering why he was talking this loud. Grey stared around after realizing his mistake.

He placed the scroll back on the bookshelf and went outside. He was pretty annoyed by the fact that someone tricked him just after entering the Academy.

‘If I weren’t lucky to have had a huge amount of elemental essence in my body, would they have kicked me out after ten days?’ Grey thought to himself while heading in the direction of Blake’s office.

Grey stood at the door of the office looking at it profoundly before knocking. Blake’s voice could be heard from inside. After Grey heard the affirmation from Blake to come in, he opened the door and went in.

When Blake saw him, he knew he wasn’t in his usual jovial self. “What’s wrong with you today?” Blake asked with concern.

“I just went over to the library” Grey hinted.

“So?” Blake asked, clearly not understanding why Grey was telling him he went to the library.

“And I saw the same technique you said was better than the one at the library” Grey said.

“Oh, that. Well, they suddenly changed all the techniques to that one since they didn’t want to give you too much of an advantage over the rest students” Blake lied through his teeth.

Grey was surprised by Blake’s lie. Before leaving the library, he had asked if that had been the technique all new students received. But now, Blake was telling him something else. Grey was stunned by how quickly Blake came up with the lie, ‘Or had he prepared it beforehand’ Grey asked himself.

“I asked around, and they said it was the same technique from years ago” Grey exposed Blake.

Blake looked at him before sighing, “Well, you’ve finally found out”. After saying this, Blake didn’t add anything else.

“Don’t I at least deserve an explanation?” Grey asked.

“No” Blake replied while fiddling his thumbs

“Why?” Grey asked again. But Blake’s reason almost made him faint.

“Because I’m the instructor” Blake replied with a small chuckle.

Grey stayed for a while, but couldn’t get anything from Blake, not even an apology for tricking him. Instead, Blake told him to thank him because the pressure was what made Grey grow at a faster pace. He couldn’t deny he was right though, but still, being tricked was no fun.

“How shameless” Grey complained as he left the office.


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