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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 326: What Do You Think? Bahasa Indonesia

Crash! Boom!

Grey occasionally destroys the spikes he couldn’t dodge with his fire element.


With a huge leap, he leapt out of the area where the Water and Earth Elementalist focused their attacks on, hoping to escape from their assault so he could start his.

“Just what I’ve been waiting for,” The Water Elementalist smirked when Grey went airborne.

“Don’t let him back on the ground,” He commanded the others.

Grey might be powerful, but compared to these seasoned veterans, he still had a lot to learn in terms of battle experience.

The Wind Elementalist was the first to attack Grey while he was mid-air. He sent out multiple wind blades his way, before sending out a small tornado behind them.

The Water and Earth Elementalists attacked as well, the Earth Elementalist created what looked like a pillar that he swung in Grey’s direction, trying to smack him with it, while the Water Elementalist created a water blob under Grey which shot out small droplets of water at Grey.

All three people attacked within the short time frame Grey leapt into the air, it didn’t even take up to a second after the man with the scar commanded before they attacked.

“Shit!” Grey, who was still mid-air, immediately cursed out when he saw the pincer attack of the group.

He stretched out his left hand, and like a missile, it shot out a powerful air current that shot Grey out of the position he was currently taking mid-air. The force took him at least fifty meters away from the group’s attack.

Just when he was about to land, he noticed multiple earth and ice spikes sprouting out of the ground.


One of them tore through his pants, before putting a gash on his left thigh. With no other choice, he had to immediately go airborne again. With the wind element, he could stay airborne for a short period of time. But he was more versatile on the ground.

‘Damn it! I forgot it was out of energy! If that guy didn’t attack me, it would have still had some energy left,’ He complained inside.

The reason he was able to take Alice’s father’s attack without so much as breaking a sweat was because of the blue vest. But the vest used up all the energy it had to block that attack. Although, the impact still sent him flying.

When the battle first started, he completely forgot about Alice’s father attacking him. Luckily, he didn’t dare to take any attacks head on, or else he might’ve been seriously wounded.

Seeing Grey getting injured before going mid-air again gave the group fighting against him hope. As soon as things keep going like this, they would be able to kill him.

They immediately employed the same tactics like the first time, using a pincer attack once again.

Just like the first time, Grey couldn’t afford to get stuck in that attack, so he had to use the wind element to change his direction once again. When he was about to set foot on the ground, the Earth and Water Elementalist repeated what they did the first time.

The cycle continued for two more minutes, with Grey slowly getting more cuts from the spikes. One of them had even nearly pierced him on the chest.

‘If only I didn’t have to hide my… Crap! Why the hell am I even hiding my lightning element in the first place?’ Grey almost faceplamed when he recalled that Gerald already knew about him.

The reason he was initially hiding his lightning element was because Diluc was watching him, so he didn’t want Gerald to be aware of his lightning element since he had used two during the ceremony.

It was only after he was caught in this situation did he realize Gerald already knew everything about him.

Once he adds the lightning element to his arsenal, his speed would immediately go a notch higher, this will not only take the group fighting against him unaware, but it would also give him the opportunity he greatly needs right now.

After moving through the air, he slowly mobilized his lightning and wind elements simultaneously, while also constracting his leg muscles.

As soon as his foot touched the ground.

Bang! Whoosh!

He stomped heavily on the ground, before exploding out with a speed that was far superior to the one he was previously using.

Before the Earth and Water Elementalists could bring out the spikes, Grey was already no where to be seen.



The sound of flesh hitting flesh rang out, followed by an agonizing scream.

Grey soon appeared with a smirk on his face, and lightning dancing across his body.

The Wind Elementalist was the one who screamed in pain, his arms were currently crossed in front of his body, and blood could be seen gushing out of a wound on it.

“Tsk tsk, you’re faster than I thought, but I still wouldn’t change the end result,” Grey tutted while shaking his head.

After escaping from the attack range of the Water and Earth Elementalists, the first person he targeted was the Wind Elementalist, he originally wanted to punch him on the chest, but he reacted quickly and raised his hands to block the attack.

Grey could tell the Wind Elementalist’s hands were currently broken, so he wasn’t really concerned about him anymore.

“A Multi Elementalist,” The Water Elementalist muttered bitterly.

If Grey’s third element were to be any other element, then he would feel they still had a chance, but since it was the lightning element, he almost didn’t see any hopes for them.

Grey was already fast when he had only the wind element, now adding the lightning element was no different from making him untouchable.

Buzz! Buzz!

Lightning danced around Grey, before he disappeared.

Three minutes later.

“Oh, the Smith family,” Grey said while looking at the bleeding Water Elementalist, he was currently the only one left alive.

“Yes, if we don’t return, they will send more people after you. You’ve already offended them by damaging the elemental beads of William and his sister,” The Water Elementalist said.

“If you let me go, I’ll tell them that we’ve killed you, but the others died in battle, what do you think?” He continued.

“The Emperor is searching for me, and here I am perfectly healthy and walking freely, so, what do you think?” Grey’s lip curved upwards to form a playful smile.


The Water Elementalist collapsed on the ground a few seconds later.

“The Smith family won’t be able to find me, and I believe the next time we see after I get out of here, they wouldn’t dare to offend me,” Grey said before burning the bodies of the men.


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