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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 285: Appearance Of A Sixth Elemen Bahasa Indonesia

Grey once again focused on completing the wooden object, since the Emperor didn’t want to make it known to the public that he was searching for him, then he wanted to quickly make the device and escape from this place.

Two weeks went by in this manner and the search for Grey did not decrease, but rather it intensified. Not just that, but small skirmishes have been happening more frequently between the Qilin and Azure empires that everyone felt the war wasn’t too far away from starting.

In Chris’ valley.

“Haha! Finally!” Grey’s excited laughter rang out from his shack.

Void was previously lying outside leisurely, but after hearing Grey’s laughter, he hurriedly went in.

‘What, what? Did you finally make it?’ He asked as soon as he went in.

‘Haha! Of course! I knew I would be able to make it.’ Grey said excitedly before taking out a wooden item.

Compared to the previously square-like ones, this one was circular, and almost five times the size of the previous ones. Although it was circular, it looked very crude.

‘What is that?’ Void asked when he saw the crude-looking circular object.

‘What do you… you know what? I’m not going to answer that.’ Grey said before tapping on the middle of the circular object with his index finger.

After he tapped on it, a hologram appeared above it, and multiple lights appeared on different positions on it, stunning Void.

“Huh! Why are there five sources instead of four?” Grey muttered under his breath.

‘This must be me, those belong to Klaus, Alice, and Reynolds, so who does the last one belong to?’ Grey first pointed at the light with the second highest number of lights before pointing at the three which had one light each.

The three lights obviously represented his friends, and the reason he was able to guess his light was the one with the second highest number was because of the proximity of them. The source with the highest number was quite some distance away from them.

‘If this is you, then who is this?’ Void asked curiously.

‘It should belong to the people who originally created this thing. Since I linked mine with the other ones, it’s also connected to theirs.’ Grey speculated.

This was the only reason he could think of.

‘Well, can’t you just remodify your own so you don’t see them? You know they might also be able to locate you with this.’ suggested Void.

‘It’s not entirely possible for them to be able to do that, you see…’ Grey explained how he made this wooden object.

Unlike the previous ones which were all connected in some way, this one was different from the others. First, it didn’t have a distance limitation, secondly, the arrays he drew on this one made it almost impossible for any other wooden object to be able to locate it. Lastly, he only linked the others to it, and not the other way around.

He used the identical array in the previous ones to create some sort of a connection with the one he made, he could locate them, but they couldn’t locate him.

‘You mean to say only you can find them, but they can’t find you?’ asked Void.

‘Exactly,’ replied Grey.

While he was making it, he thought of the possibility of this and realized since these ones were made and given to Quinn in such high numbers, it meant the people who made them had more. But neither they nor the people have had any reactions from their respective wooden objects. This means that there’s a limitation to the distance. If not, the people would’ve searched for him when he was crushing the wooden objects during his research.

‘When are we leaving?’ Void asked. Since Grey was already done with what he wanted to do, then it was time to leave.

‘Not yet, I’m already very close to comprehending the darkness element. It would be a shame if I leave without it.’ Grey said before keeping the device.

During the past two weeks, Grey had not only focused on the device, but he also tried comprehending the darkness element. Had it not been for the near success he could feel from his comprehension, he would leave as soon as he completed his device.

Void looked at him a little frustrated before going outside once again, ‘I’m going hunting.’

He disappeared from the valley after saying this. This had been the only thing he had been doing for the past two weeks while Grey was cooked up with his project. Other than hunting, he had also been venturing into the Academy as well as the city in search of shiny things.

Grey knew what he was up to, but knowing how hard it would be for anyone to catch him, he let him be. And Void had been very careful with the things he had been taking, well, that’s according to him. The real reason he let Void go into the city and the Academy compound was so that he could bring the latest news to him.

After Void left, Grey sat in a meditative state and entered the Chaos Space. This was the true reason for his confidence in being able to soon comprehend the darkness element.

Initially, he only had the Lightning, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire elements present in his Chaos Space, but now, a small dark place had started forming. This represented the darkness element.

When he first entered the Chaos Space, the initial five elements were present. He had always felt puzzled as to why he couldn’t find any other element in it, now he understood it, they would slowly appear as he comes in contact with them.

He had always been in contact with the four elements, which were fire, water, wind, and earth. The reason why lightning was added to the fray was that it was his original element.

‘So that’s it, huh?’ thought Grey.

Once he starts comprehending a new element that was not in the Chaos Space, it would appear in the Chaos Space, making comprehension easier. This gave him more hope in being able to comprehend the space element soon.


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