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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 277: Where Did They Come From? Bahasa Indonesia

The next day.

Grey, Alice, and Klaus could be seen at the Academy’s gate. A silver carriage could be seen waiting by the side.

“I’ll miss you guys, hopefully, we’ll see each other soon,” Alice said while hugging the duo.

“We’ll miss you too. Try to stay out of trouble, you know we aren’t there to help.” Klaus advised.

“I should be the one telling you that.” Alice giggled after she replied.

Given Klaus’ bad mouth, he was bound to offend people wherever he went.

“I’m awesome, people are just jealous they’re not my friend, that’s why they feel angered when I speak,” Klaus said righteously.

“Haha, I’ll keep that in mind.” Alice laughed lightly before adding, “Bye guys.”

“Goodbye.” Klaus and Grey waved her off as he walked to the carriage waiting for her.

Grey made sure to give her one of the wooden objects, so he could track her after he was done making the perfect one. He planned to visit all of them before he headed out to search for his parents. The battle of the empires had nothing to do with him.

While they were going back to Klaus’ house, Grey was met with more bad news. Klaus was leaving the next day. He decided to spend the rest of the day with him, it wasn’t like he was going to successfully make it today. Besides, Reynolds and Alice took the normal type, it wouldn’t change anything if Klaus took that type as well.

Later that day, news of the Twelfth Prince dying spread across the entire empire, according to what was said, the Twelfth Prince was killed by people from the Azure empire. This caused a spark in the empire, and a small brawl even broke out between both the Qilin empire’s army and the Azure empire’s army that was stationed at the border between both empires.

In the Silver Moon Restaurant, Klaus, Grey, and Void were eating when they overheard some people speaking of the battle between both empires and the Twelfth Prince’s supposed death.

“Hmm, that’s strange, I could swear I saw him when I was being chased by that Ice Dragon. He was heading for the exit, and other than the Dragon chasing after me, there were no other magical beasts that could threaten his group from that area to the exit,” said Grey.

“What if he was attacked by those guys when he came out?” Klaus speculated.

“Not likely, they only attack those in the Fourth stage of the Origin Plane and above.” Grey shook his head.

He recalled the Twelfth Prince was either in the Second or Third stage of the Origin Plane, although he was not too sure about which of the two stages he was in, he was certain the Twelfth Prince was not in the Fourth stage.

“You never can tell, maybe they decided to attack him anyway,” Klaus said, he didn’t care if the Twelfth Prince was killed in the trial land, or outside the trial land, it was none of his business.

“Yeah. By the way, do you know where you’re heading to?” Grey changed the topic. The Twelfth Prince was not someone he wanted to think about, if he didn’t encounter him in the trial land, then he wouldn’t even know there was a Twelfth Prince.

“Nope. How about you, where do you plan to start your search?” Klaus shook his head before asking.

“I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll visit Red City one more time before starting,” replied Grey.

“I’ll ask my dad if he could help out, they usually run background checks on each student,” Klaus said while tapping his finger on the table.

“They do?” Grey asked with a bewildered expression.

“Of course, it’s not like the Academy takes in that many students anyway,” Klaus answered before he started eating.

Grey felt slightly hopeful, even if they couldn’t tell him where his parents were, he might be able to get some clues if they could tell him where his parents came from.

After eating, Grey and Klaus headed for the Principal’s house. It was already late, and according to Klaus, his father had stopped going to the office and had handed everything over to the next Principal, well, not exactly everything since he was still staying in the Principal’s compound in the Academy.

At the Principal’s house.

Grey and Klaus were obediently sitting, waiting for Klaus’ father to come out. This was the first time Grey came to a house other than that of students, and he was flabbergasted by what he saw. The house of the Principal was exactly the same as that of the students, it was unexpected! He had always expected the houses of the Instructors would be better than that of students, but seeing the Principal’s house, he changed his mind.

Oliver walked in and Klaus told him the reason for their visit, “No need to check his files, there’s nothing you can find about his background. The only reason he was allowed to stay in the Academy was because of Chris.”

Grey and Klaus exchanged glances, not understanding what the Principal was saying.

“Sorry Sir, but I don’t understand what you mean.” Grey voiced out.

“There are no records of your parents, according to our intel, they appeared in Red City out of nowhere, at that time, your mother was already pregnant with you. Your dad rarely stayed at home before your birth, but after you were born, he stayed at home more frequently, before suddenly disappearing ten years ago,” explained Oliver.

Grey couldn’t refute a single word, since that was exactly what his neighbors also said when he asked about the origin of his parents, he initially thought they didn’t want to tell him. He had asked his mother about it on some occasions as well, but she always told him the time wasn’t right yet.

Different questions ran through his head after the Principal told him what he knew. It was like a layer of mystery was covering his origins and the whereabouts of his parents. Now, the only way he could locate them was if he knew where they originally came from before staying in Red City.

They left the Principal’s house after getting the answer they came in search of.

‘Where did they come from?’ Grey asked himself the same question over and over again for the rest of the night.


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