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A deafening explosion rang out behind Grey’s house frightening the hell out of Klaus and Reynolds, even Void who was with Alice was stunned by the explosion.

‘What did you do?’ Void asked Grey who was still running.

‘Nothing, it exploded on its own.’ Grey said while looking behind him to see the range of the blast.

The explosion covered from his backyard to his house, completely demolishing it. It also destroyed the Academy fence that was behind his house. Luckily, the space of each compound was huge, so it didn’t get to the other houses by the side

“My house!” Grey yelled in dejection.

Klaus and Reynolds walked closer to him when they saw that the explosion wasn’t spreading anymore. Alice and Void also came closer to him. They were all looking at him with suspicious gazes.

“What happened, did someone sneak into your house or something?” Klaus asked while taking a glance at Grey’s burning house after the explosion started dying down.

“No, it was those wooden objects,” replied Grey who currently had a sour face.

The explosion was bound to draw attention to him, especially given the size of it. He couldn’t tell everyone what he was working on. But Instructor Blake and the principal were exceptions though.

It didn’t take long before the students around started flocking around Grey’s house. Some Instructors had also rushed to the scene as well, Instructor Blake was the first to arrive amongst the Instructors, he was standing with Grey and his friends.

“So, you’re saying that two wooden objects were the cause of this?” Blake asked a little confused.

“Yes.” Grey nodded.

”Normal woods?” Blake asked again.

“They are not entirely normal,” Grey said, stressing the last parts of the statement.

Grey told Instructor Blake what the wooden objects were, and what he was trying to do, of course, he didn’t tell him about everything, only some parts of it.

Blake cleared the area after getting to know what happened. It was an accident, and he didn’t want to unsettle the students. He made up an excuse but made sure to tell them it was an accident and not an enemy attack.

“You four, come to my office.” Blake said before flying to his office.

Grey looked at the trio with a wry smile before heading to the Lightning Hall, he knew Instructor Blake was not going to let this go easily.

At Blake’s office.

“Where did you get those?” Blake asked after Grey and the others walked into the office.

This was the first time he was seeing this device, he had heard of it, but had never seen it before. Finding out that Grey and his friends had some surprised him.

“In the trial land, we encountered a group who used it…” Grey told Instructor Blake about their encounter with Quinn.

Blake was thrilled by the story of them fighting against a Darkness Elementalist. Chris was the only one he had seen who had one of the two rarest elements which was the light element.

“You say they had a map of the place?” Blake asked.

“Yes, they seem to be searching for something over the past years they’ve gone in.” Grey handed the map over to him.

Blake didn’t miss the part where he took out a map from his seemingly previous empty-looking pocket. This discovery shocked him to no end. Given the size of the map, Grey’s pocket was supposed to at least bulge out a little, but there was no difference even after taking out the map.

“This is beyond me, we’ll have to go see Teacher.” Blake said standing up from his seat.

He didn’t know much about the trial land, other than the few things his Teacher told him about it, he knew nothing else, so having the map wasn’t of any use to him.

Oliver was taking care of the few things remaining before he would officially leave the Academy when he sensed Blake walking towards his office with his son and his friends. As soon as he saw them coming, he knew they were definitely involved in the explosion that took place some minutes ago.

After hearing everything from Blake, he looked at Grey and his before taking the map.

“I heard a secret place opened up this time in the trial land, even an expert’s legacy was inherited.” He after looking at the map.

There was a spot crossed in the map, it indicated a treasure or something. And according to some people who came out of the trial land, two huge black doors opened up, and they were filled with treasures, as well as danger.

“Yes, we came across the first door. The people who had that map were the ones who discovered it.” Klaus explained.

“What was inside?” Oliver asked with curiosity.

“The Great Earth Essence Liquid,” Klaus said.

Oliver narrowed his eyes when he heard about it, he knew what it could do, so hearing that some of it was actually located in the trial land amazed him, but he quickly removed it from his mind.

“Okay, you shouldn’t continue that research of yours in the Academy since it seems dangerous. Go to your Teacher’s valley when next you plan to do it.” Oliver said before dismissing them.

Grey was trying to make something he could use to contact his friends, so he didn’t want to stop him. After sending the group out, Blake was the only one left in office.

“There’s something about Senior Chris’ student,” Blake told him what happened in his office.

“No need to worry about him, he doesn’t have any malicious intent towards Klaus.” Oliver waved it off.

“I know, but his background is suspicious. Not just that, but if he’s able to successfully create this thing, then he would be able to locate us at any time of his choice.” Blake added.

“If he didn’t trust you, do you think he would come clean with you?” Oliver asked with a smile.

Blake kept quiet for a few seconds, “I was only trying to be cautious. I can tell he wouldn’t do anything to harm Klaus, but if he loses that thing after making it, then we would be in danger.”

“Let me worry about that, okay.” Oliver shook his head when he saw how cautious Blake was.

“Yes, Teacher.” Blake bowed before leaving the office.

“I’ll see if the little boy can successfully make that, if he can, then he’s as much of a genius as his Teacher.” Oliver muttered while looking through the window.


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