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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 271: Wood Fanatic Bahasa Indonesia

Three days passed with Grey following the same routine, after his morning exercise, he would head back home to continue his research on the wooden objects, later in the day, he would hang out with Klaus and the others. He got around twenty of the wooden objects from Quinn, Alice used one of them the last time leaving him with just nineteen. He took the two that were with Klaus and Reynolds when he spoke with them previously about modifying the wooden objects.

It took him three days to completely draw out each array drawn on the nineteen wooden objects, he not only had to study them, but he also had to study the basics of arrays he got from Chris when he became his student. After he started getting the basic idea of the arrays, he went on to the next phase, crushing the wooden objects.

‘This process is going to be harder than I thought.’ thought Grey as he studied the wooden object while slowly crushing it.

While crushing it, he noticed how the arrays on it converge to a particular point before giving out an almost untraceable aura. The only reason he managed to sense it was because he was focused on it. After the crushed wooden object gave off the aura, Grey quickly took out two of the wooden objects from his spatial ring to see how it would react to it. He initially felt since each wooden object has a different array set up, the reactions will be different, but his conjecture was wrong.

The objects all showed the same reactions, with three major arrays in each wooden object lighting up that allowed the wooden objects to float. Once the wooden objects flew mid-air, two more major arrays lit up as well, but quickly died down before the wooden object’s light dimmed as well.

‘Why didn’t it last as long as it usually does?’ Grey asked himself with his hand rubbing his chin.

Without this stage, there was no way for him to modify it. But due to the short time it reacted, he couldn’t continue with his research. He didn’t hurry and carelessly crush another one, rather, he slowly started drawing out how the lines moved when he was crushing the wooden object. Before long, his table was filled up with multiple arrays carefully drawn out in different sheets of paper. Three big books were on arrays; he got two of them from Chris, while the last one was from the Academy’s library.

Void who was sitting on one of the chairs curiously appeared on Grey’s shoulder to view what he was working on, the different confusing lines almost threw him off his feet. He was not proficient in arrays, and seeing these lines made him less interested in it.

‘Isn’t it time to go out yet?’ He asked Grey who was in thoughts while looking at the papers laid out in front of him.

Just as Grey was about to answer the question, he paused and looked in the direction of the door. He could sense that someone was walking towards his compound, and the aura was also a familiar one. It was none other than Klaus.

“Hey, I was just about to head over to your place,” Grey said right after Klaus opened the door.

Void stared at Grey with a bewildered look, he was the one who was trying to get Grey to go out a few seconds ago, yet, Grey was lying about wanting to head over to Klaus’ place? How Shameless!

“There’s no need, I’m here now,” Klaus said while walking over to take a seat. After taking his seat, he looked at the table that was stacked with papers that had different weird lines drawn on them, “How’s your research going?”

“Good. I’m getting increasingly closer to figuring out how they did it.” Grey replied while arranging his research papers.

An idea struck Grey just as he was keeping the papers, “Do you know anywhere I can get wood that’s like this?”

Grey took one of the wooden objects, showing it to Klaus who was still seated.

Klaus took the wooden object to inspect it, but he couldn’t find the difference between it and normal wood. He knew of some special woods, but the one he was currently holding in his hands was not among the few he knew of.

“Isn’t it just like ordinary wood?” He asked while passing it back to Grey.

Grey kept the wooden object before shaking his head, “No, it’s a type of special wood called Spiracotanue.”

“Spira what now?” asked a confused Klaus.

“Spiracotanue.” Grey said before taking out the wooden object once again, “You see these black spiral lines on the side of the wood?”

Klaus nodded while looking at the black spiral lines Grey was pointing at.

“Apparently, that’s where the wood got its name from…” Grey explained.

The wood is not the rarest type of wood out there, and because most people didn’t know its uses, they don’t attach much importance to it. Before Grey started his research on the wooden objects, he had zero knowledge of there being such a wood. He only got to know about the wood due to his meticulous nature, since he was researching the wooden object, he thought he might as well find out what type of wood it was. He got to know about the wood in the Academy’s library.

“Hmm, I’m sure yet since this is the first time I’m hearing about it. But, I think there might be someone I know in the city who might be able to have it.” Klaus answered with a smile.

“Oh, that’s great!” Grey replied happily.

With that, the duo set off to the city to see if the person Klaus spoke about had it. While they were walking to the city, Grey curiously asked Klaus who the person was. The reply he got was only two words, wood fanatic. Klaus later went on to explain that the person was a young man around twenty-three years old who had a certain passion for wood.


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