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Grey’s expression turned serious, the battle was taking an unexpected change, and it wasn’t in their favor. With the improvements the mayor’s guests are making, the longer the battle is delayed, the higher their chances of losing it. He narrowed his eyes before sending a stream of flames to block the wind blade that was coming towards them.


Both attacks clashed causing an explosion, his flame quickly overpowered the wind blade, after destroying it, it continued forward, heading straight for the young man who was a Wind Elementalist.

Seeing Grey’s fire stream coming in his direction, the young man squinted his eyes when he sensed the power it possessed. He felt a sense of threat from this attack, unlike the rest.

“Huh! Multi Elementalist.” He mumbled softly as he created a windshield, but it was destroyed but the fire stream that continued aggressively towards him.

“Help me.” He asked the others for assistance.

They didn’t delay and quickly offered their help, it took the combined effort of four Third stage Origin Plane Elementalists to stop a single attack from Grey.

“So he’s the inscriber?” One of the elderly men said.

“Yes, he’s also a Multi Elementalist, with special flames that are at least two stages more powerful than his stage.” replied another man who was surprised by this.

What were the odds of meeting a rare Multi Elementalist with special flames, almost zero!

Other than the time Grey used his inscriptions, he hadn’t used the fire element, this was why the people from the Azure empire were shocked knowing when they found out he was a rare Multi Elementalist. Since the battle started, they have seen him use three elements now, earth, water, and fire.

“He’s more of a threat than the others.” The young man said with squinted eyes.

The group from the Azure empire were still relatively calm, to them, it was only a matter of time before they would be able to overpower Grey and his friends, once they’ve done that, they would kill them.

After Grey sent out that attack, he continued attacking the group from the Azure empire with his inscriptions, but the remaining nine who didn’t help the young man stop his flame, were able to block the attacks, after all, it was only two inscriptions. They also attacked, but most of their attacks were blocked by Klaus’ water screen or ice shield.

‘Shit! If only I could make ten or even better, twenty simultaneously, they would have been dead or injured by now.’ Grey thought a little sad inside.

When he was in the Fusion State, he had no problems with making over ten inscriptions, but normally, his limit was three.

While he was attacking with those two, he hastily made the third one. His job right now was to stop the group from the Azure empire from getting closer to them. However, the only thing his attacks were doing was slightly delaying them. They were steadily getting closer to the group. Now he knew why Klaus was so pressured previously.

“Guys!” He called out to Alice and the others.

The Elemental Warrior was just cutting down the last of the guards when he called them.

“All done, let’s go.” Alice reported.

“*Phew* You guys leave, I’ll delay them.” Grey said.

“Seriously? You must be crazy to think we’d leave you again.” Alice looked at him as if saying they weren’t going anywhere.

“You do know I’m faster than all of you right?” Grey couldn’t help but say.

Although facing these people alone was dangerous, it would be easier for him to escape if he didn’t think of the others. Given his current speed, even if the group from the Azure empire got to the Seventh stage of the Origin Plane, they still wouldn’t be able to catch up to him.

“Yeah, you do have a point there.” Klaus nodded thoughtfully.

“You see, now you guys retreat slowly while I and Void will try to stall them. Since they’ve just reached the Third stage, it’ll take a while before they get to the Fourth, much like the Fifth stage, and even if they do, they still can’t stop us.” Grey said confidently.

He might not be confident if it were any other thing, but after spending almost six months of running in the trial land, he was fully certain that escaping wouldn’t be a problem for him.

“Okay.” Alice and Reynolds nodded.

‘Void, why don’t we play with them.’ Grey said while retreating two steps back as an earth spike came out from the ground where he was previously standing.

Void nodded before vanishing from view, now that they didn’t need to bother about the guards, it made things easier for them.


Klaus’ ice shield was destroyed once again, and multiple earth, lightning, fire, and water elements attacks rained down on the group.

“Damn it! Why don’t you guys fight us four on four?” Klaus yelled out to the group from the Azure empire as he scrambled to block a few of the attacks.

He only managed to block three, but even then, he was sent flying after doing that.

Alice and Reynolds were Lightning Elementalists, so instead of defending, they quickly retreated out of the range of the attack, leaving only Grey to face off against them.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

Some of the attacks missed their targets, striking the ground instead before exploding. Grey managed to set up three defenses before the attacks got to him, an earth wall, an ice wall, and lastly, a firewall.

The group from the Azure empire approached the location where Grey and his friends were previously standing even though the explosion hadn’t died down.


They were forced to retreat because of the sudden attack that came out of nowhere. Looking around, they couldn’t find who attacked them, they guessed it was probably the Elemental Warrior since it was a lightning attack.

“Mayor, where are your guards?” The young man asked when he sensed that no more guards were fighting against Grey’s group.

The mayor who was a couple of meters away from them looked around, it was only now that he realized that there were no guards in the area. He couldn’t reply since he didn’t know what to say.

Why were no more guards coming?


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