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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 238: Join The Queue! Bahasa Indonesia

Grey was the first to get rid of the energy in his body, he looked at the others and realized it would take at least a few more seconds before they got rid of theirs.

“What are you doing?” He asked Richard and Smith coolly.

“Oh, to think you’re still able to keep calm even after knowing you can’t wield any element, truly praiseworthy.” Richard chuckled.

“Stupid.” Klaus said mockingly.

“What?!” Smith looked at Klaus in disbelief.

When Grey spoke, he thought maybe Grey was pretending to still be normal. But Klaus also doing it meant that something was wrong. His expression changed a couple of times as he couldn’t understand what was happening.

Richard also had a shocked look when he saw Reynolds and Alice’s calm expression, this wasn’t an expression someone who couldn’t wield any elements should have.

“Why that face? I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid, I honestly thought you already knew!” Klaus continued mocking Smith.

Smith almost spat out blood from anger. Klaus’ taunts were annoying.

“How come it didn’t work?” He asked in surprise.

“Simple, we already took the antidote.” Klaus said with a mocking smile.


“Haha, you’re even stupider than I thought. How could you believe me when I said we took the antidote?” Klaus laughed out loud as he interrupted Smith.

He looked at Reynolds before taking a jab at him, “And I thought you were the most stupid person I knew.”

“You’re the stupid one! Moron.” Reynolds retaliated fiercely

Richard and Smith looked at each other with disbelief present in their eyes, the only question in their minds was ‘how?’

“No need to be too surprised, this level of energy isn’t enough to affect us, given our Planes.” Grey cleared their heads so they wouldn’t be too surprised.

“What do you mean? It’ll affect me, and I’m already in the Origin Plane! Much less Arcane Plane Elementalists like you guys.” Richard almost screamed out.

‘Void?’ Grey looked at Void questioningly.

‘Nope, we’re alone. I’ll isolate this area so even if they scream at the top of their voices, it wouldn’t be heard.’ Void said before disappearing from Alice’s lap, shocking Richard and Smith.

“The…the…dis…” Smith couldn’t process what he wanted to say.

He just saw a small black cat disappear without a trace.

Richard was more shocked compared to him, his stage was higher, but he still didn’t catch a glimpse of how Void moved that quickly.

‘If the cat is this powerful, doesn’t that mean?’ He looked at the youths in front of him in dread.

“We’re not really at the Arcane Plane. Do you think we’re stupid enough not to know you approached us with ill intent?” Grey asked before taking a sip of the wine in his hand.

Even after so long, he still hasn’t finished his wine. He even almost had the urge of keeping it in his storage ring, but he had a better idea.

“But…but…I inspected your Planes, and it was only at the Arcane Plane. The strongest of you all is that guy who is in the Sixth stage.” Richard stammered before pointing at Klaus.

“Heh! He wished.” Reynolds scoffed.

“What do you mean I wish? I’m the strongest!” Klaus glared at Reynolds.

“Haha, yes, you’re the strongest, from the back.” Reynolds chuckled before mumbling the last part.

“What did you say?” asked Klaus.

“Nothing.” Reynolds shook his head.

“Hmph! Better.” Klaus snorted before looking in Richard and Smith’s direction. When he realized they were staring at him weirdly, he asked angrily, “What are you bastards looking at?”

Reynolds and the others laughed at Klaus before focusing on the duo in front of them.

“I don’t believe they’re not in the Arcane Plane. First, they’re too young to be in the Arcane Plane, secondly, why would geniuses in the Arcane Plane come to such a small city?” Richard refused to believe them.

“Yeah.” Smith nodded.

“Guys, I think these guys have something wrong with their heads.” Klaus said while staring at the duo.

“Forget about waiting for it to react, we can beat them even without it.” Richard said while preparing to attack.

He was an Origin Plane Elementalist, although not as strong as a real one, he still had a bit of confidence in himself. If he couldn’t defeat these wimps who were at the Fifth and Sixth stage of the Arcane Plane, then it was a disgrace to his name.

“Yes, I don’t have any problems with beating them up either. Leave that annoying brat to me, you take care of the rest.” Smith said.

He wanted to fight against Klaus, he couldn’t give any other person the privilege of killing him.

“What? Do you hate me? Haha! Join the queue, you’re not the first person to hate me this much.” Klaus said while laughing in delight.

The number of people who hated Klaus was huge, with a mouth like his, added to his personality, it was hard for his enemies not to hate him.

Grey and the others nodded when they heard this, they’ve seen too many people who Klaus had driven crazy with his words. It’s amazing how he’s still alive given how much people hate him, some are even willing to pay a huge sacrifice just to kill him.

Richard yelled angrily before attacking, unlike Smith who was an Earth Elementalist, he was a Fire Elementalist. He sent out a fire stream with an outstretched right fist.

Grey, Klaus, Alice, and Reynolds all stayed in the same position without moving an inch. It’s not that they didn’t want to defend, but if they all made a move, then Richard and Smith would die within a second.

“Klaus, why don’t you take care of this?” Grey suggested.

“Nope, they’re too weak. Reynolds should do it.” Klaus said.

“Don’t you want to beat that guy up?” Grey waved his hand and used the wind element to deflect the fire stream coming towards them.

“Fine, but next time, you’re fighting.” Klaus said before standing up.


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