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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 208: Sneak Attacking Void Bahasa Indonesia

Neil watched on as Grey and Aetonth disappeared from sight.

‘No wonder he always manages to escape.’ Neil suddenly realized something.

Grey’s speed was terrifying! He hadn’t really thought of it before. But this time, on seeing Grey running for this short time, he was flabbergasted.

‘How can he be so fast?’ He asked himself.

He quickly got out of the water and went stood in the same spot, waiting for the twelfth prince and his companions to catch up.

“Why didn’t you warn us?” One of the two youths with the twelfth prince snapped at him.

Neil’s expression turned dark and he almost attacked, he managed to keep himself in check before replying, “First, you better remember your place. Secondly, I did warn you all.”

They all hang around in here, but other than the twelfth prince, his status was far above theirs. They were just students who went to the Royal Academy. He, on the other hand, was royalty.

“You weren’t clear enough.” The twelfth prince chipped in when he realized that the others couldn’t contend with Neil given their status.

He was the one who instigated them to say this. He felt annoyed thinking of the fact that he had to jump into the water just to avoid Aetonth’s attack, so he wanted to take it out on Neil.

“I told you to run. It’s none of my business if you decide to run or not. Or do you expect to wait and explain everything to you and put myself in danger?” Neil didn’t back down even when the person he was speaking to was the twelfth prince.

He wasn’t wrong, so why would he allow him to take out his frustration on him just because he was angry. Unlike the others, he wasn’t afraid of him. It wasn’t like he would be the next emperor.

The twelfth prince narrowed his eyes into a slit, then he let out a small chuckle and tapped Neil on the shoulder.

“What Academy was that brat from again?” He asked.

Grey was the one who caused this, so he wanted to teach him a lesson once they left this place.

“Lunar Academy.” The two youths answered in unison.

“Hmm, Lunar Academy again. Isn’t that the Academy those two morons were from as well?” The twelfth prince looked at the duo again.

They quickly understood who he was talking about and nodded. He was speaking about Alan and Damian.

“Good, it’s nice we won’t get to go to different places to settle our scores. We’ll visit the Academy later on.” The twelfth prince let go of Neil before he continued walking.

“But I’m quite curious, what did he take that made a dragon chase after him? It must be a great treasure since it’s from a dragon.” He said with greed evident in his face.

For a mighty dragon to chase after him and not even bother with them meant that he took the dragon’s treasure. Everyone knew how valuable things belonging to dragons were. If he could acquire it, maybe his strength would skyrocket.

At that time, he wouldn’t be scared of his brother. If he’s strong enough, he would just kill whoever becomes the emperor and take over. He had been very ambitious since birth, and maybe he might just have his way soon.

“It must be something valuable.” One of the youths said.

“Yes, extremely valuable.” The other one nodded.

The twelfth prince squatted down to touch the snow that fell after Aetonth flew past, “I thought as much, let’s follow them. Thanks to the dragon, we have a trail.”

Neil looked at the twelfth prince but didn’t say much. Yes, he was curious about what Grey might have done to the Apes, Frogs and Lizards, and now a Dragon as well. But he never once thought of obtaining it.

He followed along as the group followed the trail Aetonth left on the way, but he had other plans.


At a compound.

A three-story building could be seen in the compound, some parts of it had been destroyed. If one looks closer, one would realize that some of the destructions seemed to happen not too long ago.


A human figure shot of the highest floor in the building, behind him, was ice shards heading straight at him.

The figure was Grey, of course. After fleeing from the valley, he passed through a forest before Aetonth caught up with him at this compound.

He had been fighting with him since, and he had just been flung from the other side of the building, passing through the windows, as well as the almost destroyed walls that broke the moment his body came in contact with them. The walls couldn’t stop his figure as he went from one side of the building to the other.

‘Void, don’t let it come this way.’ Grey said as he did a flip mid-air while trying to use the wind element to stabilize himself before crashing into the ground. But since he controlled himself, he landed on his foot and drew a few meters before stopping.

As soon as he stopped, he dodged to his left and the ice shards struck the ground where he was previously standing.

Grey breathed out a sigh of relief, “*Phew* That was close.”

‘How are things over there?’ He asked Void as he dashed into the building.

‘Not good! I think this thing hates me.’ Void almost wanted to cry.

Whenever Grey was not in the scene, then Aetonth would beat up him so much. But would always make sure not to send him flying, that way, it could beat him some more.

‘I’m on my way, try not to die.’ Grey advised.

He quickly climbed up the stairs, appearing on the top floor before long.

Aetonth didn’t fly down this time, it stayed mid-air. Since Grey couldn’t fly, the only way he could easily attack it was when he was on high ground. The last time he was flung through the window was when he was accidentally caught by Aetonth’s tail.

Grey was left dumbstruck when he saw the suffering Void was going through, ‘You’re right about that, it truly does hate you.’

Void was currently laid on the ground, all four of his limbs had been frozen to the building, even his tail as well.

Luckily, Grey came in time.

‘Maybe it knows you’re the one who stole its crystal.’ Grey mocked.

‘It’s not funny, help me distract it while I free myself.’ Void said angrily.

He had the fire element so he could free himself, but before he could even do it previously, Aetonth had frozen him again. What was more annoying was the fact that he couldn’t escape with the space element.

‘Hehe.’ Grey snickered as he dashed towards Aetonth. Just then, he flicked his wrist.

After doing that action, he attacked Aetonth using his fire element.

Void who was only thinking of escaping didn’t notice Grey’s action. An ice whip suddenly appeared above his small butt and smacked it.

Aetonth caught sight of this and it almost burst into laughter.

‘I knew the human wanted me to beat him up.’ It thought.

‘Ah…’ Void screamed in pain when the whip lashed him.


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