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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 204: Throw One More Bahasa Indonesia

Grey stood calmly in the same spot while watching as Aetonth was able to block his attack.

‘Void!’ He called.

He couldn’t even beat the quasi dragon when he was using the Fusion State, so he didn’t try to get cocky and fight against a real dragon with the same strength. Aetonth was far stronger than the quasi dragon was. He needed Void’s help if they were going to be able to escape this nightmare.

Aetonth roared excitedly after blocking that attack and ice shards shot at Grey.

Grey quickly used Aetonth’s previous way of defending himself, he created a fire sphere around him that managed to make short work of the ice shards, not letting them come close to him.

After blocking, he pointed at Aetonth as fireballs steadily shot out from the fire sphere, heading in its direction.

Aetonth reciprocated by spitting out a stream of ice that destroyed most of the fireballs, but some still managed to hit him thanks to Void’s space element.

The trio fought back and forth with Aetonth unsurprisingly being the one who held the advantage.

Within one minute, it had sent Grey flying a couple of times and had also frozen some parts of his body. Likewise, in this one minute, Grey and Void had managed to hit it more than they had done since encountering it.

After managing to dodge Aetonth’s tail strike, Grey took to the sky, standing mid-air with his short hair fluttering in the wind. He was sweating from the intense one minute fight it just had with Aetonth, but he couldn’t rest long since Aetonth attacked once again.

‘Void, don’t get close to it.’ Grey warned before a multi-colored orb appeared in his hands.

This was his greatest weapon! The combination of all his elements, the Chaos Orb.

As soon as Void saw the orb, he instantly retreated since he knew how powerful it was.

Aetonth on the other hand looked at the orb with curiosity, and shock could be seen present in its large eyes.

How could he wield something this powerful? Aetonth was left puzzled.

It didn’t have time to think about it when it saw the multi-colored orb coming its way at a frightening speed. It couldn’t escape, so it quickly when into its defensive mode, the ice sphere, as well as the transparent ice scale-like armor that covered its body appeared almost instantaneously.

But even then, it felt they weren’t enough.

With that, it created an ice pillar that it sent at the orb, hoping to destroy it.

Given the speed by which the orb was moving, it got close to him almost as soon as the ice pillar finished forming, so it didn’t really move by much before it struck the orb.


A huge explosion followed suit, right after the orb made contact with the ice pillar.

The explosion instantly covered Aetonth and continued expanding further.

Grey who was mid-air felt Void appear on his shoulder, ‘Let’s go.’

‘Wait!’ Void stopped him.


‘Throw one more. You know, just to be sure.’

Grey felt Void’s idea wasn’t bad, another orb was soon thrown into the explosion which was still increasing further. He made sure to aim it at the spot he previously saw Aetonth.

The first explosion hadn’t even reached its peak when the second one exploded after making contact with something.


Grey quickly flew away from the scene, not waiting to see the outcome of the explosion.

The only reason this battle felt a little easier than the one with the quasi dragon was because of the huge space they had around them. Here, Aetonth couldn’t corner them.

Even though this one looked easier, Grey and Void suffered more beatings than when they fought against the quasi dragon.


Deep in the trial land.

At a mountain peak.

The old man was currently watching the battle between Aetonth and Grey, while Chris was busy studying the array before him.

The old man watched on from how Aetonth was beating the duo to when Grey hid behind an earth wall. At first, he was puzzled by this, but it all made sense when he sensed Grey’s energy increasing by the second.

“Oh! It’s that, how come he can’t enter instantaneously?” He asked himself in a low voice.

Chris looked at the man as he was muttering what sounded like gibberish to him since he couldn’t hear what he was saying properly. He shook his head and felt maybe, just maybe, the old man would go insane soon.

“Oh! He can use that now, excellent. How smart, attacking once again to make sure the opponent is at the very least, hurt.” The old man muttered under his breath when Grey used the orb to attack Aetonth again.

“Hmm, but he’s quite cautious though.” The old man said as he saw Grey escaping as soon as he used the orb the second time.

The old man stared at Chris, smiled before flicking his hand. After doing that, he vanished.

As soon as Chris saw that the old man was gone, he instantly smiled in elation.

“Hehe, that old man, he didn’t know I’ve already figured out how to break this thirty minutes ago. Hmph!” He thought as he walked towards the array.

Brown stared at him, but didn’t have any reactions, it not that it didn’t want to go out, but it knew it was a waste of time since the old man would bring them back before they even get far.

Chris knew this as well, he knew he couldn’t escape, but he just wanted to break the array and examine this place further.

On getting to the array, Chris calmly closed his eyes and used his spiritual sense to create an array that would break the weak link he had long found in the array. But the next moment…

“Damn it! That cunning old man!” Chris yelled in annoyance.

The old man knew he had found the way to break the array, so he modified it a little. This, in turn, made Chris’ previous effort be in vain.

‘Fine, I give up.’ He thought depressingly, but that didn’t stop him from studying the array though.

He needed more knowledge on arrays, and the old man was giving it to him for free.

‘Unfortunately, I can’t teach them to my precious cook.’


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