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Affinity:Chaos – Chapter 197: I Miss Food! Bahasa Indonesia

Deep in the trail land.

On a mountain peak.

Chris could be seen speaking to Brown in a somewhat animated manner while raising his hands up from time to time, he would also occasionally point at the old-looking man who was sitting on top of a rock.

“Brown, can you believe this guy? He has kept me here for so long, I haven’t even gotten a chance to eat something good.”

“Sometimes when I look at you, I get a feeling that you would taste good.”

“Okay, that came out wrong. I’m not talking about you, but other Griffins.”

“See the point is, I miss food, especially that little rascal’s cooking.”

“He’s a great cook, don’t you think so too?”

Brown would occasionally nod at Chris’ words, the only time that he put on a strange expression was when he said it would taste good. But on hearing the part about Grey’s cooking, it couldn’t help but nod vigorously. It too wanted a taste of Grey’s amazing cooking.

Chris has been here for over five months now, and the old man rarely speaks to him, although he likes peace and quiet, at least at the Lunar Academy, he would occasionally go out to speak with Oliver, or maybe Blake would come visiting.

After Grey became his student, his days weren’t as boring as before. He rarely spoke with others because of his personality, and most of the instructors in the Academy were afraid of him since the day he nearly killed an instructor who spoke rashly to him.

All in all, he’s a great guy as long as people don’t get on his bad side, only, his bad sides are quite a lot.

“Hey, old man! When can I leave this place?” Chris called on the old man who had his eyes shut.

The old man slightly opened his eyes and took a peek at Chris, he smiled before replying, “When I want.”

After his reply, he shut his eyes once again, not bothering to listen to Chris’ rants. He couldn’t help but click his tongue at the similarities between Chris’ father and Chris. They even have the same foul mouth when things aren’t going their way.

Chris went on for some more minutes, but when he didn’t get a response, he could only turn to Brown for comfort.

Boredom can push one to extremities, if anyone told Chris he would have to speak to Brown as much as he has done lately, he would have beaten the person up, but now, the reality of things is quite unexpected.

Chris soon got tired of speaking to Brown and sat down feeling a little exhausted. The truth was, the five months he has spent here had been very beneficial to him, it’s just that, since he had already cursed at the old man from the start, he didn’t want to apologize.

“Huh!” The old man who had been silent all this while suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the part of the trail land that Grey and the other geniuses entered.

He followed the aura he sensed, and it took him to the scene of the Ice Dragon battling against Grey and Void for the first time.

‘Hmm, interesting, he’s grown this much. Oh! He even got old Vaughn’s blue flames, he’s quite lucky. Two more elements have been awakened in his body…’

Just by sensing Grey from his position, he was able to tell how many elements Grey had in his body. He kept tabs on Grey during the first month or so, but since then, he didn’t really check on him much.

He also wasn’t bothered about him since he could clearly sense his aura, the only reason he checked on him just now was not because of him, but the dragon. He naturally knew the dragon, and given what’s inside Grey, he couldn’t allow him to die.

‘Why don’t I just bring him here like this guy, at least he’ll grow stronger here.’ The old man thought.

He shook his head after thinking about it, if he decided to keep Grey here, it would do him more harm than good since Grey needs to know more of the world. Chris was already old so he knew how the world worked perfectly, that was why he had no qualms about bringing him here.

Taking Chris away from the world would actually do the world more good, given his personality.

‘There’s something strange about that cat, I can’t seem to sense its elements unless it uses them.’ The old man thought after he focused his attention on Void.

The old man continued watching the battle and felt a little amazed since Grey and Void could fight against the dragon. Although because of what they did to that part of the land, the dragon couldn’t use strength above Rank Four, it was still a dragon after all, and it wouldn’t have any issues with fighting against Elementalists who are in the early stages of the Overlord Plane.

‘Those two are quite special.’ He thought.

If two other people at the same stages as Grey and Void teamed up against this dragon, then they would’ve been dead. But Grey and Void being able to last this long was a testament of their strength. Though the dragon was the one who was mostly beating them up, their performance has been praiseworthy since they’ve managed to stay alive.

It soon got to the time when Grey and Void teamed up in attacking the dragon with the fire spears.

“Ingenious, they seem to have built a chemistry between them.” The old man blurted out.

Chris who was by the side looked at the old man strangely.

‘And here I thought I was the only one going crazy.’ He thought to himself with a snicker.

He watched on as they escaped, on sensing the killing intent coming from the dragon, the old man stood up from his position.

‘*Sigh* I’ll have to speak to him before he kills them.’ The old man shook his head before waving his hands to set an array around the mountain peak.

“Stay here, I’ll be back soon.” He said to Chris before vanishing.


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